How Do I Know If My Gas Pipe Is Live? (Explained)

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Take a wrench and twist the cap. Make sure to twist the cap in a counterclockwise direction. It will take some time. You have to push and pull to make the cap loosen. When it’s loose, then stops moving. Now spray sudsy water on the joint. If a bubble forms, then your pipe is live.

Multiple commercial Gas meters

How to Locate Your Gas Pipe?

Locating gas pipelines is not that easy. It requires great care. Locating gas pipes is an important step during maintenance and construction. If you do not find it accurately, then any accidental damages take place.

That not only damages the system but also results in gas leakage. There are some products, to avoid accidental problems. With the help of these products, you can accurately locate your gas pipe. Some of these tools include:

Insertable Tracers

Tracer wire is placed with a buried PE pipe. In this system, the transmission of the signal through wire takes place. With the help of a locator, the pipe is traced and marked. It will help to avoid severe damage.

If some unfortunate accident occurs or the wire gets disconnected, you do not need to worry. For this, there is a Gas Main Line Tracer Kit present. This kit helps you with many problems related to the wire.

With this, you can insert the rod in the line. The rod had an internal copper wire. This copper wire is then energized. It radiates the signal on the surface. With this, you can easily mark and locate the pipeline.

Key Hole Gas Camera System

If you want to find a single point where the damage occurs, the Keyhole gas camera system helps a lot. It can easily help you in finding a single damage point.

By this, you can also check the internal condition of the pipeline. In this, the system of the camera is inserted with a tool.

It easily goes inside. You can see every single condition of the pipe. It helps people a lot and saves them from severe damage. You can check at about 400 feet of pipe. Keyhole gas camera systems easily reveal any damage.

Directional Entry Tool

If you want to check underground without excavation, then the directional entry tool works. The tool is inserted in a vertical position.

In this position, the insertion becomes easier. On the ground, it provides you with a 360 rotation. By this rotation, you can easily see in any direction.

Electronic Marking System

After tracing and repairing the system, a permanent mark should be necessary. These marks help you in the future. If in future the damage takes place then first check from these marks.

The permanent marking takes place by dropping in the electronic system of marking. The electronic system consists of different options. These options depend on the depth of the system.

The three options include near-surface markers, ball markers, and full range markers. Near-surface markers are for the maximum depth of 2 feet. The ball markers are for a depth of about 5 feet.

The full range markers are for the depth of 8 feet. By placing these markers, you can easily find these places. In the future, if any problem takes place, then these markers are there permanently.

How to Check if a Gas Line is Active?

There is a way by which you can check if your gas line is active or not. For this, you have to follow some steps. First, you have to take some safety precautions. See your gas meter.

On this meter, you can see a rectangular bar and a valve. The and the riser pipe will be in the same direction. If both run in the same direction, the gas flows through the meter and in the house.

If the gas starts spewing through the pipe, then go to the meter. Take a crescent wrench and turn the bar to the pipe. The bar should be in a perpendicular position about the pipe. By doing this, the gas will then shut off in the lines of the house.

Take some dishwashing liquid. Mix it with water. Add it to a spray bottle. Now loosen the cap of the pipe that is present on the wall. Take a pipe wrench. Now with the help of this wrench, start to loosen the cap.

Twist the cap in the counterclockwise direction. Be careful that the other side of the pipe is stabilized. You can work well if the pipe is stabilized. For this, place another wrench on the pipe. It will take some time.

It will require some push and pull to loosen the cap. When the cap loses, then stop applying extra force. Now spray that joint with the mix of water that I prepared first. If bubbles form, then it means that your pipe is active.

If, after spraying, the bubbles do not form, then you have to do more. Now you have to turn the cap a little bit more. Spritz the cap again. You have to repeat this process until the cap is removed with your hands.

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How Do I Turn off The Main Gas Line?

In case of any emergency, it is important first to turn off the main gas line. Shut the gas line off at the time of emergency or when required.

By doing this, you can be safe from severe damage. At the time of emergency, turning off the gas line will help you a lot. For turning off the gas, you have to follow some steps. These steps include

Locate Your Gas Meter

The meter must be in the correct position to shut off the gas meter first. Always know about the position of your meter. In the event of an emergency, it will be useful.

There are some common places at which you can find your meter. You can find it on the side of your house or in front of it. You can also find it inside or outside the cabinet of your building.

Find the Shutoff Valve

As you find the meter, you will see a pipe there. The pipe is running from the meter to the ground. See at the parallel side of the pipe. The shutoff valve is present at this place. This value is present above the ground, about 6 to 8 inches in height.

Use a Wrench

Take a wrench of crescent type. You can also place an adjustable pipe near your shutoff valve. The pipe should be 12 to 15 inches long. You can also use any suitable tool. you place it near the value, you do not have to search for it at the time of emergency.

Turn the Valve

The part of the valve is crosswise to the pipe where you put the wrench. In this way, the valve comes in a perpendicular position to the pipe.

At many places, the service of gas is set up differently than the described one. If this is so, then you know everything about it by calling the gas helpline.


Use sudsy water to spray the joint. A live pipe is one in which bubbles form. In an attempt to get it to bubble up, try turning the cap a bit more and spraying again.

Building lines or gas supply lines are piping inside the house. Each appliance has its branch line. Branch lines terminate in drop lines, which are vertical pipes that drop down from overhead branch lines to the appliance.

By using the mix of dishwashing liquid and water, you can find the activeness of the pipeline. With this process, if bubbles come out, then your line is active; otherwise, not. You can find gas pipe through insertable tracers, directory entry tools, or a keyhole gas camera system.