Best Water Saving Shower Heads

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Very few things beat the feeling of a nice relaxing shower. It could be a cold one in the morning to help you get energized for the day. Perhaps it is a hot shower to help you sleep better.

Either way, getting a shower may feel good. However, the feeling may not be the same once the utility bills come in.

With several people in the house taking showers daily, the chances are high that you will get high water bills.

Well, you need to find a way to save water and still get to enjoy the showers. All you have to do is find a water-saving showerhead.

These showerheads are designed to save on the amount of water used for each shower. However, with so many varieties in the market, getting the best showerhead may be difficult.

In this article, I will highlight the 5 best water saving shower heads for 2019. You should be in a position to easily decide once you are done reading.

Product Specs Price

High Serra Metal WaterSense Low Flow Showerhead

  • Save 25% or more water
  • Patented, non-clogging nozzle
  • Made in the USA
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​Delta Faucet 2-Spray Showerhead

  • Save up to 36% water
  • Adjustable flow rates and spray settings
  • 3X the coverage of a standard shower head
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ShowerMaxx 6 Spray Settings Showerhead

  • Spray setting allows water-saving
  • 6 spray settings
  • Power massage included
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Niagara N2912 Earth Showerhead

  • Save up to 75% lower water
  • 9-jet spray, shower, and combo
  • A feeling of great force while using less water
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American Standard FloWise Water Saving Shower

  • Use up to 40% less water
  • Utilizes exclusive turbine technology
  • An exclusive auto-return feature
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Best Water Saving Shower Heads 2019

1. High Serra Metal WaterSense Low Flow Showerhead

If you are looking for a showerhead that will let you save both water and energy, this should be your ideal choice.

High Serra has established itself by creating the most innovative GREEN shower heads by using their newest technology.

Thanks to the patented technology, they can produce shower heads that create a spray, giving the illusion of a much higher flowing showerhead.

This way, the shower head can save up to 25% of both water and energy used to heat the water.

Because High Serra holds patents the technology, no other company or model can use the same technique. This assures you of the authenticity of the showerhead.

The product also features non-clogging nozzles. You do not have to worry about reduced flow after several showers. You will undoubtedly appreciate the FCS shower nozzles on this shower head.

Installing this showerhead is pretty straightforward. You do not require batteries, allowing you to save on time you’d have spent on charging. It is also quite impressive that the shower head is made of high-quality materials. This assures you of the products durability and effective performance for several years.

A bonus point for this showerhead is that it is visually appealing. Thanks to the rain shower design, this shower head will blend in just about any modern bathroom.

It is available in three colors, and the different finishes such as Nickel and polished brass will give your bathroom that exquisite finish.

2. Delta Faucet 2-Spray Showerhead, Chrome

Homeowners who are looking for an efficient showerhead that is designed to be user-friendly will undoubtedly appreciate the simple design on this one.

Just like the High Serra shower head, this product is designed to meet EPAs WaterSense criteria.

This means that it is intended to be water efficient and lower your utility bills without compromising on the spray performance.

Thanks to the unique design, this showerhead lets you save up to 36% of the water used for each shower.

This shower head comes with several useful features. First, it features adjustable flow rates and adjustable spray settings as well. These two features make this showerhead one of the most sought after in the market. You can set it to either 1.8 gallons per minute or 2.5 gallons per minute.

Another fantastic feature is the swiveling ball head. Thanks to the D-Swiveling assembly, this shower head can turn to up to 360 degrees while in use.

Installing this showerhead should not take you more than 5 minutes. In case you are stuck somewhere, the easy-to-understand instruction manual should help you out.

Have you ever had to clean a showerhead? If so, you must know how difficult it can be. This showerhead from Delta Faucet features self-cleaning shower nozzles. These nozzles do not allow lime and dirt to collect, making your work easier when it comes to cleaning them.

Whenever you are buying any appliance, you need to check on the duration of the warranty. Longer durations give you the confidence to spend some money on that item.

