What can you Pour Down a Toilet to Unclog it?

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Most of us have experienced that horrible feeling when you flush your toilet and instead of it flushing nicely, it gets clogged.

Sometimes it can also cause flooding, which only adds to our frustration, because then we have to either call a plumber or unclog the toilet ourselves and clean the entire toilet, because of all the mess that had happened.

When we do not have money for a plumber, we tend to try to resolve this issue alone, and the most common way to do it is to unclog the toilet drain with a plunger tool or some drain snake.

But, since it requires some time and things tend to get messy when this type of work is done, first we usually try to unclog the toilet by pouring certain materials into it and hope that it will work out nicely.

What can you Pour Down a Toilet to Unclog it

Well, we are here today to teach you what you could pour down a toilet in order to unclog it, what are the most common household items you could use for this and if that doesn’t do the trick, what is the best chemical alternative to the homemade remedies.

So, stick with us and let us begin!

What can you Pour Down a Toilet to Unclog it?

1. Hot Water

The first and usually the simplest solution to the clogged toilet problem is to wait for a couple of minutes, then try to flush it again. If it does not work, then you can try with boiling water before anything else.

Anyway, in order to do this, you should first boil a kettle of water and make sure you wear some protection, so you wouldn’t burn yourself and cause additional problems.

Then, what you want to do is pour down some of the water from the kettle into the toilet drain and wait a bit. Make sure not to pour all of it, because it could cause serious damage to some types of pipes, like for example, the pipes made of PVC, so you need to be careful when it comes to that.


When that is done, try flushing toilet again. If the toilet is still clogged, try to pour down some more boiled water from the kettle and try to flush the toilet again for a couple of times with a certain amount of rest intervals, like a couple of minutes.

If the problem still persists, then you might want to try out some other possible solution we have prepared here for you.

2. Dish Soap and Hot Water

If the hot water didn’t do the trick and didn’t manage to unclog the toilet, then you should try with soap, preferably a dish liquid soap and if needed, adding some hot water after it might help as well.

So, what you need to do is to take several cups of a dish liquid soap and wait a bit. Since the soap is very slippery, technically it should do the trick and make the clogged material slide down to the pipe. After some time, try flushing the toilet again and see if the deed is done.

If the toilet is still clogged, then what you want to do is add a bit of hot water after you used the soap, because it could help as well. So, make sure to boil the water, wait a couple of minutes until it is a bit cooler because fully boiled water could damage the pipes and the inner part of the toilet.


Try pouring it in cycles, for the reasons above and then try flushing the toilet again. Hopefully, hot water should get through the clogged material and push it down through now soap slippery pipes.

One thing to note is that if you do not have a dish liquid soap at that exact moment, you could also use normal soap. What you need to do then is just break it into smaller pieces and do everything the same as described above.

3. Soda for Baking and Salt

If both hot water and soap didn’t quite do the trick and managed to unclog the toilet, then it is time for some alchemy class!

What we mean by that is that it is the time for you to make your own mixture with which you could try to unclog the toilet. And of course, the king of all ingredients you might need is a baking soda.

So, what you want to do is take 1 or 2 cups of baking soda and 1 or 2 cups of salt and pour them down into the toilet, then leave it for some time. Usually, people leave it for like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

After a bit of waiting game, try flushing the toilet again and check if it is still clogged. If the problem persists, you can try using the hot water and soap again and hopefully it would do the trick.

baking soda

This method does not look pretty at all, with all the foam and fizzing. But it is an efficient way of dealing with a clogged toilet, which is eventually what you want to do.

If this method does not work, there is one more that also contains the baking soda, so let us try that one instead and hopefully, your problem will completely disappear.

4. Soda for Baking and Vinegar

Another possible solution is to, again, make your own mixture for unclogging the drains, which also contains baking soda. But instead of salt, this time you need to add some vinegar. This solution is fairly similar to the last one and is often very effective against the clogged toilet drain.

Now, when doing this, you need to take some baking soda, let’s say 1 cup of it and some vinegar, about 2 cups of the vinegar.

Then you should pour all of that down into the toilet and leave it there for some time. People usually leave it there for around 30-45 minutes. After that is done, you can try to flush the toilet again and check if the mixture you had previously made was effective and managed to unclog the pipes.


It usually works, but in case the problem is still there, you could try to pour some hot water for a couple of times with some rest intervals in between and then try flushing the toilet again to see if the deed is done this time.

These mixtures are fairly easy to make and they are not known to cause any harm to the people who use them, but of course, don’t try to drink it or to give it to your children and pets. But that is pretty obvious.

5. Enzyme Waste removal

If none of the previous methods gives any positive results in dealing with your clogged toilet problem, then you might want to look for a specialized product, which is made for dealing with this type of issues.

What you need to look for are the enzyme waste removal products. Those are types of products that contain some amount of very specific enzymes, which are used to transform the waste from solid to liquid state.

These products are generally used to clear a waste created in the septic environment, and they are often better to use than other products, like chemicals used for clearing out the drains, because enzyme waste removal products do not tend to cause any harm to the pipes or to the environment in general.


They are very easy to find and manage. You can get them in both specialized stores or in any general house-cleaning stores or online here, so you don’t have to worry about going too far away in order to get these types of products.

One thing you need to notice when using this product is that it will only get the job done if the material that caused the toilet to get clogged is made of organic matter.

So, if the clogging was caused by, for example, some children’s toy or some type of plastic, enzyme waste removal product would not quite work, because plastic is not made of organic material.

As for the instructions of how to use waste removal product, you should follow the instructions labeled on the back side of the bottle.

Enzyme Waste Removal Products

Usually, what you need to do is sip an amount of the product specified by instructions into the toilet and keep it there for some time, also specified by instructions. Usually, it should be left alone for the entire night.

After that is done, the toilet should be unclogged and you could try checking that by flushing the toilet and if the water runs smoothly, then your problem is solved.

Conclusion: So, What can you Pour Down a Toilet to Unclog it?

There you go, folks! We have gone over what you could use to unclog your toilet and resolve that very common problem. We offered several solutions, some of which works with a specific type of clogging.

If, after using all the methods above, you still have the clogged toilet problem, then what you should do is either clean the clogged material yourself, by using a plunger or a drain snake or simply call a plumber and let the professional deal with it.