Best Drain Cleaner for Toilet: Reviews and Buying Guide

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The toilet is the most commonly used fixture in every household, and when it gets clogged, it can be very frustrating. It is also quite unpleasant to clean up.

Now if you are like most people and are repulsed by such things, then the best thing for you to do is to invest in a good quality drain cleaner. For toilet clogs, the best cleaners are the acidic types. This is because they contain high concentrations of sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, which can be able to get rid of almost any type of clog you may have.

In this review, I shall help you identify the best cleaner for your toilet, and also the one that will keep your toilet clog free. It is actually possible to not have a clogged toilet as often as you do, but it will mean using these drain cleaners frequently, preferably every month.

Best Drain Cleaner for Toilet




Roebic - K-97 Main Line Cleaner

  • Safe for all pipes and the environment
  • Digests paper, fats and grease
  • Ideal for low flow toilets

PEQUA INDUSTRIES P-10264 Drain Opener

  • Industrial strength
  • Non-acidic but strong
  • Long track record

RID-X Septic Treatment and Drain Cleaner

  • Natural bacteria and advanced enzymes
  • Helps prevent septic backups
  • #1 Brand in septic system treatment

InVade Bio Drain Gel

  • Eliminates unfavorable odors with citrus oils
  • No harsh chemicals or odors
  • Made only for toilet drains

Plumb Clear Enzyme Drain Cleaner

  • Contains safe and natural enzymes
  • Eliminates bad odors
  • No more slow drains and back ups

Best Drain Cleaner for Toilet Review 2021

This is a powerful product from Roebic Laboratories, Inc. that can work well on different plumbing systems.

It comprises of millions of powerful bacteria that are waste damaging and can be able to unclog any drain.

It is able to completely break down waste from sewer and septic tanks, and also digest paper, grease, and fats. Using this drain cleaner on a weekly basis will ensure that your low-flow toilet never clogs again.

It is biodegradable, and therefore safe for the environment and anyone who uses it. This is because it causes less pollution and ensures that all the non-toxic elements are broken down efficiently and they do not turn into poison.

It is safe to use on any type of pipes because it is non-corrosive. This also means that your pipes shall remain intact after using this drain cleaner. They will not tear up or wear out after use.

It is very easy to use. Here's how to use it:

  1. Ensure the cap is secure and inverted.
  2. Pour out ½ of contents into the drain.
  3. Leave it for 30 minutes.
  4. Clear out by running water through it.

Bottom line: This is an extremely powerful product to use for your toilet and it will not disappoint. I highly recommend it, especially in toilets that constantly clog or toilets that have a low-flow.

This is an industrial strength solution that is powerful enough to dissolve all organic matter that may be causing a blockage to your toilet drains.

PEQUA is a well-known and trusted company that has been in operation for the last 5 decades, which means that they understand the complications of drain cleaning, and they have designed a product that is able to solve all of your clogging matter effectively.

It is non-acidic, but that should not discourage you from buying this product, because it is, in fact, a stronger liquid solution than any other drain cleaner in the market today. In terms of strength, it has been found to be 8% more concentrated than what is available in the local stores.

What you will love most about it is the fact that it will dissolve all hair and grease very quickly from your toilet drains. It is also environmentally friendly.

It is a safe product to use on your pipes because it is non-corrosive and will not cause them to wear out after use.  You can use it on any type of pipe including plastics and metals.

The only downside to this product is that you will need to use it often, most probably every month, in order for it to be effective enough and eradicate all of your toilet clogging problems. Always ensure to follow the manufacturer's instructions in order for it to work as required.

Bottom line: This is a good product, and it comes highly recommended by most customers. The fact that it is non-acidic may be disappointing, especially due to the fact that you will need it to unclog your toilet, and so, you may be tempted to find another alternative.

This is a perfect product for unclogging your toilet drains because it has been designed for that specific job.

It is, in fact, the number one product when it comes to septic tanks treatment. 

Not only does it clean the drains and unclog the toilets, but it will also do the following for you;

Avoids sewage back up in your home: Sometimes the septic tank may become overwhelmed with the waste matter until it overflows. This may be due to some blockage in the tank as a result of flushing the wrong products down the toilet, or some other reason.

Nobody likes the foul smell that is emitted by the septic tank when this happens, and therefore, to ensure you never have to deal with such an issue in your house, use this drain cleaner on your septic tank and toilet drains. It will keep them free of all clogging matter.

Tough on all sludge: This product contains very powerful bacteria and enzymes that are specially formulated to break apart all sorts of grease, toilet paper, organic materials, and other waste products that may disrupt the normal workings of your toilet.

Apply it directly into your toilet bowl and then flush it right away.