Delta Faucet’s 2-spray shower head comes with a lifetime warranty. Besides the assurance of a quality product, the warranty will help you to restore the glamor, should it get tarnished over the years.

3. ShowerMaxx 6 Spray Settings Showerhead

This showerhead from ShowerMaxx is an ideal choice for homeowners who are looking for something that comes with several features.

With six spray settings to choose from, you can set the shower head to whatever you are feeling at the moment.

The water-saving feature lets the showerhead produce just a trickle, which is ideal for shaving and lathering up.

The other five settings are High Pressure, which offers a revitalizing spray, Light Mist, which is excellent for washing babies and rinsing, Power Massage that helps to relieve tension, High Pressure + Power Massage, and High Pressure + Shampoo Spray.

This shower head comes with an extra-long 5-foot hose. Thanks to this feature, you can easily detach the showerhead and use it as a hand-held shower.

The nozzles on this shower head are precision engineered. They are also anti-clogging and self-cleaning. The showerhead also features a mesh filter that helps keep the water flow clean.

With the Peace-of-Mind lifetime guarantee, you are sure that the product is durable and efficient. ShowerMaxx’s support team is also quite friendly, should you ever need to contact them.

I don’t expect you to run into any trouble when installing this showerhead. However, there is a detailed manual in the package you receive, should you need some pointers. Also included in the box is free Teflon tape to help ensure that there are no leakages.

4. Niagara N2912 Earth Showerhead

Shopping for any item while trying to stick to a budget may be difficult.

Well, if you are looking for a less pricey showerhead, this option from Niagara may be precisely what you need. 

Thanks to the simple design, this shower head can blend into just about any bathroom.

It is available in white, which should match with whatever color scheme you already have in place.

With a 1.25 GPM flow rate, this showerhead allows you to save up to 75% lower than standard low-flow shower heads in the market.

Although the overall design is simple, the technology behind this showerhead is admirable. Niagara holds the patent to this technology.

This pressure-compensating technology makes it possible to achieve a consistent flow, regardless of the water pressure. It also allows you the comfort of a relaxing shower without using as much water.

The product features three spray settings. These are the 9-jet spray, shower, and combo. The 9-jet spray functions best as a massage therapy technique. It varies from a gentle spray to a forceful spray that helps relieve tension in tight muscles.

This showerhead is designed to be eco-friendly. As such, increasing the flow rate on the shower head does not increase water consumption. You get to enjoy your shower however you want without worrying about the water bills.

The showerhead is made of high-quality materials that are corrosion resistant as well. As such, this shower head is quite durable and should serve you for several years before you need a replacement.

5. American Standard FloWise Water Saving Shower

This showerhead also features a unique design from American Standard.

Thanks to the turbine technology used, the FloWise shower head allows you to have a refreshing shower while saving on the amount of water used.

The available spray functionalities on this product are three; turbo, full, and combination. You can quickly and easily switch between these three settings depending on your mood.

An impressive feature is the fully adjustable spray angle. Thanks to this feature, the showerhead can easily adjust to your height and body position, allowing you utmost comfort while taking your shower.

The shower head also comes with an exclusive auto-return feature. This means that it sets itself back to a flow rate of 1.5GPM every time you turn off the shower.

So, each time you take a shower, you start at maximum savings. As compared to standard low-flow showerheads, this product allows you to use up to 40% less water. 

The polished chrome finish on this shower head gives it an exquisite look. Besides, it makes a great addition to any modern bathroom and will still look good several years later.

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Saving water is an essential role we have to play to save the planet. However, you do not have to compromise a good shower so that you can save some water.

With an excellent water-saving showerhead, you should still be able to enjoy an invigorating shower. The High Serra Low Flow Showerhead emerged the best water-saving showerhead in 2019. 

This is because it offers excellent value for money. It helps to save on both water and electricity used to heat the water. What’s more, is that the showerhead is durable with easy to clean nozzles and an appealing finishing look. 

With a recommendation of the best water-saving showerheads in 2019, it should be easier for you to decide on one. Look around and choose a shower head that perfectly suits your needs.

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