How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain with Bleach

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Having to deal with the clogged bathtub surely is one of the most annoying things that can happen in your bathroom.

The bathtub is definitely not usable until you get rid of the clog and that’s why you should always deal with it in a timely manner.

As we all know, there are many ways of unclogging the bathtub, but, what happens when you don’t have all the tools? Well, you can use bleach for this kind of job.

The good thing about bleach is that it can be found in any household and it is a very convenient substance for dealing with clogging.

In that light, let’s see everything you need to know in order to unclog a bathtub drain with bleach.

How does Bleach Work?

Unless you are totally bald, we all lose some hair when we shower, that’s a fact.

Now, the problem occurs when some of that hair finds its way down to the drain of our bathtub. The hair is capable of creating a very suitable environment in your bathtub drain for other particles to gather as well.

This means that you can find all sorts of stuff inside your drain that somehow got attached to the hair and then creates a clog.

So, how does bleach come in handy here?

Well, bleach is a chemical substance that is quite good when it comes to the dissolving of the hair and other particles as well.

The neutralization process that happens when bleach comes in contact with those particles is actually the thing that unclogs your bathtub drain.

And that’s how bleach works.

Now, the only question left is how to unclog a bathtub drain with bleach then? Let’s see that now.

How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain with Bleach

In order to properly unclog a bathtub drain, you will need to use eco-friendly and undiluted bleach.

For starters, eco-friendly bleach is a substance that is good for the environment but still able to dissolve hair and other nasty build-ups inside the drain.

On the other hand, undiluted bleach is a bit stronger and has some other chemical attributes. But, all in all, these two bleach types are the thing you need. So, let’s get down to business.

how to clear a clogged tub drain naturally

1. Drain your tub completely

The first thing that you need to do in order to unclog your bathtub drain with bleach is to prepare the tub. Namely, you need to make sure that your tub is completely dry.

Therefore, you need to drain all the water from the tub and the bathtub drains as well.

But, the problem occurs when the clog is so huge so the water can’t go down the drain. What should you do then?

Well, the best option here is to manually drain the water with everything you got.

So, in this case, you will need:

  • Bucket
  • Old cloth
  • Wet vacuum

Now, if there is a lot of water inside your bathtub, you should use a bucket to dismiss as much water as you can. We know that the bucket is not the most suitable tool for this kind of job, but it surely helps.

Next, when you can’t take out any more water with the bucket, you should use an old piece of cloth to gather as much water as you can.

While you gather the water with the cloth, make sure to do it until you get all the water out of the tub.

Finally, if you have a wet vacuum, that would be the best option here.

Namely, you just need to turn the vacuum on and suck all the water from the bathtub. That way, you will make sure that the bathtub is drained so you can move to the next step.

2. Use Eco-Friendly Bleach

The second thing that you need to do is to use some eco-friendly bleach.

Simply put, you will need to pour approximately 250ml of this bleach into a plastic cup. Make sure to use a plastic cup since the plastic is the best material for handling bleach.

Next, you should add a bit of water into the cup and shake it a little bit. By creating this mixture, you are making sure that every particle inside the drain will be dissolved.

3. Use Undiluted Bleach

Next on the list is the undiluted bleach. Now, use this bleach and pour it directly into the bathtub drain. Don’t hesitate to pour a good amount of bleach down the sewer.

If you pour a small amount, you will let hair and other build-up particles to survive down there and that won’t unclog your bathtub drain at all.

So, make sure to pour a fair amount of bleach.

4. Give it time

Now it is time to give it a bit of rest. This means that you need to let the bleach settle for about 15 minutes. In that time, you can clean your bathroom or your bathtub if you like.

So, after the 15 minutes passed, you can move to the next step.

5. Let hot water thorough the tub

The last thing that you need to do is to run hot water down the drain to make sure that everything is running smoothly. If the clog is still there, it is usually the best to pour the eco-friendly bleach down the drain now.

This will dissolve every particle that undiluted bleach left in the drain.

So, in other words, you will need to run hot water in your tub for 5 minutes just to make sure that everything went good.


Conclusion: Unclogging Bathtub with Bleach

Bleach is a good thing to use when you get stuck in a situation like this one. However, working with bleach is not always a good idea.

It is recommendable that you use bleach as your last option when it comes to unclogging of any drain.

Also, don’t forget to use safety gloves when working with the bleach that can be a real game-changer for sure

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