Do You Have to Use Teflon Tape on Shower Head?

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As many of you already know, a Teflon tape is a very convenient type of tape that plumbers use to seal pipe threads. Now, there are plenty of ways to use Teflon tape when it comes to fixing basically anything in the bathroom.

However, most people actually don’t know how to use this type of tape and often wonder if it’s a good idea to use it in the first place. But, we’re here to explain to you the importance of a Teflon tape and why most of the professional plumbers use it.

So, let’s first see a bit more about this tape, shall we?


Teflon Tape – A Brief Overview

Teflon tape is also known as a plumbing tape or a PTFE tape. However, most of us know it by its most popular name – the Teflon Tape.

Now, this tape is commonly used in order to seal pipe threads for a variety of plumbing jobs. The ‘’Thread Seal Tape’’ is made out of the polytetrafluoroethylene which makes it quite good when it comes to sealing pipes that are in direct contact with water.

Therefore, this type of tape is quite good when you need to seal two parts that are constantly wet or in contact with water. In some cases, plumbers even use it to seal gas leaks from the pipes.

All in all, this is one inexpensive and quite useful tape to have in your household. It can help you with most of the repairs.


Do You Have to Use Teflon Tape on Shower Head?

In most cases, shower head repairs are usually the job where you need to deal with lots of small parts and need to make sure that everything sticks together properly.

So, in general, it’s a good idea to use Teflon tape on the shower head.

However, there are some benefits as well as some downfalls of doing so. And, let us discuss all the good and the bad sides of using Teflon tape on a shower head. Let’s begin.

Benefits of Using Teflon Tape on a Shower Head

Whether you are repairing or simply installing a shower head, the use of Teflon tape is needed in some cases. And, this type of tape basically ensures that you do a good job without much effort and in a reasonable time.

Anyhow, let’s see the benefits of using Teflon tape on a shower head.



Now, Teflon tape is usually quite strong when it comes to sealing the shower head ending with the pipe. Namely, you are most likely going to use this tape on the bottom part of the shower head in order to seal it with the pipe.

And, that’s exactly the place where the Teflon tape excels when it comes to strength. You won’t need anything else in order to make sure that the pipe and the shower head are properly installed.


Once you apply the Teflon tape on the shower head, you can basically never worry about it leaking or malfunctioning in any way. That’s because the Teflon tape is made to withstand a lot of pressure which makes it quite durable and efficient in plumbing.

We all know that water can cut through any crack if it runs under high pressure, but, with the help of Teflon tape, you won’t need to worry about that.

Maximum protection 

In case you need to repair your shower head, or simply change some part inside the shower faucet, the use of Teflon tape is quite convenient. This means that Teflon tape will provide protection for the parts of the shower head that you apply it to.

So, if you need to do any repairs on the shower head, it’s highly recommended to use a Teflon tape in order to ensure every part is protected.

Helps a lot

It’s quite annoying to deal with leaks and all sorts of malfunctions when repairing or installing a shower head. That’s why you can easily put Teflon tape on the leaking point and everything will be just fine.

Besides that, Teflon tape is quite strong when it connects two parts together, and, that can sometimes help you to use your other hand rather than holding these two parts constantly.

Saves time

Last, but not least, Teflon tape will save you a lot of time in case you want to repair or install a shower head.

Now, these types of jobs are not usually that time-consuming, but, it certainly is a good idea to save some time.


Downfalls of Using a Teflon Tape on a Shower Head

As we already said something more about the benefits, let’s take a closer look at the downfall of using Teflon tape.

Not suitable for every shower head

Not all shower heads are made out of the same material. In that light, some shower heads are not that durable and therefore, the Teflon tape is not recommended to be used on them.

Usually, if you have a plastic shower head, the Teflon tape could damage some parts or even create a hole inside a shower head pipe once you try to remove it.

This is happening because the Teflon tape is strong and it won’t be easily removed from the plastic shower head.

Not easily removed 

Like in any other job, removing already applied stuff is usually annoying. And, that’s the case with Teflon tape as well.

Since it provides strong and durable protection against leaks and other stuff like that, the Teflon tape is not that easily removed.

So, you will need to use a bit of hot water or even a tape remover in order to get rid of this tape.

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Conclusion: Using Teflon Tape on Shower Head – Should You?

As we can see, Teflon tape ensures lots of benefits when it comes to any plumbing job. However, using it on a shower head requires you to know a bit more about plumbing and this type of job in general.

All in all, it’s safe to say that Teflon tape is convenient for shower heads no matter the occasion.