Best Magnetic Shower Head Reviews 2021

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With the different kinds of shower heads available in the market, choosing the perfect one for your modern shower can be quite a daunting task.

Detachable shower heads are some of the most common types of shower heads available. They are very convenient regardless of whether you are using them to get to the furthest part of your body, wash a child, or wash your furry friend.

However, when you have soap all over your hands and eyes, replacing the shower head may not be easy. This is where magnetic shower heads come in handy.

Thanks to the magnetic base of the shower heads, replacing the shower head in its bracket takes a second. You could do it with your eyes closed and not have to worry about whether or not you got it in the right place.

It helps to have an idea of what is available whenever you are looking to buy a particular household product. Well, I went ahead and researched for you.

Are you looking to upgrade to a magnetic shower head? Here are the top 5 magnetic showerheads that you should have a look at first.




Moen Engage Magnetix Shower Head

  • Easy release and return
  • 6 shower settings
  • Spot-resist brushed nickel finish

Delta Faucet 5-Spray Dual Handheld Shower Head

  • 3x more coverage
  • Pause feature to save water
  • Powerful integrated magnet

Culligan S-H200-BN Handheld Filtered Shower Head

  • Reduces chlorine and scale for softer hair
  • Bacteriostatic feature limits bacteria growth
  • Filter cartridge lasts 10000 gallons

Waterpik Adjustable Magnetic Slide Bar Shower Head

  • Easy Lift and Slide Magnetic Bracket
  • No Drilling - No Screws - Stays in Place
  • Rub to remove mineral deposits

American Standard Spectra + Duo 4-Function Shower Head

  • Sensitive, Drench, Massage and PowerWash
  • Dock-Tate docks the shower head magnetically
  • Wide shower head and hand shower
Best Magnetic Shower Head

Best Magnetic Shower Head Reviews

Moen is not a stranger when it comes to quality plumbing products such as faucets, shower heads, and even garbage disposals.

Their products are quite innovative and come in an elegant look, and this Magnetix shower head is no exception.

The magnetic base on the shower head makes it easy to detach and dock the shower head into place once you are done with it. The magnetic docking system allows you to do this effortlessly whenever you are using the shower head.

The Engage series by Moen is one of their more innovative designs. Inspired by nature’s patterns, these shower heads come in a simple traditional design that blends perfectly with most modern bathroom styles.

Customizing your shower is one of the most important features when considering a shower head to buy. The Moen Magnetix shower head comes with six different shower settings that allow you to set the shower to your preference.

You don't have to worry about the product not being flexible enough. Thanks to the kink-free metal hose, you can extend reach and improve the shower head's flexibility.

Often, handheld showers pose a problem when it comes to cleaning. This particular shower head features a spot-resist brushed nickel finish. Because of this, the shower head does not retain any fingerprints or water spots, ensuring that your bathroom is always looking clean.

The shower head is also available in a chrome finish, which is just as easy to clean. It also offers a reflective mirror-like finish that is perfect for any decorative bathroom style.

With a backing of Moen’s Limited lifetime warranty, the shower head is built to last and should serve you for several years before the need for a replacement arises.

Available in 5 different colors, this dual shower head provides 3x more coverage than the standard shower head.

This is made possible by the Delta H2O Kinetic PowerDrench spray. 

The technology by Delta Faucet allows the shower head to produce larger water droplets for more intensity and warmth.

Getting water to where you need it the most is not a hassle when using this shower head. Thanks to the In2ition 2-in-1 technology, you can either use the handheld shower separately or integrate it with the overhead shower head.

Changing from the hand held shower to the shower head, or even a combination of the two requires a flip of the diverter lever.

The product features Magnatite docking that allows you to dock the hand held shower into place effortlessly. The head's base contains a powerful integrated magnet that automatically locks it into place should you bring the head close to the shower bracket.

The dual handheld shower head comes with a variety of settings that allow you to enhance your shower experience. You can choose from full body spray, massaging spray, full spray with massage, and the H2O kinetic spray.

