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How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain with Standing Water

Getting stuck with a clogged bathtub drain is definitely one of the most annoying things that can happen inside your bathroom. It gets worse when you have a lot of standing water inside the tub.

This makes it really hard to unclog it since you can’t approach the drain easily.

However, there are ways to unclog a bathtub drain with standing water inside it. All, you need to do is to have a couple of things by your side and you will be good to go.

So, let’s see what exactly you need to do in order to unclog a bathtub drain that has a lot of standing water inside it.

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How to Snake and Fix a Slow Draining Urinal

Urinals are way more convenient than toilets since they allow any guests to quickly finish their business in the restroom.

Also, they consume way less water and they are definitely easier to clean and maintain.

But, what happens when urinal gets clogged?

Clogged urinals are a real piece of work when it comes to dealing with them. They smell bad and become really unhygienic to even look at, and all of that because you are dealing with the slow drain.

However, there’s a convenient solution to this problem. Namely, with a little help of one particular tool, you can easily snake a urinal and clean it to perfection.

That’s right, you will need a plumber’s snake.

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How to Dissolve Hair in Shower Drain

One of the most annoying things to deal in the bathroom is cleaning of the hair that got clogged up inside the drain. As we all know, you can’t escape this – meaning that we are all losing hair that ends up in the drain.

But, the real problem comes when that hair clogs our drain and creates other problems inside our bathroom. So, it is a good thing to know how to dissolve hair in a shower drain.

And, we are here to discuss everything about this problem and see how to deal with it. Let’s begin.

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How to Remove Limescale from Toilets

We can all agree that having limescale stains in our toilets is just nasty and awful to look at.

To make things even worse, it’s not that easy to clean these stains as well. However, every problem has its solution, right?

Yes, it does!

Therefore, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about limescale and how to get rid of it for good.

So, to start things of, first, we should know what we are up against. What exactly is limescale?

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How to Clean Calcium Buildup in Urinals

Some people call them standing toilets, some sanitary plumbing fixtures, and most people call it a urinal. These things have been known in the male world as chit-chat makers, considering they put together men in a rather awkward situation, which often results in them making small talk to reduce the awkwardness.

For some men, it makes going to the bathroom more effective while others still prefer privacy and always pass on the urinal options. Like everything in the bathroom, the urinal will get dirty sometimes and you will need to know how to clean it.

Before panicking after noticing that your urinal is dirty and smelly and spending money on a completely new one – relax and keep reading, we have simple solutions for you.

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How to Remove Rust Stains from Toilet Bowl Naturally

When it comes to bathrooms, I suppose that we all have one thing in common – all of us love to have their bathrooms clean and shiny. But, in reality, the fact is that rust stains make it difficult to keep your toilet shiny white.

The rust stains are results of the water’s content. The more a toilet bowl is used, the bigger the chance is that red-brown rust stains will appear in it. And, of course, the longer the rust stains stay in the toilet bowl, the harder it will be for you to remove them.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to remove rust stains from toilet bowl completely – and guess what? All of them use only natural ingredients.

After reading this article, you will get some new ideas about how to remove rust stains and you will not need to buy those expensive products full of harmful chemicals.

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How to Remove Urine Stains from Toilet Seat

Since all of our toilet seats are exposed to urine, we should all know how to clean them.

Let’s be honest here, these stains are formed all the time accidentally. The more traffic there is in the bathroom, meaning the more people use it, the bigger the chances for those people to stain the toilet seat with urine.

The longer that stain stays on the toilet seat, the more time it has to form itself into a smelly hard stain with bacteria.

Quickly cleaning up might help prevent staining and odor, but if you leave it sitting there, it can become quite uncomfortable to see and to smell.

Whether you are working as a toilet cleaner in a restaurant or a school, or you’re just looking for a piece of advice on how to do this in your own home – you will benefit from reading this article.

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How to Clean a Badly Stained Toilet

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a badly stained toilet and if that’s even possible, I can tell you that removing the stains can be quite of a challenge but if you follow the steps I’m about to share with you, the job will be a bit easier since there’s nothing worse than having a dirty and stained toilet bowl.

Other than bacteria that these stains contain, they also look very nasty, so you probably felt ashamed whenever you had guests.

Whether we talk about urine stain, faeces, limescale, mould etc., these stains can be really stubborn and difficult to remove no matter how strong of a solution you use.

However, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll learn how to clean a badly stained toilet in no time!

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What Causes Yellow Stains On a Toilet Seat?

We have all had experiences with going to the bathroom and finding the toilet seat in a different color than it should be. This is an unpleasant experience for everyone.

Whether we had this situation in a hospital, school, at an airport, a restaurant, at our friends’ place or at our own home – it is always uncomfortable. Truth be told, all of us wish we could forget it and that the owner of the bathroom took proper care of it.

Well, since all of us own a bathroom, knowing how uncomfortable it can be for anyone to see this, it is our job to keep our toilet seat clean.

Before spending too much money on buying a new one, consider cleaning it yourself. This can be done in a few simple steps in a number of different ways.

From using vinegar and different types of powder – there is a way to clean for everyone’s taste. So, relax, we will fix this problem together. Let’s see how!

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How to Clean Toilet with Denture Tablets

Whether you are a housewife, a professional cleaning lady, a helpful husband or a working mother (or any other person in the world, really), you have to get your hands dirty and (help) clean your household. The household chores are often a nuisance, they take long, you get tired and dirty, and sometimes frustrated because your traditional cleaning techniques sometimes just won’t work.

People are constantly looking for new ways of completing a chore that will be cheaper, faster, and easier. They compare ways to do something, they are re-purposing cleaning materials and trying to, essentially, find ways to use something that they already have lying around the house for something else.

The ideas get really creative. Some of them are fairly obvious; however, some are almost crazy at a first glance. Take using denture tablets for cleaning toilets as an example. If you do not have dentures yourself or do not live in a house with someone who has them, this idea probably never crossed your mind.

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