Enzyme Waste Removal Products: Which are the Best?

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When looking for products for everyday use, such as those for washing your clothes or dishes, for cleaning the house, you want them to be as less hazardous as possible.

That’s why you will often see “eco-friendly” as an important parameter when choosing the above-mentioned stuff.

Here’s the chance to learn more about enzyme waste removal products. Let’s see why are they important and which are the best currently available.

Get to know the true meaning of eco-friendly

Regardless of the type of products and practices, you will often hear/read people mentioning this expression, as well as “going green” or “environmental-friendly”.

What does that really mean?  

It means that the certain product or service by itself won’t harm nature and environment in general. Moreover, conserving resources such as water and energy is one of the important aspects.

Besides that, the prevention of different kind of pollution (air, land, water) plays an important role.

So, that product/service has to be non-toxic, organic, made from recycled materials and biodegradable.


Developing eco-friendly habits both means using such products/services, and promoting their consummation to other people. That way you raise the awareness, both your own and other people’s.

The secret power of enzymes

You’ll be happy to learn that not all the bacteria are harmful, neither all of them necessarily related to sickness.

There are many different types of these, and some of them do wonders when it comes to cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, we shall now guide you through the magic science behind bio-enzymatic cleaners, the ones that are bacteria and enzyme based.

Enzyme Waste Removal Products

So, bacteria are microorganisms that can be found almost everywhere (in humans, water, dust, soil etc). Some of them are harmful (pathogenic), while the others are good (let’s take probiotics as an example).

Enzymes are produced by live bacteria, but, they themselves are not alive. They help the bacteria work properly. Their role is to speed up the reaction between bacteria and soils, making them work more efficiently. Enzymes break down complex particles helping the bacteria to consume easier.

There are four types of enzymes, each reacting with a different type of soil:

  • Lipases break down fat molecules (grease, oils).
  • Proteases dissolve protein-based soils (urine, feces, blood, wine and so on).
  • Amylases dissolve starch molecules (sugar, eggs, gravy, ice-cream...).
  • Cellulases soften the fabric and restore colors, and besides that minimize graying and pilling. What’s specific about them is that they work only on the specific material and activate only when all conditions are appropriate.

This shows that enzymes and bacteria can be used in every type of cleaning you can think of.

As you can see, what matters is that you know which one works for what, because only then those will perform properly. All it takes is soil and sufficiently dump surfaces, these cleaners will multiply and do their job.

Their “job” continues even hours and days after the initial application. However, some enzymes can work without bacteria, despite initially deriving from them.

How to choose the right enzyme waste removal product?

As you could see, knowing which enzyme works with which type of soil is essential. We shall now go through the four basic types of soils and explain what you need to have in mind for each of them.

1) Drain maintenance requires a natural product which will break down various organic materials such as grease, scum, and fats.

They are the most common causes why plumbing clogs. That’s where all the odors come from. The goal is to find a safe and gentle product which will enable free-flowing.


2) Restroom surfaces are full of hard-to-reach crevices and grouted areas. The most suitable product for this has to be the one which will be effective in getting rid of those filthy uric acid stains and the one that will eliminate odor.

As a matter of fact, a cleaner with residual effectiveness is the best choice, as the areas where traffic is a high need to remain clean and fresh for days.


3) When you look for the product ideal for carpet cleaning, you need to find the one which can penetrate the soft surfaces, without damaging or discoloring them. Pay attention to pH level, it has to be neutral or near-neutral.

4) One would think that laundry detergents have the most difficult task, as they deal with stains coming from the various sources (food, cosmetics, blood…).

What you need to pay attention to is the clothes itself, as there are always instructions which detergent is safe, what is the recommended temperature and so on. The point is to get rid of the stain without damaging the clothes.

Regardless of the type of enzymatic product, do know that all of them have a shelf life, and never use them after the expiration date.

Moreover, mind the temperature, as each type has its own ideal temperature where the efficiency is expressed. Besides this, the pH level is also important, as they all work on different surfaces.

Top 3 enzyme waste removal products

Having all of the above-mentioned in mind, manufacturers did their best to create those safe products. There are many of them indeed, but we decided to create a brief list just to give you the hint what proved to be useful.

1) Bio-clean does wonders with all those nasty things that plug drain pipes- grease, food particles, soap scum, hair and many more. This balanced combination of natural enzymes and bacteria is cleverly designed to digest that waste, without damaging the inorganic materials, in this case, plumbing system and septic tanks. Moreover, it’s absolutely safe for the environment.

2) Green Gobbler is also very efficient in dealing with things such as grease, hair, soap scum and similar waste that clogs the pipes. Specific high-density formula changes the pH level, liquefies the waste which then causes drain obstruction. The product is a safer alternative to heavy, harmful chemicals. It’s non-caustic and non-corrosive, without odor.

3) DrainScrub powder breaks down large molecules of waste into smaller, consumable-size particles so that enzymes can digest them easier. It sounds silly using the word “digest”, but that’s what enzymes do - eat the waste. This one mixes with water, so make sure you read the instruction carefully and follow it.

So, these were some of the best products which proved to be both efficient and environmentally friendly. The key with any of them is to follow the instruction on how to use them. So, the appropriate temperature and if any of them dissolves with water, adequate proportion.

Speaking of any disadvantages compared to heavy chemicals, we could only two of them. Shorter shelf life, as there are no additional substances to preserve them for a longer time. Moreover, they work a bit slower than the chemicals.

However, the result is clean and fresh room/surface, and that’s all which matters. After all, the point is to use as less dangerous products as possible.

DIY Enzyme Cleaners

For those who are into some home-solutions, we have a few cool ideas. You can make your own enzyme cleaner using some of the products you already have at home.

baking soda
  • A cup of baking soda followed by a cup of vinegar will help to unclog the pipes. 15 minutes later, pour in hot tap water and the pipes should be clean.
  • A mixture of salt, baking soda, and vinegar, all equal parts, should also do the job. Pour the mixture into the drain, pour in hot water after an hour and there you have it!
  • It will also work salt plus baking soda, half a cup each. You sprinkle it into the drain, let the hot water flow, and the pipes are unclogged.

Final thoughts on enzyme cleaners

As you can see, there are numerous ways to keep your environment clean using safe products. You have learned how do enzymes work and it’s indeed simple yet powerful.

There will always be people who prefer things done quickly, which is why they still use heavy chemicals. But we would warmly advice using this natural alternative, as health is what matters the most.

You may not feel the consequences immediately, but in a long-term period, it is very harmful.

Those DIY solutions we offered show that using safe cleaner doesn’t always require lots of money, as many organic products do. The ingredient used are mostly the ones which every one of us has in any moment.

If you are not a person who’s into making these, then you have these top 3 enzyme waste removal products we found to help you make a decision.

The whole point is that if we want to have a long and healthy life, we should do our best to use as natural products as possible. It’s only a matter of habit, and by training yourself to think and act eco-friendly, benefits are multiple.

Not only do you make your life better, but you also decrease the overall pollution of our beloved Mother Nature.