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How to Clean Calcium Buildup in Urinals

Some people call them standing toilets, some sanitary plumbing fixtures, and most people call it a urinal. These things have been known in the male world as chit-chat makers, considering they put together men in a rather awkward situation, which often results in them making small talk to reduce the awkwardness.

For some men, it makes going to the bathroom more effective while others still prefer privacy and always pass on the urinal options. Like everything in the bathroom, the urinal will get dirty sometimes and you will need to know how to clean it.

Before panicking after noticing that your urinal is dirty and smelly and spending money on a completely new one – relax and keep reading, we have simple solutions for you.

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How to Remove Rust Stains from Toilet Bowl Naturally

When it comes to bathrooms, I suppose that we all have one thing in common – all of us love to have their bathrooms clean and shiny. But, in reality, the fact is that rust stains make it difficult to keep your toilet shiny white.

The rust stains are results of the water’s content. The more a toilet bowl is used, the bigger the chance is that red-brown rust stains will appear in it. And, of course, the longer the rust stains stay in the toilet bowl, the harder it will be for you to remove them.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to remove rust stains from toilet bowl completely – and guess what? All of them use only natural ingredients.

After reading this article, you will get some new ideas about how to remove rust stains and you will not need to buy those expensive products full of harmful chemicals.

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How to Remove Urine Stains from Toilet Seat

Since all of our toilet seats are exposed to urine, we should all know how to clean them.

Let’s be honest here, these stains are formed all the time accidentally. The more traffic there is in the bathroom, meaning the more people use it, the bigger the chances for those people to stain the toilet seat with urine.

The longer that stain stays on the toilet seat, the more time it has to form itself into a smelly hard stain with bacteria.

Quickly cleaning up might help prevent staining and odor, but if you leave it sitting there, it can become quite uncomfortable to see and to smell.

Whether you are working as a toilet cleaner in a restaurant or a school, or you’re just looking for a piece of advice on how to do this in your own home – you will benefit from reading this article.

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How to Clean a Badly Stained Toilet

If you’ve ever wondered how to clean a badly stained toilet and if that’s even possible, I can tell you that removing the stains can be quite of a challenge but if you follow the steps I’m about to share with you, the job will be a bit easier since there’s nothing worse than having a dirty and stained toilet bowl.

Other than bacteria that these stains contain, they also look very nasty, so you probably felt ashamed whenever you had guests.

Whether we talk about urine stain, faeces, limescale, mould etc., these stains can be really stubborn and difficult to remove no matter how strong of a solution you use.

However, if you follow these simple steps, you’ll learn how to clean a badly stained toilet in no time!

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10 Coca-Cola Cleaning Uses That May Surprise You

As you all know, Coca-Cola is the beverage the majority of us know and love even though we know that drinking Coca-Cola isn’t the best thing for our health. It’s tasty and refreshing, and that’s why it has stayed the one of the most popular beverage in the world for decades.

I’m sure that, other than drinking it, a lot of you have tried to use Coca-Cola for other purposes, such as defrosting a windshield, getting rid of a gum in your hair and many other cleaning purposes, whether you have discovered it accidentally by spilling the beverage and noticing it could get rid of the stains, or you simply wanted to experiment, and it was successful.

And while it’s known that Coca-Cola can unclog the drains in a matter of minutes better than the majority of unclogging products on the market, it can clean a lot more than that. So, if you avoid drinking this beverage, you can at least use it as an efficient and affordable cleaning product.

So, without further ado, I’m going to describe all of the cleaning uses of Coca-Cola that I know of.

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Does Cleaning Toilet Bowl with Vinegar and Baking Soda Work?

Hooray, it’s cleaning time!

No matter how hard it seems sometimes or how lazy we often feel when we are supposed to start cleaning, there is no better feeling the world than having your entire house cleaned.

There is just something that gives you peace after the hard day of work in your favorite sofa, now clean more than ever.

To be fair, cleaning your living room is probably not a thing that gives you nightmares or keeps your procrastinating. We all have that one room or that one thing in our household we avoid cleaning, and for most people – it’s the toilet.

Of course, the toilet gets dirty, as well as all the other parts of our home. Then what holds us back from cleaning it more often and with at least a bit more joy? Probably the fact that we are unfamiliar with the best method for cleaning it.

We value family and healthy life and therefore spend most of the time finding the best ways to improve our surroundings. We’ve discovered what’s the best way to clean your toilet bowl, and we’ll explain to you how to use vinegar and baking soda to ensure that your toilet bowl is clean. Let’s start!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Cleaning Drains with Coke

If I made a list of things that annoy me the most, clogged drains in my kitchen and bathroom would definitely make it to the top five. That’s why regular cleaning of the drains is very important if you want to prevent the clogging in the future. One of my favourite tricks is cleaning drains with coke.

There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of washing dishes or taking a bath and having to stop and wait for the water to leave the sink or shower before continuing.

Not only is it time consuming and inconvenient, but clogged drains can also provoke serious problems with your pipes and extremely bad smells that are caused by food, grease and hair residue that decided to stick to the walls of the pipes, decrease the water flow and eventually clog the drains completely.

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How to Clean Toilet with Denture Tablets

Whether you are a housewife, a professional cleaning lady, a helpful husband or a working mother (or any other person in the world, really), you have to get your hands dirty and (help) clean your household. The household chores are often a nuisance, they take long, you get tired and dirty, and sometimes frustrated because your traditional cleaning techniques sometimes just won’t work.

People are constantly looking for new ways of completing a chore that will be cheaper, faster, and easier. They compare ways to do something, they are re-purposing cleaning materials and trying to, essentially, find ways to use something that they already have lying around the house for something else.

The ideas get really creative. Some of them are fairly obvious; however, some are almost crazy at a first glance. Take using denture tablets for cleaning toilets as an example. If you do not have dentures yourself or do not live in a house with someone who has them, this idea probably never crossed your mind.

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Can I Use Vinegar to Clean Toilet Tank?

It seems like a science (you need to finish some special university to understand) when it comes to realizing what can be used in cleaning the toilet and what will cause harm to it.

It’s inevitable – every part of the toilet (as well as any other part of any other room) gets dirty.

Starting from the dust, over the stains and leaks, over to bacteria – they will all become residents of your toilet and if you want to keep you and your family safe and healthy, you have to know the best way to get rid of these germs.

It’s not a big secret that people have doubts and insecurities when it comes to choosing the best method for cleaning their toilet. One of the questions that pop out the most is:

“Can I use vinegar to clean toilet tank?” In this article, we answer this question and explain in details what you should in order to keep your toilet tank clean and clear. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

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14 Uses of Baking Soda and Vinegar for Cleaning

Baking soda is magic. It can, without a doubt, erase any trace of anything undesirable from all kinds of things.

Baking soda removes what is unnecessary or anything you wish to be removed. Also, it makes unpleasant things invisible and pretty colors more alive.

And it can neutralize uncomfortable, rotten and smelly scents and pretend that they had never existed.

If you’re sometimes worried about spilling juice, coffee or anything that can leave a stain on your carpet, you came to the right place.

Today we’re going to talk about the usage of baking soda and vinegar – the essentials of every household. These are simple life hacks that can help you and save you some money. So, pay attention.

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