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How Much Water Does It Take To Flush A Toilet?

Nowadays, most people take water consumption very lightly. But, as we are growing in numbers, over time there were some changes made to minimalize the amount of water we are spending unnecessarily.

Particularly, in this case, the question of toilet water usage by flushing is the point of discussion. So, have you ever wondered how much water is needed for a single flush of your toilet and how much does it cost you?

Is it necessary for us to try to prevent water waste, or is it convenient to just flush our toilet as many times as possible, no matter if it is needed or not?

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Toilet Bowl Not Filling with Water after Flush: Why and How to Fix

The toilet can be a quite tricky thing to fix on your own, and many of us wouldn’t even try. The reason why is because the issues with toilets are usually complicated. You would need sufficient knowledge and tools for fixing it.

But, I have good news for you. If your toilet bowl doesn’t fill up with water after flushing, you are kind of in luck! I said kind of because firstly you’ll need to determine whether the pipes are the problem or not. If they’re not, you’ll be happy to know this issue is a very easy fix.

You’ll need minimal tools, and a set of instructions I will provide you within this article.

Before we start breaking down the reasons why this happens, and how you can fix it, the first thing you need to do is to turn off your water supply! This is essential for every plumbing job you may every need to do in your home.

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How to Fix a Leaky Showerhead

Sometimes, everything is just fine, you take your usual morning (or night) shower, and all of a sudden, you are greeted with this annoying little tapping on the tub floor. And all of us generally have the talent of when trying to sound out a certain noise, it becomes more prominent and thus impossible to ignore.

This tapping noise is actually your shower head leaking. You try to tighten up the taps and it doesn’t work. Yes, you may think it’s best to leave it be, you’ll just try to tune it out and forget about it.

Therefore, many people think that while they can take normal showers they are not going to busy themselves with such a frivolous issue that is a leaking shower head.

But, while doing that you will be doing yourself a huge disservice! The main problem will be your utility bill. With constant water leaking from your shower, your bills will just get higher and higher.

Secondly, this issue can just lead to other problems, so leaving it as it is, will not resolve anything.

Before we talk about anything else we need to determine the source of the problem. So, let’s continue with a detailed description of the most common causes, and they see how to get rid of them.

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What Causes Sewage Smell in the Bathroom (and How to Prevent It)

In the house I grew up in, there were two bathrooms. The second bathroom was built rather late, and it had newer equipment and plumbing system and everything.

But, for some reason, there was a constant sewage odor coming from it.

Still, we were sure it was something wrong with our old bathroom on the first floor since it seemed obvious and logical. It was built in the ’80s; the plumbing system might have been a little outdated, and owing to gravity, all water, gases, and odors would travel down to the first floor.

Oh, how wrong we were. If only we considered other possibilities, I could have gotten rid of my pulsating headaches sooner rather than later.

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Air Gap: Installation and Importance in Plumbing

It is funny how everyone takes for granted so many little things that protect them and/or facilitates their life – clean, drinkable water being one of those things. You don’t appreciate how important it is until you don’t have it.

If you are fairly privileged, you have a constant clean water supply. This can all go away and cause contamination of clean water if you don’t have or don’t properly preserve air gaps in your home.

Such a small device is of utmost importance for our well-being. So, let’s establish what it is exactly.

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Shower Trap: What It is and How to Clean It

As a student, I lived in dorm-rooms for all of 4 years. I had fairly luxurious rooms, and every one of them had a bathroom. However, in the first year, my room smelled absolutely disgusting. I was on the first floor, and whenever someone above me would shower, sewer odors would escape from the kitchen sink and shower.

Even though I took good care of my plumbing system, cleaning it frequently and thoroughly, nothing helped the smell. Months later I found out why. Firstly, there was no p-trap installed anywhere in the building, and the building itself was quite old.

Therefore, even though I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen every 7 days, that doesn’t mean my predecessor did, right? And with all the other stress that came with moving to the new city, new school, and exams, I became resigned to the smell. I just kept my windows open.

Thankfully, I remained healthy. It should be emphasized that no one should resign to my technique.

To continue, I mentioned this interesting thing called a p-trap. Let’s see what it is.

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What is the Difference between Borescope and Endoscope?

Have you ever been in a need to examine, observe, or take a look into something hidden in the dark place or a crack, but because of the small dimensions that object was unreachable for the human eye?

When you cannot see, measure or even touch that desired place or object, you find yourself in a situation where a very small but precise light would solve all your problems.

These light sources do exist, they are greatly used in the examination, plumbing and any job which requires reaching something normally too dark and unreachable.

These sources of light are referred to as the borescope and the endoscope, and they both serve the same purpose but in a slightly different manner. So let’s see what exactly differs these two products.

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How to Turn on Handheld Shower Head

As we all know, showerheads can be handheld or fixed. On some occasions, it is more convenient to use fixed ones, but there are instances where a person wants to use a handheld showerhead.
However, there is large number of faucet types and the way you can turn it on differs from type to type. Therefore, we are going to explain everything you need to know in order to turn on handheld showerhead.

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How to Convert Fixed Shower Head to Handheld

Fixed or commonly known wall-mounted shower heads can be very reliable, easy to use and enjoyable because you can just walk right in and have a nice relaxing shower with your both hands free.

But, if you want to teach your child how to shower on his own, or you have a demanding dog whom you have to shower from close range, considering a handheld showerhead can be a very smart idea.

Let’s see how exactly can you change your fixed shower head for a handheld on your own.

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How to Remove Recessed Faucet Aerator

Have you noticed that every time you turn on your faucet the water pressure is lower than it used to be?

This is actually a quite common problem in households, and while most people’s first reaction is to call a plumber there is in fact a really simple solution to this problem.

The trick is to locate the aerator on the end of the faucet spout and remove it.

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