Best Drain Cleaner for Shower 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

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Showers definitely do get clogged often, due to the following:

Soap scum, hair, paper towels, and other substances you are probably not even aware of.

Now, dealing with a water-filled shower, with no idea what is causing the clog can be such an icky affair that most people prefer to just call the plumber. I mean you would rather pay someone to do the job for you, rather than getting down and dirty, trying to remove whatever substances are causing the blockage.

Here is the thing, for shower drains, especially in a house full of people, you will be calling a plumber every now and again, and you may probably make him very rich from this process. 

In order to avoid all of this mess and spending an obscene amount of money every month on plumbing services, the best thing would be to invest in a good quality drain cleaner.

What the drain cleaner does is very simple. Because it is chemical in nature, it has some electrons and other substances, that react with the clog in your shower. This will cause it to melt or dissolve and get flushed with the water.

The use of a drain cleaner should be done often if you suffer clogged showers all the time, preferably once a month. In doing so, you are ensuring that the drains are filled with the necessary electrons and chemicals, just in case, a clog tries to form.




Green Gobbler Liquid Clog Remover

  • Lliquifies hair, paper, soap scum and everything organic
  • Works within minutes
  • Minimizes eco-footprint

InVade Bio Drain Gel Gallon Drain Cleaner

  • No harsh chemicals or odors
  • Elimintates bad odors
  • Environmentally safe

Drano Max Gel Clog Remover

  • Great for most material types
  • Best at removing hair, soap scum and other gunky clogs
  • Can leave in drains overnight

Zep Enforcer ZUCYR2 Crystal Heat Drain Opener

  • Very strong formula
  • Odorless
  • Non-corrosive
BioFresh Drain Cleaner for Shower


  • Destroy Odors and Waste Naturally
  • Safe for Septic Systems & Environmentally Friendly
  • Made in the USA
best drain cleaner for shower

Best Drain Cleaner for Shower Review 2021

This is a product that will dissolve soap, hair, paper, and grease.

It is sort of a one-stop shop for all of your clogging problems. It will also work well in your toilet and septic tanks, and it ensures that all the gunk is dissolved and eliminated.

It is made of a highly effective formula that will easily ensure that your drains are free-flowing and clear at all times. In fact, users are advised to use it often so they can derive the maximum benefits from it.

It works very fast, in a matter of seconds, and everything is clear. This is quite convenient especially if you need to use your bathroom urgently, and there is water all over the floor. Keep it in your home at all times to ensure you are always sorted.

It will also fight odors for you, and leave your system smelling fresh within 15 minutes. After pouring it down the drain, make sure to clean it out with some hot water.

The liquid is thick and does not splash around, plus it will remain in your system for a few days to ensure there are no further clogs.

Bottom line: This product works on almost all types of clogs, and most especially your shower, but, if you want to save on cost, it is advisable to purchase it in bulk, because you will need to use quite a lot before the clog can be cleared, otherwise, it can be pretty expensive.

Customer reports are a little divided when it comes to this product, but the majority of them stated that it actually works, and that is why it is in our list.

This product is all natural, so you know it is safe for both you and the environment.

It comes in gel formula which is just what you need for your clogged shower drain because the gel tends to sit there for a few days and eliminate any would be formations of clogs.

It is considered a top-quality product because it is made of premium microbes and citrus oil, two substances that are very effective in drain cleaning. It is also perfumed and will help in eliminating bad odors from your bathroom drains.

It is available in a 1-gallon bottle and this means that you can get some good use out of it. You can actually use it for a couple of times before the bottle goes empty, so it does actually give you value for your money.

It is environmentally safe. This product does not cause harm to the environment in any way whatsoever, because it does not contain any chemicals. For environmentally conscious users, they will really love and appreciate it.

You can use it through hose-end sprays, mopping applications, and power sprays as well. It also works great in fountain drip lines and dissolves any dirt at the clog lines.

Bottom line: Though not as powerful as the other products in my list, this product is natural, meaning it does not contain any chemicals, and that is always a strong point, therefore, I highly recommend it for anyone with small children or who is sensitive to chemicals.

Drano is among the best products in the clog removal industry, and they have a wide range of products that will suit your every clog problem.

This specific product is designed to deal with the toughest of stains and gets rid of any drainage clogs in your showers, bathroom as well as the kitchen.

Its unblocker concentration contains powerful ingredients with features that are made for dissolving scum from your bathroom.

It is very easy to use, because all you need to do is pour it down the clogged drain, wait a few minutes and voila! Your drain is completely free of the clog. The enzymes present in its chemical composition act as a catalyst to speed up the process and work in a matter of seconds.

