Best Toilet Augers for Snaking Your Clogged Toilet Drains

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No homeowner ever dreams of having to deal with a clogged toilet or sink. And yet, most homeowners will be prepared for the situation by either having a toilet auger or a snake.

Sure, you might argue that you will get the plumber to deal with them. But what happens if the plumber is a couple of hours away?

Earlier this year, I wanted to get a new toilet auger. Just like any other household item, the market was flooded with a variety. Choosing only one drill seemed overwhelming.

Well, if you have been in that position, you will appreciate this guide. Here, I will highlight the top 5 best toilet augers of 2019.

I will also include some buying factors that you need to consider before making that purchase.

Have a look below.




RIDGID K-1 Combination Auger

  • Cleans drains up to 2" in dia and 4 ft in length
  • 4 feet of 3/8-inch kink-resistant cable
  • Manual and/or electric

​Cobra Products 40030 Home Toilet Auger

  • Prevents toilet bowl scratching
  • 3/8-inch by 3-feet high carbon spring wire
  • Non-slip grip

Plumb Craft Light Duty Toilet Auger

  • Handle with safety guide tube
  • 3/8-Inch diameter x 3-Foot length
  • Best budget option

General Wire Spring Toilet Auger

  • With a vinyl bowl guard
  • 6-Foot total length
  • One-year warranty

Ridgid K-3 3-foot Toilet Auger

  • Bulb head to clear blockages.
  • 3-foot toilet auger
  • Corrosion resistant tube
Best Toilet Auger

Best Toilet Augers for Snaking Your Clogged Toilet Drains

When it comes to household tools, Ridgid is not a new brand. Because of this, Ridgid has a broad customer base, which essentially means that its products are to be trusted.

This combination auger can work both manually and with a battery-powered drill. Either way, the C cutter drilling head is enough to clear just about any clogged drain.

Thanks to its unique telescoping design, the drill has 4 feet of additional cable length that allows you to get to obstructions that may be further down the drain.

Another bonus point for this combination auger is its ease of use. All you have to do is remove the quick release handle, attach it to the drill's head and tighten it. The tool also features a contoured grip that ensures you are comfortable when using it.

The Ridgid combination auger is also quite versatile, allowing you to deal with clogs from either the shower drain, the urinal drain, or from cleanouts.

When it comes to household tools, it is essential to check for something that comes with a good warranty. The warranty assures you that the company will repair or replace the product should there be a defect or malfunction within a stipulated tie period.

Ridgid products all come with a lifetime guarantee, and the combination auger is not an exception. A lifetime warranty means that the manufacturer is confident in their product.

The combination auger should, therefore, serve you for several years.

The last thing you want to deal with in the face of a clogged drain is a difficult-to-handle toilet auger.

The Cobra 40030 home toilet auger made it to the list because of how simple it is to install and use.

It has a straightforward design that won't leave you figuring out how to use the auger for hours.

If you are looking for an auger that gets the work done, this should be your pick. To use this auger, all you have to do is extend it, push it into the toilet bowl and turn the handle. Simply flash the toilet afterward, and the work is done!

Even with the simple design, manufacturers had the users' comfort in mind when making this auger. It features a poly safety tube to prevent scratching the toilet bowl.

It also comes with a plastic handle and a non-slip grip to ensure your safety while using the auger.

Cleaning a toilet auger can be difficult, but not when it comes to the Cobra 40030 auger. The 3-feet high carbon spring wire makes it easier to clean this auger as compared to other similar products.

While the home toilet auger is highly durable, it is advisable not to apply too much pressure on it. You can also use it as a cleaning tool to get to the deep-end parts of the toilet bowl.

If you are simply after something that will get the job done at a favorable price, then you should have a look at this toilet auger.

With a 3-feet long cable, this toilet auger will help you get to the furthest points of your toilet bowl.

The vinyl grip and coiled head allow you to unclog any drain or toilet with ease.

The auger is quite easy to install and use. However, it comes with a manual just in case you get stuck somewhere.

Should you decide to get this auger, always be careful when using it. The head does not have a vinyl cover to prevent scratches to your toilet bowl.

For homeowners who want a quick fix and are working on a budget. Plumb Craft toilet auger is an ideal choice.

