Dirty faucet with stain and limescale in bathroom

Is City Water Hard Water? (Explained)

The majority of cities have hard water as a result of minerals (particularly calcium and magnesium) accumulating during the water cycle. The more minerals that dissolve in water, the harder the water gets, which is why water hardness differs amongst cities within the same region. What Is The Average Hardness Of City Water? Instrumental analysis …

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Modern Reverse Osmosis System, 3D rendering

Why Does My Well Water Taste Salty? (Explained)

Your well water tastes salty because it contains elevated levels of sodium chloride contents. These highly soluble elements are naturally found in the groundwater, specifically in rocks and soil. They may have entered your well through water runoff, sewage, or fertilizer. Is Well Water High in Salt? Generally, all well water has salt because sodium …

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