Does WD-40 Clean Toilets? (And Other Uses)

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Are you fed up with searching for so many products which are able to clean even the dirtiest areas?  How often have you wasted your time, trying to thoroughly scrub all the dirt with no good effects?

Rest easy, because this product will save your life! With this, you won't need a cleaning expert because this product will do it for you in seconds.

There are so many people who, when cleaning, wish for a saint to answer their call, but this product is much more effective and so easy to use.

I bet you've heard of WD-40. I also bet you've never imagined that this small trick could work or that it can transform your toilet and do wonders. 

We will tackle the problem in no time, but, first, let us talk about why these stains appear in the first place and other purposes that this product is so good at.

does wd 40 clean toilets

What Causes Stains on Toilet 

It may seem to us that no matter how much we clean them, toilet blotches just keep showing up. Indeed, in time, these can become a major problem.

There are some people who regularly clean their toilets, and there are those who don't. Naturally, when we don't take care of it, these stains dry and are harder to deal with.

If we don't take care of them right away, these can stick to the toilet so hard that it's almost impossible to remove them.

It is normal to get them from time to time, and we should clean them weekly, otherwise, we will have a major problem.

There are a few causes of toilet stains, and we should mention the most frequent:

1. Hard water 

Most of these appear due to hard water, so it is advisable to check into a soft water boiler if these are the problem.

2. Brown stains

There are also red-brown decay stains which appear because of iron present in water.


3. Blue-green bleaches

These can appear because of low acid water.

4. Black stains

Last, but not least, these can be caused by bacteria, which is why you can smell a nasty odor.

How to prevent this

Many people waste their time, trying to scrub these stains, with no result. Most people don't know that, while you are scrubbing with toxic chemicals, you are slowly ruining your toilet.

This constant rubbing can damage our toilets, and thus remove their shine. However, there are a few ways which can help you prevent this from happening.

chemicals to unclog a toilet

First of all, the best thing you can do to remove the stains is to use soft water.

Also, although it may seem like an easy solution, don't put anything greasy. Wait for some time and then put it in the trash.

If you don't wish to constantly use chemicals, try boiling some water, then mix it with salt and spill it down the toilet.

Finally, instead of buying chemicals, you can also try baking soda. Put it in the toilet, wait for some time, and then rinse using a toilet brush.

The Easiest Step: WD-40

Now that we have checked all the possible ways of cleaning your toilet, we should talk about the most effective one. The one we have all been waiting for. First, let's talk about this product and many ways you can use it.

What Is WD-40?

WD-40 or Water Displacement was made back in 1953 to prevent corrosion. Today, it is widely used in so many ways. Many houses have it, and they use it for many purposes.

This product is amazing because it can do many things. For example, it can remove stickers, chewing gum, help a stuck ring to slip off, remove mud, prevent rust and so on and so forth.


List of  WD-40 Uses

1. Chewing gum

Let's admit, this has already happened to everybody. We either step on chewing gum or it gets stuck in our hair. 

To resolve this, you can spray it on your hair and then comb it. It can save your hair from being cut off!

2. Wicked stickers

Children and even adults can buy a sticker which seems impossible to get off. This is where you can use WD-40 to easily remove it.

Apply a small amount to loosen it up, then use soap and a cloth.

3. Clear dog mess

Dog owners are well aware of this problem. It can be a pain, mostly when it ends up in the most unexpected places.

This product will let you remove this mess, without leaving any traces. Just spray it on and wipe it away.

4. A stuck ring

We have all been here. Our skin can get sweaty in the heat, and expand, making it almost impossible to remove a ring.

In this situation, WD-40 can help you remove it right away.

And if this doesn't work, simply put your hands in the water for some time and it will remove.

5. Mud

Whether it's raining or not, we can find mud in many places. If in hurry, you can use it to easily clean any kind of mud. It will save you hours from cleaning.

6. Car

Regular driving in many places can make our car dirty, and using a good product can be very handy. This is when you can use WD-40 to clean your interior or windows.

Does WD-40 clean toilets?

We have finally come to the main topic, and that is, whether this product truly cleans toilet stains.  Now, I'll let you know a simple way to use it.

With WD-40, you can remove blemishes from the toilet with little effort. You can do so by applying it in for a minute or a few and then just scrubbing it with a toilet brush and flush. Voila! Your toilet will be as bright as day.


The liquid in the WD-40 will help soften the gunk and lime. In such an easy way you can keep your toilet sanitary, stain-free and deodorized.

The key here is that you don't need to use much of it just to get rid of the dirt someone had made. Just spray it once or twice, wait for a minute or two, and then brush it away.

If you have tougher stains, you may want to use it two or three times more. However, when you successfully remove those nasty water stains, you can use WD-40 every two or three weeks.

This product is safe to use as it contains fish oil, so you can also keep using regular cleaner in between.

Can You Use WD-40 If You Have A Septic System?

The answer is, unfortunately, no. It should not be used if you have a septic system. Using it can be quite dangerous.

In this way, you can deliver it into somebody's drinking water reservoir which can be very toxic. It can be tough to remove it afterward, and it can be bad for other people.

What you can do, is simply use regular toilet bowl cleaner instead.

No help

Another problem which may occur is that your toilet is simply too old for any product to work. Although WD-40 is amazing, it may not work out for everybody.

Normally, all of us scrub and use various cleaners to try and clean all the dirt over the years. However, these might have worn away the protective finish.

If none of these help you, then you should buy a new toilet.

Final Word: Does WD-40 Clean Toilets?

We know that keeping your toilet bowl clean is a chore and can be a battle. WD-40 can perform many tasks and remove many stains which is why it is so good.

After this, instead of flooding the bathroom and making the situation worse you will get a sparkling toilet in minutes. Your bathroom is an important part of your home and should be handled with care.