Pipefitter install system of underfloor heating system at home

Why Do Pipefitters Dislike Plumbers? (Explained)

Through their complex work, pipefitters make operations in different industrial environments possible. Thus, pipefitters may demean plumbing jobs. Besides, they believe that energy generation and manufacturing processes would not be possible without the contribution of pipefitters. Plumbers are legally permitted to do pipe fitting but often require some certifications in addition to the plumbing license. …

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What Is A Journeyman Pipefitter? (Explained)

A journeyman pipefitter is a licensed tradesperson skilled in pipefitting and has successfully completed an official apprenticeship program. So, journeyman pipefitters are considered authorized and competent to work in pipefitting as qualified employees. You can earn the journeyman’s license once you have completed the required pipefitter training and apprenticeship to operate securely on any form …

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