It is very safe to use: This product does not contain any tough chemicals, and therefore it is safe to use on almost all types of pipes and drains. It will not cause them to corrode as it is non-corrosive, and, it will also not cause them to wear out after use.

Prolongs the life of your septic tank: If you use this product on a monthly basis, it will not only ensure that your drains are clog-free, but it will also add life to your septic tanks. This is because, it contains enzymes that are able to keep the tank in good condition, and free from unwanted substances that can cause the tank to wear out.

Digests paper: It contains bacteria that are able to digest and break down tissue paper, which ensures that your pipes are always clear to do their job efficiently.

Easy to use: It is very easy to use and only requires you to flush it down the toilet and you are safe.

It comes in 3 formulas that you can choose from, depending on your needs; RID-X Gelpacs, RID-X Liquid, and RID-X Powder.

Bottom line: This is one of those products that every household should have. It will do more than you bargained for and ensure that your toilets are always clean and free of all clogs. You will, however, have to wait a long time for it to work if your pipes are very long.

This is a natural and environmentally safe product, that is ideal for cleaning your toilets and all types of clogged drains.

It is considered to be a great product because it is a combination of premium microbes and citrus oils which are able to eat through all types of scum and eliminate unfavorable odors as well as waste products causing your drains to block.

It is available in a 1-gallon bottle and can be used both in residential areas, as well as commercial locations. It is however highly concentrated and will require the user to don protective clothing, because any contact with the skin or eyes may cause irritation.

It is odorless and does not contain harsh chemicals. It can be able to dissolve all types of dirt.

To use it, you will need to pour it down the toilet drain, wait a few minutes for it to work, and then flush the contents down the drain immediately.

It is safe for use on all types of drains and does not damage them or cause them to corrode and wear out. If your drains are made of PVC or plastic, you can use it as well.

The only limitation to this drain cleaner is that it can only be used on your toilet drains, and not on any other type of clogged drain. The reason behind this is its working ability. It is not designed for disposal type of sinks.

Bottom line: This is a good drain cleaner, and I would recommend it as well. Ensure to follow the instructions that have been clearly outlined by the manufacturer to ensure that it works well. The fact that it is made of natural products makes it safe for you.

This great drain cleaner from Plumb clear not only destroys any clogs that may be blocking your toilet drains but also ensures that the issue of slow-moving drains is completely eradicated.

It contains safe and natural enzymes that quickly work in eating away all of the slug and gunk that is causing your toilets to clog.

What you need to do is mix the powder with some warm water, let it sit for about 2-4 hours, and then pour it down the drain.

Just a little scoop of this product can unclog your toilet 5 different times, so use it wisely.

It has a neutral odor that will eliminate any bad odors in your toilet, and it will also neutralize your septic tanks and drains. Once you rinse it out, it shall not leave any residue behind. Your toilet shall be squeaky clean and clog free.

The formula used is non-toxic and extremely safe and gentle on your pipes.

Bottom line: This product may not work as great as the others in the market, but it comes with its own unique feature of deodorizing your sinks and drains so I would still recommend it. The downside is that it does not dissolve completely in your drain, and most people have complained that it may cause more clogs if you use more than one per month.

factors you must consider before buying a toilet drain cleaner

Type of drain you have: You must consider the type of drain you have in your toilet before buying a drain cleaner because most drain cleaners are made of chemicals which may destroy the drains in the toilet if you do not choose the right one.

Type of clog: This is another very important point to consider before making the decision on the type of drain cleaner to buy. Most toilets are clogged by either cotton balls, dental floss, hair, or paper towels, which should never have been flushed down the toilet.

When choosing a drain cleaner, some cleaners are designed to get rid of specific clogs, so, take that into consideration before making your decision so you can buy the type that will ensure the clog has been removed completely.

What I mean is that; you shouldn’t buy a drain cleaner that is used to eliminate grease clogs for your toilet, because you do not expect your toilet drain to be clogged by grease.

Cost: It is important to consider cost. Most of these drain cleaners are generally not expensive, but you must understand that you shall receive what you pay for. The extremely cheap cleaners may not be as powerful as the expensive ones, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you pay through the teeth for a drain cleaner. It simply means that you must have cost as one of the factors to consider.

Final thoughts on the Best Drain Cleaners for Toilet

Drain cleaners are great in unclogging your toilets, but they need to be used with care.

Always ensure you use protective gear whenever you use these drain cleaners. This is because a single drop of sulphuric acid or granule of sodium hydroxide can be very painful on the skin. You should invest in heavy duty gloves, an apron, and even some eye protection.

Have a window open whenever you are dealing with acidic drain cleaners. This is because they normally fume right out of the bottle, and it is very dangerous.

Finally, do not be too scared to use the drain cleaners, these points are simply a precaution so you do not cause any more problems than you already have.