Best Ionic Shower Head: Filters for Hard Water

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To the novice eye, there’s not much difference between ionic sower heads and regular ones. The former comes with the addition of some beads that most people may not understand.

Ionic shower heads come in handy, especially for people who live in areas where the only water available is hard water. The ‘beads’ are bioactive mineral balls that act as the shower head’s filter system.

The kind of water that you use for your shower affects your body in several ways. Hard water usually contains certain mineral deposits that could be dangerous to your skin. The water strips the skin of natural oils, causing it to appear flaky, and even age faster.

Using hard water for your shower may also cause a significant surge in your water bills. The water makes it hard for soap to lather, forcing you to use more water than usual for a single shower.

Ionic shower heads are designed to soften the hard water before you get to use it in your shower. The mineral balls contain negative ions that strip the hard water of the calcium and magnesium ions present. These shower heads are, therefore, both a water softener and an ionic filter.

Because they are not so common, choosing an ionic shower head may be a daunting task. Have a look at our top picks to help you get started.

Product Specs Price

Luxsego Ionic Shower Head

  • double filter system for better absorption
  • 200% increases in water pressure and speed
  • best for dry hair and skin users
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Aspior High-Pressure Vitamin C Ionic Handheld Shower Head

  • vitamin C filter and lemon balm for aroma
  • 99% filtration of lead, rust, iron and heavy metals
  • tackle hair loss and relieve itching
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Pisurt Ionic Shower Head

  • saves up to 30% more water
  • soft spraying water, suitable for kids and pets
  • Promote blood circulation, delay skin aging
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Baban Shower Head, Ionic Filter Filtration

  • adjusts pH level of acidic water
  • intelligent water stop mode to increase life
  • saves up to 40% more water
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HotelSpa All-in-One 3-Way Rain Shower Combo

  • 7 different luxurious settings
  • extra-Large 7″ Rainfall Face for superior body coverage
  • eliminate dry, flaky skin restore smoother, softer skin, scalp and hair
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Best shower Head Filters for Hard Water

Best Ionic Shower Head: Filters for Hard Water

1. Luxsego Ionic Shower Head with Replacement Hose and Holder

If you have dry hair and skin as a result of the impurities in your water, then the Luxsego ionic shower head is just what you need to restore the balance.

The ionic shower head features a dual filter system with unique infrared and negative ion mineral stones.

This double filter system ensures better efficiency in the absorption of chlorine and other harmful substances from the water.

The shower head features a micro nozzle technology which makes the outlets smaller and denser. As a result, the speed of the water flow and hence the water pressure increases by almost 200%. This allows you to save up to 30% more water than other regular showers.

The Luxsego ionic shower head is ideal for use by RV owners, thanks to the water-saving feature.

The shower head is available in a general size that fits any standard hose. Installation should only take you a few minutes, and you do not need a plumber or any tools to get the shower head set up.

It comes with three different settings to suit different shower needs. The rainfall setting provides a smooth and delicate water jet that leaves you with a gentle feeling.

The jetting mode releases a powerful spray that is ideal for a comfortable sensory experience.

The massage mode, on the other hand, is just what you need to get rid of any knots in your body.

We especially love the robust and sturdy design used to make this shower head ensuring that there are no leaks. The transparent filter is easy to disassemble, which makes cleaning the shower head a breeze.

2. Aspior High-Pressure Shower Head Vitamin C Ionic Handheld Shower Filter with Hose

A relaxing shower leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Such a shower can only be made better by using this ionic shower head from Aspior.

Coupled with Vitamin C filter, this shower head also comes with a lemon balm. 

Thanks to this, you can effectively get rid of the smell of sweat while tackling hair loss and relieving itching and dry scalp.

The water filter can remove several chemicals, including fluorine, chlorine, sulfur, among others. It will soften your water to a significant percentage by removing heavy metals that may be in it. This is all thanks to the multi-filtration system that the shower head features.

The shower system will accommodate all your water pressure needs during a shower. Producing up to 2500 GPM, all the pressure you require during a shower for complete rejuvenation will be catered for.

You need no tools or plumber to fix this shower system. You can connect it to any shower system within a few minutes.

The shower system is secured with a life-long warranty and free replacement service offered by the company.