The pause feature especially makes this shower head stand out amongst its competitors. With this feature, shaving and lathering have never been easier. The pause feature reduces the water to a trickle while maintaining the water temperatures at your preferred settings.

With a 60 inches hose, the handheld shower allows you to have a luxurious shower experience. Installation is quite simple and should only take a few minutes of your time.

Buying and installing home appliances pose various risks. Thanks to the limited lifetime warranty provided by Delta Faucet, you can be assured that the product is of high quality and will not break down as soon as you have it installed.

If you are looking to feel and look younger, then this shower head from Culligan should be able to do the trick for you.

Thanks to its amazing in-built water filter system, the shower head can remove chlorine and other impurities from the water. 

The result is cleaner water that leaves you with softer hair and smoother skin. The filter system is tested and certified by NSF International.

You don’t even have to worry about changing the filter cartridge every so often. Each filter is well equipped to handle about 10, 000 gallons which approximately equals to around six months.

The shower head's base features a magnetic docking system with 3D orbital movement. This makes it easy to detach, move, and reposition the shower head without using too much energy.

A useful additional feature is the patented bacteriostatic. Thanks to this feature, the passage, and growth of bacteria are limited, enhancing the overall shower experience.

Depending on your present mood, you get to choose from 5 different spray settings. The settings range from a full-body spray to an invigorating pulse which is ideal for a relaxing massage.

Because both the shower head and water filter are easy to install, you do not require any tools or a plumber to get the job done.

For a home that has users of different heights, getting the perfect handheld shower is exhausting.

The innovative design on this product combines a magnetic shower bracket with a stainless-steel strip, making it ideal for such homes.

In a simple motion, you can easily adjust the shower height by sliding it up and down the magnetic bracket. Whether you prefer taking a shower while standing or seated, this shower head is the ideal addition to your modern bathroom.

The package includes an adhesive tape that firmly attaches to the wall, without the need for screws and drills. A 5-foot hose, cleaning pad, and positioning template is also included in the package.

For the ultimate luxurious experience, the shower head includes five different spray settings. The nozzles on the shower head are easy to clean and require you to rub them clean to get off any mineral deposits.

The stainless-steel finish on the shower head system gives it a classy and elegant look. This makes it ideal for the perfect contemporary look for your modern bathroom. Besides, it assures of rust-free service for several years to come.

The shower head is backed for life by Waterpik. Thanks to the limited lifetime warranty, you are assured that the manufacturer is confident in their product.

This shower head exhibits the perfect combination of innovation and design from American Standard.

The 2-in-1 design is a combination of a broad shower head and a handheld shower

The wide shower head design allows for better water coverage.

The option to remove the center as a hand shower comes in handy whenever you have to clean the shower, wash the kids, or bath your pets.

The four available spray functions allow you to customize your shower experience as much as you want. The Drench setting gives a full-body coverage of soaking spray. The Massage setting turns the spray into a calming and soothing pulsating spray that is perfect for relaxing.

The Sensitive setting provides a gentle spray that is calm on the skin while PowerWash sets the spray to a robust and extensive jet that is ideal for cleaning the shower.

American Standard incorporates the Dock Tate technology into this product. The technology allows the shower head to attach itself magnetically without you having to go to too much trouble.

You get to choose from the four available colors and two different flow rates of 1.8gpm and 2.5gpm. The product also has a pressure compensating flow control device. The device makes it possible for a constant flow even over a wide range of pressure.

Final Thoughts on The Best Magnetic Shower Head

Magnetic shower heads are very convenient and easy to use. Most come with a variety of spray settings, allowing you to customize your shower experience fully.

The Moen 26112 SRN Magnetix shower head is our pick for the best magnetic shower head. It comes with all the admirable features of the Engage shower head series from Moen.

It offers up to six different spray settings and comes in a simple yet elegant design that would suit any modern bathroom's interior. It, therefore, does not necessitate an entire bathroom makeover upon installation.

It is also easy to clean, which is made possible by its finish that does not retain any water droplets or fingerprints. 

If you are on the lookout for magnetic shower heads, be sure to check the ones in this list first. They will undoubtedly get the job done and will not disappoint you