Why Are There So Few Female Plumbers?

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The plumbing industry in the United States is predominantly male-dominated. Why do so few women pursue this career?

There are so few female plumbers because plumbing is believed to entail physical work that only men can do. Getting hired can also be a problem as traditional employers may not trust women with the work. And the number of youths interested in plumbing is low and some don’t believe they can be great plumbers.

In addition, the plumbing industry is mostly male-dominated, and the reasons why are not too difficult to understand.

Plumbing is a physically demanding job that can be strenuous and dirty that can negatively affect one’s body in the short and long term. Many women might find the work environment intimidating as well.

What Percentage of Plumbers Are Female?

According to a recent report by Bud’s Plumbing, there has been over a 2% increase in the number of females in trades. Furthermore, this number has been rising every year. There is also a high demand for plumbers in the present world thus this profession encounters a labor gap.

There is no doubt the world plumbing council plus other main associations have reached out to women as an aid to fill the space. Besides, in the recent past, lots of females have benefited from the initial demand for female plumbers. The feminine approach has been witnessed and this is what many female customers prefer.

They feel comfortable working with women plumbers in their residences. With this creative habit, the women in this profession are succeeding as they come up with new concepts.

How Can Employers Attract the Women Into Plumbing?

Employers can attract women into plumbing through the following ways;

Ensure There Is a Favourable Working Environment

Employers should ensure there are plumbing devices designed in favor of the females. Also, there is a need for proper working attire, accessible washrooms, and sanitary towels.

Stop Gender Isolation

This is important as it brings the women together. When you hire many women you allow the female plumbers to have colleagues of the same gender they can associate with. Take note that with gender isolation, there can be an increased vulnerability in workplaces.

And this may affect the performance of the employees involved.

Provide Flexible Working Hours

Though this is not specific to gender, it’s also crucial. When you are committed to your staffs’ personal lives without compromising their duties, this is a sign of serious concern. This can help improve the entire work setting.

Fight Harassment and Have Communication Channels for All

Employers should ensure there is a policy about sexual harassment on the company’s records. They need to create awareness about discrimination and let the staffs realize it is improper. Communication channels also need to be open for every staff member who reports issues of safety and health.

Why Are There So Few Female Plumbers?

There are several reasons as to why the female plumbers are few. Let’s look at some of them;

It’s Believed Plumbing Involves Manual Labor

Most people do believe the men go for plumbing because it entails some physical labor. And that there is a possibility of getting into a confrontation in case the job isn’t done as intended. However, this doesn’t imply the task is only suitable for males.

The truth is, if an emergency arises like the leaking of pipes, nobody is going to mind about the gender of the person fixing it.

Reduced Number of Youths Interested In Plumbing

Women have gone through discrimination, rejection, and mistrust in this industry. And there is no doubt about it. Still, it is a profession that is rarely approached by women.

The number of youthful women who opt for plumbing has also dropped. This is because the percentage of the young enthusiastic about trades has also reduced.

Not Getting Hired

Some of the plumbing shops don’t hire women. And if yours is among them then you should reconsider your decision. You need to not only view the female plumbers as those who are not capable of carrying out plumbing tasks like the men.

However, regard them as being more valuable to your business. As they can even bring new suggestions that can help you grow. Most of the women who choose this career are comfortable with it and you can allow them to showcase their skills.

Even the female clients do prefer having fellow women provide the services in their homes. Moreover, at times, the men can be so aggressive as they try to make their point. And as for the women, they have great skills regarding problem-solving and they can help out.

Though it’s very hard to get a client who doesn’t appreciate your work if you perfectly do what they need. This is regardless of being a female or a male.

Having Negative Thoughts

There can be challenges that are hardly specific to female plumbers. Plus, most of them can arise when you allow yourself to believe you are not fit enough for the task you tackle.

However, you need to understand that no one is perfect and at times you have to struggle with what you are doing.

How Can The Future Female Plumbers Prepare for Advancements

There are lots of ways the future generation can prepare for advancements since It’s apparent there’s a shift in this industry. Here are some of the ways female plumbers can get ready for growth;

Have Confidence

Sadly, most women do not dare to speak up when they’re the only few among the many men in a room. Nevertheless, this should not be the case. Consider speaking up so others may hear you out.

Ensure You are Goal Oriented

It is vital to have an ambition and objective for your job. Although there can be some concerns, when you have a goal, you will be on the right track. This is despite self-criticism and excuses that you may feel when you are an exception in a men-dominated career.

Do Not Go Silent

Consider challenging any of the gender biases and stereotyping you notice. You do not need to be so aggressive, all you can do is have an open and positive conversation about the given topic. Also, invite the others to challenge their probable biases.

Be Proud of Your Accomplishments

You need to be excited about whatever you achieve in your career. This will strengthen your self-esteem and therefore, ensure you do it frequently.

How Many Female Plumbers Are There in the USA?

Female plumbers in the USA are less than 10 percent. This makes them very few in the industry compared to more than 90 percent of the males. The number of women has been low for the past years, in 2010 and 2013 there was less than two percent of the plumbers.

And with the current year’s the industry is growing. Thus, indicating that women need this career. Even though this industry is unfolding to extra females in the technician positions, there is still growth to be earned.

This is in regards to the humiliation around those women who work in this field. Besides, even if you get some help from your crew, your clients who expect more can at times be troublesome. For instance when they need a male technician.

Though, it’s not new to meet clients with such expectations. Besides, the males have been plumbers since the creation of the sewage system. And it may take a while to shift society’s expectations related to gender functions in the field service task.

Nonetheless, the women already in the industry understand the reason the others would not be eager to endure the hardship.

Besides, when a female applies for the technical position, she imagines she is going to go through a lot. And for sure, not a lot of people would be willing to endure all the tough experiences.


As a woman, you need to opt for a profession you will appreciate and even grow in. With that said, you shouldn’t entertain the preconceived beliefs of plumbing comprising more of physical labor or its the men’s tasks. This industry can benefit a lot from the skills of those getting into it.

And thus if you had plans to become a plumber then it’s time to give it a try.