Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Drains with Coke

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If I made a list of things that annoy me the most, clogged drains in my kitchen and bathroom would definitely make it to the top five. That’s why regular cleaning of the drains is very important if you want to prevent the clogging in the future. One of my favourite tricks is cleaning drains with coke.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of washing dishes or taking a bath and having to stop and wait for the water to leave the sink or shower before continuing.

Not only is it time consuming and inconvenient, but clogged drains can also provoke serious problems with your pipes and extremely bad smells that are caused by food, grease and hair residue that decided to stick to the walls of the pipes, decrease the water flow and eventually clog the drains completely.


What to use to unclog and clean the drains 

Other than using the products you can find in a store that are full of chemicals and strong ingredients that could damage the piping, you can use many other alternative ways to unclog and clean the drains.

A lot of people, including myself, avoid using strong chemicals in their drains.

Once, I used a store bought solution so strong that it damaged and broke my PVC pipes in the kitchen.

After a huge mess and after spending a lot of money to have it fixed, I decided to explore less aggressive but equally efficient ways to clean my drains.

How-to-Unclog a Toilet with Baking Soda

So, other than using a drain snake, a plunger, baking soda and other similar things that can be found in any household, I have discovered that cleaning drains with coke can do the same job in a matter of minutes.

That’s why I want to share this trick with you, hoping it will help you keep your pipes and drains in optimal condition.

Cleaning drains with coke: Is it Possible?

There are many different opinions when it comes to drinking Coca-Cola. While the majority of people adores its fresh and sweet taste, lately there is an increasing number of people that avoids drinking it due to the numerous researches that have proven how bad it actually is for our health and organs.

However, even if you don’t drink it, you’ll be able to see its benefits when it comes to its cleaning properties. It’s amazing what you could clean with just a can of Coca-Cola. It can get rid of oil, blood and marker stains, as well as clean your toilet and remove limescale.


One of my favourite uses of this beverage is drain cleaning both in the kitchen and bathroom. I’ve noticed that, if I clean drains with coke at least once a month, my drains become cleaner and don’t clog as much as before. It also leaves a nice, fresh smell which is also great.

How to Clean Drains with Coke

In order for you to have the same results, I’m going to explain in detail how to clean your drains with a bottle of coke. Even though the process is really simple, some steps shouldn’t be skipped if you want the best results.

1. Remove large objects from the drain

With a flashlight, check the drain for any of the larger food pieces or anything else that can be manually removed. Don’t forget to wear gloves. Then use tweezers and carefully remove those objects.

Check again very well and keep removing until the drain is free of large pieces.

2. Time for Coca-Cola

Depending on the amount of food, grease and hair residue in the pipe, decide how much coke you should use. I recommend using a bottle of 2 litres just in case the clog is deeper. Pour the coke inside the drain carefully to avoid splashing it everywhere around the sink or a tub.

Be extremely careful if your tub or shower is white because coke could leave some stains on the ceramics because of its colour. That’s why it’s important to pour it directly into the drain and not around it.


Also, Coca-Cola should have the room temperature so don’t pour cold coke inside the drain.

3. Keep an eye on the foam 

While adding Coca-Cola, you need to be patient because the foam of the beverage will raise and try to come out from the drain. Add the beverage in sections, always making sure that the foam stays inside the pipes.

4. Let it sit and then rinse

Ideally, you will need to leave coke in the drain overnight for better results. Coca-Cola will melt all of the residue that’s stuck inside the pipes which will allow the water to rinse it off easily. In the morning, run how water for five to ten minutes directly down the drain.


The water should be hot because Coca-Cola is full of sugar which makes this beverage very sticky. So, if you don’t rinse the drain with very hot water, the sugar won’t be able to melt, and you’ll make a bigger mess because the pipes will stay sticky and retain residue even more.

5. Use a brush (optional)

Before rinsing the drain, if you want, you can use a brush with a long handle to scrub inside the pipes. If you believe it will be more efficient, you can safely do this step but be sure to wear gloves and scrub the pipes gently to prevent any damage.

6. Repeat

After the first time, you should already notice the improvement. If, however, your drain was seriously clogged, you’ll probably need to repeat everything until the water is running down the drain without the obstacles.

Why is coke so efficient?

I’m sure many of you have seen what a glass of coke does to a rusty screw or any other metal if you leave it in the glass overnight. The rust will be completely gone, and the screw will look as good and shiny as new.

Also, if you use Coca-Cola on any other stains and limescale inside the toilet, you’ll notice it’s eating the stains leaving everything clean and shiny.

That’s because of the phosphoric acid inside the beverage that melts any stubborn stain as well as food, hair and grease residue on the walls of the pipes.


I know, it doesn’t sound attractive, but it’s really efficient and easy to use! Plus, a bottle of coke is very affordable, so if you compare its price to the unclogging products you can find in stores, I’d say that the choice is pretty obvious.

Other alternatives 

Even though this post is dedicated to cleaning drains with coke, I’m going to mention a few other options just in case you’re unable to get Coca-Cola and have some other things that can be used for the same purpose.

Baking soda + vinegar This mixture is also very efficient when it comes to cleaning drains from residues. Pour a half of cup of baking soda down the drain and then add a cup of a mix of warm water and white vinegar. Let it sit for one hour and then rinse with hot water.

Use snakes and plungers – Even though this can be time-consuming and a bit exhausting to do, it’s the oldest and simplest way of unclogging the drains. When using a drain snake be careful not to damage the pipes or call a plumber if you don’t have any previous experience.

Final Word : Cleaning Drains with Coke

As you can see, cleaning drains with coke is very practical, efficient and so affordable. All you need is a bottle of coke, and your drains will be clean and unclogged.

What are your thoughts on using alternative ways for cleaning kitchen and bathroom drains? Have you already tried cleaning drains with coke? Share your opinion and tricks with me!