You should also never use it in the toilets. DO NOT re-use the empty container after it has finished, rather, rinse it, replace the cap, then discard it. Read the manufacturer's instructions carefully.

It is ideal for clearing drains that have been clogged with soap scum, hair, and other types of gunk.

It is made of the following; Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, Water, Sodium Silicate and Proprietary Surfactant Blend. These are very powerful ingredients and that is why you can use it in most circumstances.

It is safe and can be used on all types of materials such as; metal pipes, PVC, and plastic. It will not cause them to corrode and wear out quickly. You can actually pour it over your sink and leave it overnight.

It is actually a 2-in-1 product that will clean your drain and also protect the inside of your pipes from wearing out.

Bottom line: This is a great drain cleaner for your shower drains because it actually works. You will, however, need to use a lot of it at a time to clear the clog, which is why you need to buy it in bulk in order to save cost. I highly recommend it for your shower related clogs.

This product is one of the best shower drain clog removers in the market.

It effectively dissolves and gets rid of any hairs, soap scum and even paper substances from your clogged shower and leaves it free-flowing.

It has a very strong formula, so you will need to be well protected before attempting to use it. Put on your face masks, your goggles, and gloves so you can be able to pour it down the clogged drain. Keep the container after use for proper disposal.

What you do is open the cap slowly, pour it down the drain even slower and leave it sitting there for at least 20 minutes. Flush it out with some water and you will find that you drain is completely unclogged and clear.

It is odorless which means that it will not leave your bathroom with a terrible chemical smell, and it will also eliminate any other bad odors you may be having as a result of the blockage.

It is safe to use on your pipes and it shall not cause any type of corrosion. Some drain cleaners do in fact destroy the pipes after use, but this ZEP Enforcer drain cleaner leaves your pipes and drains as they were before, it will even make them stronger as a result because it contains enzymes that are used to strengthen your piping system.

This product is not just ideal for hair clogs, you can use it for even the toughest of clogs that have been giving you sleepless nights, which means that it can be used in the kitchen, in septic tanks, etc.

Bottom line: When it comes to drain cleaners, it is always advisable to buy one that is designed for the specific area you wish to clean. This is designed for the bathroom/shower, so you know that it works great and will not leave you regretting why you bought it. I highly recommend it.

I have decided to include this product in my list because it will not only eliminate the clogging substances, but it will also leave your showers smelling extra fresh.

It is made up of natural enzymes and powerful microbes that can dissolve all sorts of scum in a matter of minutes. You need not to wait for it to work. It is almost instant.

BioFresh Drain Cleaner for Shower

In addition, it is environmentally safe and can be used in your septic tanks as well. 

The formula used is non-toxic and extremely safe and gentle on your pipes plus, it is available in multiple scents, such as lavender, orange, lemon, rose and pine, so you can choose which one you like best. It also comes as unscented just in case you are not a fan of scents.

It is made in the US, which means that it follows all the rules and standards required of drain cleaners.

Bottom line: I recommend this product because it fights odors, but there are other drain cleaners that work better. All in all, you can buy it because it has been known to work well especially on shower clogs.

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Things to Look Out For When Buying Shower Related Drain Cleaners

Buy one that is effective yet mild: Remember this is your bathroom, and your kids/pet usually use it, so, you do not want the product to have a very high concentration of chemicals. Ensure to read the label carefully and do extensive research so you can find a product that is not too harsh and one that will also do the job effectively.

Buy a product that is safe for use: Look for a product that will not be toxic, and one that will not cause you any harm as a result of using it. Some chemicals are so dangerous that just a little contact with your skin will cause an irritation immediately. You will need to find one that will not cause such side effects and one that you can use freely in your bathroom.

Choose one that is safe for your piping: Some products may destroy the pipes in your drains, and leave them totally worn out. When looking for a drain cleaner, find one that can work safely in your pipes depending on what they are made of, to ensure that you are not left behind replacing everything that ends up destroyed.

Choose a drain cleaner that has a good odor: Most clogged bathrooms emit a terribly foul odor, and using a cleaner that has an equally terrible odor would be a disaster. It would be better if it were odorless or in some cases, perfumed. As a result, you will leave your shower smelling better than it was before.

Sanitizer: For your shower drain, it is important to buy one that is a sanitizer as well, because you will need to get rid of any bacteria or viruses that may be present in the drain. It will also give you peace of mind that if your kids step in the shower barefoot, they will be safe.

Final thoughts on the Best Drain Cleaner for Shower 

The best thing you can do for your shower is to ensure you constantly use a drain cleaner on it. This will ensure that no clogs form, and if they do, they will find a product already in the system to counter its efforts.