Chemicals to Unclog a Toilet: Which are the Best?

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As toilet unclogging certainly is not the most pleasant duty we have to finish, we want it to be as easier and quicker as possible.

If the problem seems to be a stubborn one, we cannot make it disappear in a few minutes. What we need are the right chemicals to unclog a toilet.

There are many products available, each of them offering a solution to this nasty problem. But how can we be sure that we will pick the right one? 

When choosing a product, pay attention to its ingredients. Make sure you chose as little hazardous as possible because your health matters more in the first place.

Moreover, an eco-friendly product will be less harmful to the environment.

Without further ado, we compiled this list to make your choice easier.

chemicals to unclog a toilet

The best chemicals to unclog a toilet 

Green Gobbler

This revolutionary formula in Green Gobbler makes this product biodegradable and safe to use, offering a very effective solution to the blocked drains.

The bottle consists of two compartments, each containing a different type of liquid for various kinds of clogs. It rapidly dissolves persistent obstructions of organic origin, such as those made of hair, fats and similar.

If you are more into “drop and flush” options, have no worries, Green Gobbler has them too! This Septic Saver is a compact pod you just simply drop into the toilet once a month.

You do it even when there are no clogs, for the sake of preventive maintenance. This product contains enzymes and bacteria which break down the clogs and turn them into liquids.

Moreover, Septic Saver prevents backups and overflows and is also an odor neutralizer. If you are techy, you are gonna love this part! You can download an app to remind you when to reuse the product.

To continue with suggestions from the same manufacturer, we would like to mention Main Opener as one of the useful options in dealing with blocked drains.

This non-caustic and non-corrosive formula of high-density sticks to the walls of pipes and changes the pH level. That leads to dissolved obstruction.

Dissolve Gel (again by Green Gobbler) is a safe product which won’t damage the pipes but will solve the problem effectively. It’s easy to use and it works within a couple of minutes.

This ultra-thick gel keeps the pipes and drains free-flowing, clearing and liquifying any organic clog that blocked the passage.

Professor Amos

The main virtue of Super-Fast Drain Cleaner is its multi-practical application. This means you can use it not only in toilets but in many types of drains.

Being very powerful it fights with various kinds of build-ups, such as those deriving from food, hair, and grease. It works for debris as well.

Liquid Plumr

This Liquid-Plumr is designed to destroy clogs and prevent them from reappearing if used on regular basis, which means once a month.

By cutting through standing water, it unclogs the pipes and protects them. It deals with different clogs, and you can use it in the kitchen as well as in garbage disposal.


Drano gel offers a special thick formula which is safe for all kinds of septic systems and won’t damage them when used overnight.

It protects them from corrosion and dissolves the most persistent blocks. The product doesn’t contain phosphorus.


Containing active cultures, Flo-Zyme digest organic waste and neutralizes all kinds of odor.

The liquid is powerful enough to liquify the most solid obstruction. Moreover, it’s certified salmonella-free.


ProClean has NSF certification, which means it safe to use this product around areas where food is prepared. It coats the pipes’ inside, preventing the drains from re-clogging.

The bottle is an easy-pour, equipped with a measuring cap which makes the product simple to use and apply.


Zep Powder is an enzyme-based product which is safe to use for any types of plumbs and septic systems. The formula is strong enough to fight and remove heavy clogs built up over a longer period of time.

Another suggestion from the same manufacturer, but this time it’s liquid. Zep Remover dissolves clogs that acquired over a longer period of time.

The biodegradable formula is safe for various kinds of tanks, and you can use this product in multiple places.

Helix Laboratories

Containing microbes that are environmentally friendly, DrainScrub is a product recommended by plumbers.

Comparing to many other products used for the same purpose, this one contains twice the number of bacteria and enzymes.

The product is packed with micronutrients which definitely increases the chances that it will work effectively. Besides fighting clogs, it also neutralizes odors.


RID-X Treatment is a strong and powerful product which can break up the heaviest obstructions, such as those which consist of toilet paper, hair, dirt, grease etc.

It prevents overflowing and keeps the good bacteria, which some heavy chemicals usually neutralize.

The product works best if you apply it once a month because that way you protect the pipes and keep them in good shape.

Containing only enzymes and bacteria, this one has certification of safety as a bio-based product.

Black Diamond Stoneworks

As the name itself implies Get Serious is really serious about breaking down the nasty waste. It also prevents back-ups and maintains the free-flowing system.

Billions of active bacteria are in charge of fixing the clogged toilet issue. This one is safe for all types of tanks and pipes.

Roebic Laboratories

This Roebic Cleaner is a powerful product which breaks all the waste completely naturally, by digesting them.

It dissolves paper, grease, and fats, and it is safe for all types of pipes. The product is very easy to use.

Using the power of aerobic bacteria, this Tank Treatment By Roebic is biodegradable and environmentally safe. The formula has the power to digest paper and it is resistant to detergents and soaps.

Instant Power

Septic Shock will literally shock the clogs and digest them. It is effective with paper, grease and soap block.

The product contains various bacteria and enzymes which can unclog and deodorize the toilet. It’s quite simple to use it- just pour the liquid directly into the toilet and flush it.

More on fighting clogs

Now that you have this handy list to help you, it will make the choice much easier. Or it won’t?

When solving (or dissolving) a clogged toilet problem, you need to use some sort of strategy. Let’s say a smart approach. Normally the first thing to do is try flushing the toilet or using a plunger.

The next step is usually some DIY mixtures which can be helpful and effective.

However, if the thing that caused the block is some kind of object, then using a liquid, powder, gel or whatsoever won’t be of help.

This is very important to note, as you cannot expect any of these products to disintegrate a toy, a comb or a small bottle that ended up in the toilet accidentally.

These formulas are designed to fight clogs that are of organic origin.

Toilet Clogged with Toilet Paper

For physical obstacles, you need a wire coat hanger, a drain snake or a wet/dry cleaner to pull the object out. If the problem is beyond the powers of some methods you can apply on your own, then calling a plumber is the option.

When choosing the right product for the problem, carefully read the labels. See which are ingredients and read the instruction on how to use it.

Some of them work instantly while the others need to be left overnight. Some of the products you can use on daily, while there are those which are applied on monthly basis.

All in all, only when you know what was the cause of the problem you can get down to fixing it. All of these products are indeed great, and if you use them as written, they will give their maximum.

How to Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger or Snake

In order to minimize the possibility for clogs to come back, use them as prevention. It is much better to maintain the pipes clean and clear than to wait for some major issue to occur.

Final Word: Chemicals to Unclog a Toilet

As you can see, we have really done our best to collect as many different products as possible to make your choice easier.

They are mainly enzyme and bacteria- based because using natural products which won’t harm your health and the environment is very important.

Even though reaching for heavy chemicals is somehow unconsciously the first choice people usually make, here you can see that there are many safer alternatives which you should consider. It’s not always about money, but using something that’s safer.

Now that you know which are the best chemicals to unclog a toilet, this nasty chore will definitely become less nasty.

When something has to be done, it has to be done, but knowing which are the right means is of great importance.