What are the Best Garbage Disposal Cleaning Products?

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Having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is very useful, especially when you have to wash a lot of dishes and you don’t want to waste time or throw all of your food in a garbage can. Good garbage disposal will get rid of any food residue quickly and smoothly.

Even though they’re very useful, these disposals can get clogged very easily, especially if you don’t follow the rules about the food that’s allowed to get inside the disposal. The food that’s not biodegradable, rice, pasta and other food that becomes bigger from water can clog the drain very quickly.

A clogged drain can cause various inconveniences. It can create a mess and make the dishwashing slower. It can also cause bad smell of the drain and in the kitchen, and no one wants that!

Cleaning the disposal from time to time even when it’s not clogged is always useful because it will prevent these accidents in the future and make your cleaning faster and easier. That’s why I clean it once a month.

Garbage Disposal Cleaning Products

How to clean a garbage disposal

Firstly, you should never forget to unplug the garbage disposal and wear thicker rubber gloves to protect your fingers and hands from products and blades.

Use a flashlight to see better down the drain and remove any larger object that you see inside using longer tools or a plunger.

The most popular ways of cleaning garbage disposal are the chemical products you can find in your local stores.

They’re very efficient and will unclog your drain quickly, but they do have a lot of chemicals that could damage the drains if you use them too often.

Using them once or twice a year is completely safe, and those products can be very useful when it comes to the stubborn clogs that are impossible to clean in another way. I like using foamy products, and usually around holidays because they get rid of all of the food and grease residues.

Best drain cleaner for grease

Garbage disposal cleaning products

A good cleaner should have simple instructions that are easy to follow. It should get rid of the smell and clogs quickly and efficiently. Even though products like these are strong, you should find the safest version that won’t harm you and your family, and that won’t damage the walls and the blades of the disposal.

After many years of experience, I can recommend the following garbage disposal cleaners:

Glisten Disposer Care Foaming Garbage Disposer Cleaner

The foam of this product will make sure to clean thoroughly every part of the disposal's wall and blade. It will clean the garbage disposal deeper than many other similar products on the market.

I like it because it’s really fast! It is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning the garbage disposal since the foam will do its magic in only four minutes. Even though it’s fast, it’s really efficient, and it has lemon scent that will get rid of bad smells caused by food residue and mold.

It’s very easy to use: put one packet into the garbage disposal, rinse with water and the disposal is clog and odor-free! The product is packed into a biodegradable packaging that will melt and release the foam that will leave the walls and blades of garbage disposal clean and fresh.

- Fast and efficient
- Biodegradable packaging
- Lemon scent

- You may need to use it more often if your garbage disposal is being used a lot

If you prefer products in a can, this one is the right for you. The nice feature of this cleaner is that it is not too aggressive, and it’s safe for drains because it doesn’t contain acid.

You can use it not only for your garbage disposal but also in your bathroom: sink, bath, and shower drains. It comes out foamy and gets rid of any grease or residue quickly, keeping the drains clean and fresh.

The most important thing about this product is that it will get rid of bad odors efficiently since it smells like lemon and neutralizes bad smells of mold and bacteria in the garbage disposal.

- Easy to apply
- Acid-free
- Versatile

- You may finish a bottle quickly

Lemi Shine Natural Garbage Disposal Cleaner Powered by Citric Extracts

I’ve discovered that this is one of the safest cleaners on the market since it’s non-toxic and free of many chemicals that could potentially damage the garbage disposal.

Although it’s not aggressive, it still cleans perfectly and leaves the disposal odor-free. The instructions on the box are simple and easy to follow so you won’t have problems when using it. Your disposal will be clean after only 2 minutes.

The product is wrapped in a degradable material that dissolves in water and releases the product which becomes foamy and cleans the garbage disposal within two minutes. The special technology and lemon scent will get rid of the bad odors in no time.

- Non-toxic
- Simple instructions
- Fast and efficient

- You may need to use it more often to get rid of the more stubborn bad odors

Green Gobbler"REFRESH" Garbage Disposal & Drain Cleaner & Deodorizer

If you’re on a budget but you’re looking for something efficient and fast, this Green Gobbler cleaner is a great choice for your whole home.

It works well with other drains in your bathroom and kitchen and leaves them clean and with a nice citrus smell. The thick formula of this product will remove grease and food residue efficiently and get rid of mold and bad smells.

The instructions on the bottle are very easy to follow, and it has pre-measured marks so the application will be easy and quick. The formula is safer from the majority of similar products so your garbage disposal and drains won’t get damaged.

- Affordable
- Thick formula
- Pre-measured marks on the bottle

- One bottle is enough for only three-four applications


The chemical products can be very helpful, especially with more stubborn clogs. However, using them very often can damage the drain, and create more trouble. That’s why you should consider using more natural methods.

When it comes to maintaining your garbage disposal regularly, you should consider an alternative. You probably have all of those products at your home and cleaning the garbage disposal with them is easy, quick and completely safe.

Household Products

  • I prefer using ice cubes with a little bit of salt. Insert the ice cubes and salt into the drain, turn on the garbage disposal and run cold water. This will get rid of anything that’s stuck on the blades. 
  • Another trick is to use baking soda with water or vinegar. This will create nice foam and get rid of food and grease residue. It will also make sure that the awful smell is gone so your garbage disposal will stay fresh and unclogged.
  • After this, you can use a toothbrush or any other scrubbing brush with a long handle to make sure the disposal is completely clean and ready to use again. Then you can wash everything away with warm water.
  • A great way of cleaning any residue, but also getting rid of a bad smell in the disposal, is putting a bit of citrus fruit inside. The peel will clean the blades while the juice will melt grease residue and leave the disposal fresh and without smells.

Use a plunger

This tool is very useful, not only for your bathroom and sinks drain but also for your garbage disposal. A lot of times, the main reason for clogs are larger objects that get stuck inside the drain. The plunger will help you get them out safely and quickly.

Click here for more information about unclogging a garbage disposal with a plunger.

A few extra steps

One of the tricks I tried out and loved is to leave the garbage disposal working even after you’re done washing the dishes. You just need to leave it on for a few extra minutes so it can get rid of the smaller pieces of food and stay residue-free.


I also like filling the sink with a bit of warm water and dish soap and then turning on the disposal. I usually do this once or twice a week because it takes only a few minutes, but it’s beneficial to the efficiency of the garbage disposal. And the cleaning afterwards is always easier!

In conclusion: Garbage Disposal Cleaning Products

There are a lot of ways to keep the garbage disposal in your home unclogged and odor-free. I like mixing and using a different cleanser every time I clean. I just think it’s the most efficient way since all of the mentioned tricks have their own advantages.

You can choose whatever works best for you, as long as you take care of the disposal and clean it regularly. Just don’t forget – safety comes first! So be very careful and, like said, turn off the garbage disposal when cleaning it, always wear a good pair of gloves and take your time with cleaning.

If you have any useful advice, be free to comment and reveal your most efficient tricks when cleaning your garbage disposal. Are there any other chemical products that are both safe and efficient?

Which household product do you prefer using? Feel free to share your experience!