3. Pisurt Ionic Shower Head, High Pressure and Water Saving Shower Head

Besides purifying your shower water, this shower head also helps you to save on water, eventually reducing your water bills.

This ionic shower head comes packed with unique infrared minerals to help dispel chlorine from your shower water.

The mineral beads also help to get rid of dirt, dust, and other harmful substances present in the water for healthy hair and skin.

The shower nozzle is designed to increase the water pressure by up to 200%. Because of this, the ionic shower head can save up to 30% more water as compared to other regular shower heads.

Pisurt equips this shower head with a 59″ chrome hose and shower arm. The installation process is easy and should only take you a few minutes, without needing a plumber or any tools whatsoever. You do not have to worry about compatibility since the shower head is suitable for any standard shower arm.

For the complete shower experience, this shower head comes with three spray settings. The massage and rainfall settings are suitable for a relaxing shower. The powerful jetting, additionally, is quite useful when cleaning the bathtub, toilet, tiles, floors, and other surfaces.

The ionic handheld shower head is made of durable polycarbonate material. This makes the shower head to be leak-proof and study. It is also removable, making it easy for you to clean whenever the need arises.

4. Baban Shower Head, Ionic Filter Filtration Ionic Handheld Shower Head

Hard water may at times be acidic, which is quite dangerous to your health.

If you suspect that your shower water may be acidic, then this ionic shower head from Baban is just what your bathroom needs.

The shower head is easy to install and is designed to fit 99% of the shower hoses.

Besides purifying and softening the water used in the shower, this shower head also adjusts the pH of the water to slightly alkaline. Such water is better for maintaining healthier skin and hair.

The shower head comes with three different spray modes to help diversify your shower experience. A bonus feature is the intelligent water stop mode.

With this mode, the shower head can prevent the house’s boiling equipment from frequently opening and closing. As such, it can protect the equipment from electrical problems, thereby increasing the life of service.

Baban high-pressure ionic shower head increases the water pressure to up to 200%. This helps to give a fantastic shower experience while helping you to save on water as well. The micro-nozzle technology helps to have water up to 40% of water with the filter system.

Cleaning this shower head should not be a demanding task. The central part of the shower head comes out easily, allowing you to clean the shower head quickly and comfortably.

Baban offers a satisfaction guarantee so you can be sure of the product’s high quality. Besides, the shower head also comes with a 10-year warranty. This assures you of the manufacturer’s confidence in their product.

5. HotelSpa All-in-One 3-Way Rain Shower Combo with Ionic Filter Hand Shower

This ionic shower head is ideal for anyone who is chasing that luxurious feeling you get from a trip to the spa, without compromising on your shower.

The shower head comes with 7 different luxurious settings for the ultimate shower experience.

The ionic filter purifies the shower water by absorbing chlorine, metals, and any other impurities that may be present in the water.

The negative ions in the filter help to get rid of flaky skin while improving skin absorption and the regeneration of skin cells.

The shower head also features laser-perforation technology. This feature ensures that the jets produced are of high-pressure and help to save on water as well.

You can choose to use the shower heads separately or both at the same time, depending on your current mood. The handheld shower can also be used as an overhead shower if you so wish.

The shower head is designed to fit any standard shower arm. As such, installation should not give you too much trouble and should be done within a few minutes, without using any tools.

All connections hand-tighten and the shower head comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The chrome finish gives the shower head an elegant look. It would, therefore, be a great addition to any modern bathroom.

Final Thoughts on The Best Ionic Shower Heads for Hard Water


Ionic shower heads are a must-have for anyone living in an area with hard water. They help in purifying the water for healthier skin and hair. These shower heads usually have individual mineral beads that get rid of chlorine and other impurities which may be present in hard water.

The HotelSpa All-in-One 3-way combo is our pick for the best ionic shower head. This is because it offers a wide range of spray settings, giving you a more extensive range of choice when setting up the ultimate shower. 

Besides, it comes with both an overhead rain shower head and a handheld shower, making it suitable for use by different people. 

Besides leaving your guests in awe, an ionic shower head helps to improve your skin’s and hair’s quality. Have a look at the top 5 picks and get one that works perfectly for you.

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