How to Loosen Gas Pipe Fitting? (Explained)

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If you have a gas pipe fitting that is too tight, here’s a way to loosen it.

For the initial loss, apply penetrating oil on the nut. After a while, the oil absorbs. Now, using a wrench, loosen it. Insert the metal pipe into the wrench handle. It will provide additional torque for tweaking. This allows you to loosen the pipe fitting.

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Can You Over Tighten a Compression Fitting?

Tightening is a critical step in the installation process. Everything works fine if the tightening is done correctly. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with several issues. It also helps in the maintenance of your equipment.

The compression fitting is dependent on the pipe being cleaned and cut. Compression fittings function effectively if the pipe is correctly cut and cleaned. If the pipe is not properly cut, it causes plenty of issues with the fitting.

There are various myths concerning over-tightening. Many people believe that over-tightening is required. When you overtighten a compression fitting, it has several negative consequences. These negative consequences include the following:

Point of Damaging

The fittings of the pipe are made to connect to tubing. By joining the tubing, you can make a secure connection. This secure connection is necessary for the proper functioning of equipment.

Many times, under-tightening is not the problem, but over-tightening will be. If the fitting gets overtighten, then they might go to the point of damage.

At that point, it can damage the connecting tubes if the tubes get damaged, then where the thing goes wrong.


Each product has its own tightening technique that you must follow. These instructions get the best results. You may have troubles if you do not follow steps correctly. When you turn the fitting many times at the same time, you apply extra pressure.

This added pressure builds up and eventually reaches a breaking point. When the tube is stretched to its limit, it deforms. The distortion will then direct you to more damage methods.


Pipes may become distorted or fractured as a result of over-tightening. Leakage is caused by distorted or damaged pipes. If proper precautions are not followed, the leakage might cause severe damages. If you discover a leak, first determine whether or not the pipe has fractured.

How to Loosen Gas Pipe Fitting?

Many times, loosening a gas pipe fitting becomes difficult. Some nuts are tough to open. There are some ways by which you can lose the pipe fitting. These different ways include:

Using Pipe Wrench

First, take a pipe wrench and open its jaws. Now insert the nut in the wrench jaw. Tight the pipe wrench around it. Carefully turn the wrench handle.

Make sure you turn it clockwise. It will help you to loosen the nut from the thread. Turn the pipe wrench many times as it will lose the nut.

Tap the Nut

Many times, the rust gets attached to the nut. Or the nut threads get dust in it. Because of this, the nut and thread get tightened. Take a hammer and tap it on the sides of the nut.

You have to do it several times. Tap the hammer on the nut slightly. By doing this, you can dislodge the dust or rust that is attached to the nut. After tapping the hammer on the nut several times, the rust gets removed.

Now place the wrench on the nut. Tighten the wrench around the nut and then try to turn it. Turn the handle of a wrench in a counterclockwise direction. It will help to loosen the nut.

Using Lubricant Spray

Many times, the nut gets too tight that it is nearly impossible to loosen. At that time, lubricant spray helps a lot. Take lubricant spray and spray a small amount of it.

Spray it around the sides of the nut. Allow the spray to penetrate the thread and the nut. For its complete penetration, you have to wait for it.

It takes about 15 minutes to seep into the thread. After this, now open the nut with the help of a wrench. By turning it clockwise, you will loosen the nut.

Use Larger Wrench

Wait 15 minutes after applying the more lubricating spray and tapping the nut with a hammer all around. As you turn the pipe wrench counterclockwise, you’ll gain greater leverage. Using a larger pipe wrench can damage nuts, so be careful when fitting the nut into its jaws.

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How To Loosen a Pipe Without a Wrench?

You might find yourself in a situation where you do not have a wrench. But you need it immediately. But you need it immediately. There are some other ways by which you can loosen a pipe without a wrench. These different ways include:

Duct Tape

Duct tape is very useful. It helps you in many situations. You can also use it for loosening bolts. It is strong enough to help you loosen bolts and nuts.

  1. First, tear off some duct tape. This tape should be 12 inches in length.
  2. After this, now tear this section from the center. In this way, you will get two 12 inches strips.
  3. Stick one strip behind the other.
  4. As a result, you’ll get a strong strip of tape.
  5. Now wrap the tape around the nut. From the end, leave around 6 inches of tape.
  6. Press the tape firmly on the nut. Ensure that the tape has strongly adhered to the nut.
  7. Now pull the duct tape. Pull it in the direction of loosening the nut.

With this, you can easily remove the nut.

Zip Tie

Zip Tie is a wonderful accessory for the toolbox. Many people use them to tie different cables and for attaching hubcaps. But only a few of them know another use of zip ties.

It can also be used in place of a spanner. You need to follow certain steps to do this. These stages are as follows:

  1. Wrap a zip tie around the nut.
  2. Tighten it as much as you can. After the tie, you can get a long tail of zip ties.
  3. Now pull it in the direction of loosening the nut. It will help you to lessen the nut easily.

Use of Coins

Coins can also be quite useful. It can be a little perplexing for you, but give it a go. It may be effective for you if you can’t do any of the other methods.

  1. Take two huge coins for this. Quarters can do the trick.
  2. Put the coins on opposite sides of the nut.
  3. Take a firm grip on the coins.
  4. Grip them with the knuckles of your middle and index fingers. It will provide you with an extra grip.
  5. Twist both coins in the same direction at the same time. Twist the nut in the proper direction to loosen it.

Use of Another Nut and Bolt

If you do not find any previous thing in your home, you might have some bolts and nuts. Using nuts and bolts, you can make a spanner.

It is necessary to have two bolts and two nuts.

  1. First, you have to attach one nut and one bolt.
  2. Now place them on the top and start to loosen the nut. Keep in mind that the thread on the bolt should be above the nut.
  3. Adjust it carefully. You should grip the nut tightly between the nut and bolt.
  4. Put the second bolt into the second nut and join them.
  5. Connect this bolt with the second one. Now turn the connection in the direction of loosening the bolt.
  6. Nuts can be tightened or loosened when required.


Tightening of the gas pipe fitting is essential. Over narrowing will bring a lot of adverse effects. Due to these negative effects, your equipment will not work well. Therefore, you must ensure tightening. Over or under-tightening both brings a lot of problems.