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Hot Water Heater Only Lukewarm: Causes, Fixes and Prevention

Imagine on a cold winter day, as you step into the bathtub and turn on the hot water tap, a cold surprise awaits you.

Or in this case, a lukewarm surprise. But the idea is the same, since what you expected when using the hot water tap is warm or hot water, not the temperature you’re currently getting.

On the other hand, you might want to wash your dishes using hot water and the same thing may occur so you will not be able to finish your washing.

In these and many other similar cases, the water heater is showing signs of malfunction and causing you some serious issues which may make your bathroom or any other faucet useless.

In case of lukewarm water flowing from your faucet when you are using hot water tap it is very important to stay calm, diagnose and fix the problem as soon as possible and prevent it from causing you more difficulties.

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Why is My Water Softener not Using Salt?

People usually don’t really understand how a water softener works, besides the fact that it obviously needs salt. Brine is the most important part of your water softener.

Getting the perfect balance of your water and salt allows your appliance to transform hard water into soft water.

So if you started to notice that your water softener isn’t using enough salt and your water is hard, then there is a problem that you should see to right away.

There are a few possible reasons why your water isn’t using the right amount of salt, but luckily, this is very easy to fix even on your own and you probably won’t need to call your plumber.

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Toilet Doesn’t Flush All The Way: Causes and Solutions

When using a toilet, you want to feel comfortable and relax in the convenience of your toilet environment.

We often take toilets for granted, using them regularly every day makes us forget how much easier it is for us to conduct our everyday routines.

Nevertheless, in case of malfunction or occurrence of plumbing issue, we realize how important it is to have your toilet regularly working.

One of the things that could go wrong is the blockage or failure to flush the contents at once.

If your toilet does not flush all the way and require multiple flushes to empty the toilet, you can remain calm and rely on several different methods of solving the issue.

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How to Remove Mineral Deposits from Toilet

Keeping a toilet clean and safe for use can be a tiring process that not all of us can handle easily.

The usage of different chemicals required for this task could harm some people considering how strong some of those substances smell.

Sometimes you would probably like to just hire someone to do this job for you, considering that you will find yourself on your knees cleaning the possibly smallest room in your household and inhaling all kinds of chemicals.

Nevertheless, you certainly spend hours in your bathroom every day and making sure that everything is clean and hygienic is crucial for safely using your toilet.

That’s why it is very important to know which chemicals to use when cleaning the toilet, which kind of minerals are accumulating in your toilet, as well as how to remove them safely.

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Why is My Water Brown? Is it Safe or Harmful?

Nowadays people often rely too much on the help of professionals when it comes to certain household issues, such as most of the plumbing problems that could occur.

While it is very important to be informed on how you can solve some of those issues on your own, there are several difficulties which can confuse a person at first, and make an impression of a serious problem so your first choice would be to hire a plumber.

One of those issues is the matter of brown water flowing from your tap.

If this happens to you, your first thought will probably be that this problem looks very serious, your water is no longer healthy to use, and you will have to hire experts and pay huge amounts of money to solve this issue.

Luckily, half of the job this malfunction requires is getting to know the source of the problem and potential ways of coping with it.

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Water Smells Like Sulfur and Rotten Eggs: Problem, Cause & Solution

If you have started noticing that the water coming out of your tap has a really bad odor, similar to rotten eggs, it’s very likely that you are facing an increase of hydrogen sulfide in your water supply.

But don’t panic, this is actually a very common problem in households, especially if your water source is a well or some other still supply.

Although it’s not necessarily dangerous for your water to have this rotten smell, it does indicate that there is probably a high level of pollution and chemicals involved.

Surprisingly, in the U.S. there have been over 316 contaminants found in water reservoirs, so it’s very important to identify the source of the smell in order to ensure safe and clean drinking water.

You will be pleased to hear that this problem is usually very easy to fix on your own, and that you won’t have to call a professional and spend a lot of money on fixing it.

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What Are Slab Leaks: Detection, Symptoms and Repair

If you are having problems in your household with low water pressure, sudden damp spots on your floor and carpet, and a higher water bill than usual then it’s possible that you are having problems with a slab leak.

A slab leak problem is often more common in places with frequent earthquakes. But, this doesn’t mean that they can’t occur elsewhere since a huge number of homes are built on a slab of concrete.

Slab leaks usually affect hot or cold water lines and can appear on any drain line from any home device that uses water.

It is crucial to be informed on slab leaks in case you ever find yourself in a situation dealing with one. We will try to give you some basic information and advice on what to do when dealing with this problem.

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How to Flush a Toilet when the Handle is Broken

Toilet and shower components are household features that we often take for granted. They are crucial for the personal hygiene of any member of your family, and if any of those components could not be used there would be chaotic disorder in your bathroom.

Although it might sound unexpected, one of the biggest problems that could occur in your toilet system is ​a broken toilet handle.

Since most people usually don’t think about this issue, probably because it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when you need to use the toilet, you would be surprised by the consequences of this malfunction.

Luckily, there are ways of coping with this issue.

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How Does a Dual Flush Toilet Work?

The invention of High-Efficiency Toilets made a big difference in water consumption lowering. Instead of old toilets which used to flush 5 gallons of water each time, modern toilets use up to four times less water per flush.

This is very important since in some countries toilet water available for use is limited for each household, and by adding the Dual Flush toilet system, water consumption can be significantly improved in terms of using just enough amount of water per each flush.

On the other hand, if your country has overtaxed water usage or you simply want to spend much less water on toilet duties, this system is the best way of doing so.

The Dual Flush toilets are convenient in more ways than one, and even reduce the chance of your toilet getting clogged.

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