How to Turn on Handheld Shower Head

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As we all know, showerheads can be handheld or fixed. On some occasions, it is more convenient to use fixed ones, but there are instances where a person wants to use a handheld showerhead.

Here's how to convert a fixed showerhead to a handheld one.

However, there is large number of faucet types and the way you can turn it on differs from type to type. Therefore, we are going to explain everything you need to know in order to turn on handheld showerhead.

How to Turn on Handheld Shower Head

How to Turn on Handheld Shower Head

In the past, the most common types of faucets were double-handled shower faucets. This type has two handles for warm and hot water, as well as the diverter as a third handle.


This diverter is used to change the direction of water from the tub to the showerhead by just pulling it upwards. 

As for the handles, you simply turn the left handle clockwise for cold water, and the right one also clockwise for the cold water flowing.


For the single-handled showers, you only have one handle for both the water flow strength and temperature.

If you have this type of shower, simply pull the handle clockwise for hot water, and counterclockwise for cold. The strength of the flow is determined by how close to the maximum pull you get.

Also, some common types of shower faucets are showers with knob handles and showers with cross handles.

knob handles

For turning on the water on ones with the knob handle, rotate the handle closer to red color for hot water, or rotate it closer to blue color on the handle for cold. Adjust the flow to the showerhead by pulling the handle out.

For the cross handle shower faucet, rotate the cross right for high pressure and rotate it left for low pressure, the temperature of the water is adjusted by pulling the diverter.


Conclusion: Turning on Handheld Shower Heads

Considering just how important shower faucets can be for us, it is very convenient to know the way your type works.

Each of us has their own kind of preferred shower type, and after reading this article, hopefully, you will be able to figure out and understand how to turn the water on yours.