However, the auger may not withstand too many uses. You may find yourself shopping for another one after one too many applications.

This toilet auger from General Wire is similar to the Ridgid K-1 toilet auger in many ways.

To operate the auger, you have to rotate the vinyl grip handle in either direction. Doing so turns the head of the auger.

With a total length of 6-feet, the auger is a great choice when your obstruction is more rooted in the toilet drain. The vinyl grip handle allows you to hold the tool comfortably and firmly.

The vinyl bowl cover prevents you from making scratches on your toilet bowl.

An impressive feature of this toilet auger is the flexible down head. The flexibility allows the head to follow the contours of the toilet bowl. It is also able to make its way through sharp angles.

All this is done while ensuring that the inner walls of the bowl do not get damaged.

Of course, you want something that will last a while. The General Wire auger is made of durable vinyl and aluminum. Because of this, the auger is sturdy and will unclog your toilets, drains, and sinks for several years.

The auger comes with a one-year warranty. While it may not be as impressive as Ridgid's lifetime warranty, it is an assurance that the manufacturer believes in their product.

Ridgid has some pretty good household products, and this is why another of their toilet augers made it to the list.

Just like any other Ridgid product, it comes with a lifetime warranty.

This toilet auger snake is kink-resistant and features a vinyl bowl guard that helps prevent scratches.

The inner core of the auger is strong and compression wrapped with three different wrappings around the central core. This makes it durable and able to power through any obstacle in the toilet drain.

The ideal toilet auger should allow you to hold it firmly while working and ensure your hands remain comfortable. For this toilet auger, the ergonomically-designed handles ensure your comfort to avoid any injuries while using the auger.

Just as it is easy to use this toilet auger, cleaning it does not require much. All you need is to use some warm water and soap. You can even add in some bleach.

This 3-foot auger works just well to clear any obstructions.

However, it may not be the best if the obstruction is further down the drain. In that case, the similar 6-foot auger would be a better option.


Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying a Toilet Auger

When shopping for a toilet auger, or any other household item, it does not help only to have some recommendations. Having a list of factors that you need to consider before buying a toilet auger will help you make an informed decision and make it fast.

So, what are the main things to cross off your checklist when buying a toilet auger? Have a look below.

Length of the auger

The length of the toilet auger cable will vary depending on the different manufacturers. When choosing your auger, consider the depth of your toilet. It is advisable to get a long auger because it is suitable to use for both short depth and long depth toilets.

Alternatively, you can get an extendable auger which you can simply extend whenever necessary.

Interchangeable tips

Having a toilet auger that contains interchangeable tips can come in handy. They help to enhance the scope of work and clearing clogs becomes easier, regardless of the obtrusion.

However, if you cannot get a toilet auger with interchangeable tips, get one with a tip that works for most of your clog types.

Twistable wire cables

While most wire cables will be twistable, some may be rigid. Confirm that the wire cables on the toilet auger you intend to buy have a twisting function. This is because you will need to twist and turn the auger so much while using it.

If the cables are rigid, the job may not be well done. It also contributes to a shorter life span for the auger.

Material type

The kind of material that has been used to make the auger is another critical factor. First, the material needs to be kink-resistant.

This means that it will not react with any substances in the toilet. The auger also needs to have a vinyl guard that protects your toilet bowl from any scratches.


You should also ensure that the auger comes with a warranty. Preferably go for one whose warranty is a year or longer.

This affirms that the manufacturer is confident in their product and you are less likely to run into any trouble in the near future.


Of course, you need to pick a toilet auger that falls within your price range. When buying one, bear in mind that cheap augers may not last for a while.

If you can, save up for the few extra bucks and buy a longer lasting auger.

Conclusion: Best Toilet Augers

Well, now that you have five recommendations and the buying factors that you need to consider, choosing a toilet auger should not be as difficult.

The combination auger from Ridgid was our pick for the best toilet auger. It can be used both manually and using the battery-powered drill, making it suitable for different types of clogs. It is also versatile and can be used for shower drains and sinks.

Dealing with a clog is not pleasant, but doing it by yourself may help you save some money that you may have used to pay for a plumber. So, go ahead and find a toilet auger that works perfectly for you.