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Best Drain Cleaner Review 2021 with Buying Guide

Having a clogged drain is extremely common in everyday life, and it can be quite a nuisance.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you see a clogged drain is to try all means possible to unclog it.

This may involve a number of crazy ideas such as using a bent wire hanger, – I know we have all tried this one, where you bend one side of the wire to create a hook, and push it through the drain, or using a solution of baking soda and vinegar which you pour down the drain in order to try and unclog it, or the most common one which is use of a plunger.

When everything fails, calling in a plumber is normally the next option.

Now, all of these are good methods, but they only give you temporary results, and chances are that the drain will clog again in a few days unless you use the right products that will completely eradicate this problem permanently.

A good quality drain cleaner is the best product to use for clogged drains. It will unclog your drain and keep it clog free for a long time.

I have used drain cleaners before and I must say, my life is much better. My kitchen sink used to clog almost every day, and I would use lots of energy trying to unclog it with my plunger to no avail. I finally decided to use a drain cleaner and I have never looked back. This is why I have decided to write this review on the best drain cleaner.

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Best Drain Cleaner for Tub Reviews 2021

Most people try all sorts of methods to get rid of the overflowing water in the tub, which if you are not careful may overflow to the entire house. You may try using a plunger, a drain snake, or even calling the plumber, but, the best and most effective method of getting rid of clogs in your bathtub would be to use a good quality drain cleaner.

Drain cleaners work because the chemical in them dissolves and liquefies all sorts of scum, regardless of what it could be. Here are some of the best drain cleaners for your tub:

best drain cleaner for shower

Best Drain Cleaner for Shower 2021: Reviews and Buying Guide

Showers definitely do get clogged often, due to the following:

Soap scum, hair, paper towels, and other substances you are probably not even aware of.

Now, dealing with a water-filled shower, with no idea what is causing the clog can be such an icky affair that most people prefer to just call the plumber. I mean you would rather pay someone to do the job for you, rather than getting down and dirty, trying to remove whatever substances are causing the blockage.

Here is the thing, for shower drains, especially in a house full of people, you will be calling a plumber every now and again, and you may probably make him very rich from this process.

In order to avoid all of this mess and spending an obscene amount of money every month on plumbing services, the best thing would be to invest in a good quality drain cleaner.

best drain cleaner review

Best Liquid Drain Cleaner Reviews 2021

Most people prefer using liquid drain cleaners because they only require you to pour it down the drain and wait for them to work.

They also do a quick job of clearing any obstructions from your drains. What the liquid does is to create a chemical reaction that dissolves the substances causing the clog. Once the elements are eliminated, you simply need to pour water down the sink and the problem is solved.

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Homemade Drain Cleaner For Hair Clogs: Natural Hair Dissolver

Losing your hair is totally normal, and especially if you have long hair, you should know the struggle when it come cleaning.

Especially in the bathroom, our hair will basically stick to anything. And, one of the most annoying places to have hair build-ups is definitely drain pipes.

The hair is definitely the number one reason why your drain pipes are clogged. Furthermore, hair build-ups are also a bolster that can allow other stuff to accumulate and clog your drains.

That’s why we need to deal with hair build-ups as soon as possible. So, let’s see how.


Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Drains with Coke

If I made a list of things that annoy me the most, clogged drains in my kitchen and bathroom would definitely make it to the top five. That’s why regular cleaning of the drains is very important if you want to prevent the clogging in the future. One of my favourite tricks is cleaning drains with coke.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of washing dishes or taking a bath and having to stop and wait for the water to leave the sink or shower before continuing.

Not only is it time consuming and inconvenient, but clogged drains can also provoke serious problems with your pipes and extremely bad smells that are caused by food, grease and hair residue that decided to stick to the walls of the pipes, decrease the water flow and eventually clog the drains completely.


Can You Put Drain Cleaner in a Garbage Disposal?

From time to time we all have that moment. It simply slips from our minds that somewhere in the fridge we have a plate full of something. Something that used to be edible food, but the more time goes by, the more it turns into something alien-like.

Well, the THING won’t disintegrate itself, it’s up to YOU to do something. What is the best way to get rid of it? Garbage disposal, of course!

But, if the nasty things make the disposal dirty, greasy or clogged – how do you clean it? Can you put drain cleaner in a garbage disposal?

Here’s the chance to find out what is the safest and smartest way to maintain the cleanliness and overall hygiene of the drain at some desirable level.

We shall share the most common dos and don’ts with you so that you know what is and what is not advisable to do when it comes to cleaning the drain. If you take care of it properly, you will prevent not only clogging but those unpleasant smells as well.


Drano vs. Liquid-Plumr: Which is Better?

Since drains can clog several times during a year, almost everyone wants to avoid calling a plumber and needs something that will clean the pipes quickly and thoroughly. In this post, I will discuss and compare two of the most popular and most used products that will effectively clean the pipes in your home and save you the trouble and stress.

I will write about Drano and Liquid-Plumr, compare them and talk about similarities, differences, precaution measures, and every detail you should know about both of these products, in order to help you decide which one would be the best purchase for the clogged drains in your kitchen or bathroom.

drano max build up remover

Drano Max Build Up Remover: An In-Depth Review

You know what – unclogging the blocked pipes is not quite the most exciting thing you can do, but still, it has to be done.

We all want to have it finished as soon as possible, but sometimes it just won’t do. Either there is too much grease and dirt inside, or the product is not suitable.

So, WHAT do we do? Use more aggressive chemicals? Absolutely no! When pipes get too blocked and hard to clean, some natural solutions turn to be just the thing you need. Something like Drano max build up remover.

What is it? How does this one work? Is it safe to use it? How do I apply it? These are some of the questions, and we have done our best to give you the answers so that you see why is this a good choice for you!


Drano Dual Force Foamer: An In-Depth Review

We are all aware that fighting clogs in pipes is not on the list of the most interesting household chores, but you cannot just ignore it.

I mean, you can, but that leads to more and more clogs, and that turns into a nasty headache. People think that the best solutions are products packed with numerous heavy chemicals, but they actually aren’t.

Instead of reaching for some hazardous liquids, we should look for some less harmful products. You need to find products which have all these ingredients well balanced.

That means you they should perform well with as minimum additional issues as possible.

When you start researching which are those, you will see that Drano dual force foamer is a frequently mentioned one. What’s the secret of this product? What makes it so outstanding compared to so many others?