How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

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Yes, it can be difficult with poop stuck in a toilet, and also it can be embarrassing to even ask about it. Luckily with the age of the Internet, we do not need to ask anyone out loud. Just type in few words in Google and the answer will arise.

Today, I will speak about this unspoken, yet common problem for almost every person. Read this carefully because otherwise you could damage or break the pipes and make the whole situation even more uncomfortable.

If you went somewhere as a guest and had to poop, after which your poop had been stuck, you need to act quickly. Thus I will suggest a couple of emergency methods that work rapidly.

Yet, if the fast ones do not help, you should check slower methods below. In some cases, it is better to admit what happened and work slowly, than breaking into tears after you have flooded your cousin’s/neighbour’s/friend’s bathroom.

How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

Fast Methods to Dissolve Poop Stuck in the Toilet

1. Use a Brush

You probably have a toilet brush nearby the toilet. It can be useful for cleaning the pooping stains after you had finished that job. It also can be useful for unplugging the toilet stuck with a poop.

Since it is probably the only thing that you will find in a guest’s bathroom without asking any embarrassing questions, you should try first with it.

Imagine a situation, you just have flushed the toilet in your neighbor’s house, and the poop has remained. Grab the toilet brush, and carefully press the remained poop into the drain. After that, you can flush the water again. It will be enough to send poop down the sink if the toilet had been perfectly clean before.

If your poop still remains and the toilet clogged, it means that the toilet wasn’t clean before and your poop clogged it as finishing line. Therefore, you shouldn’t be ashamed to ask politely where the plunger is. 

2. Use a Plunger

The plunger is the fastest and the cleanest way of unclogging the toilet. You have tried with the brush, and it didn’t work; now you should try with a plunger. The plunger should be wide enough to make a vacuum into the aperture of the toilet.

After you make sure that you have the appropriate plunger, grab it and move slowly up and down until you make a vacuum. Then you can gradually raise the speed of the movements.

When the entire poop is back again in the toilet, along with the rest of the dirt, you can flush the water again, or to be sure, flush the water with a bucket. It is recommended to do with harder clogging to prevent flooding the bathroom. In case of poop, you can do it with a bucket, or just slowly flush the water.

plunger for overflowing toilet

If the water goes slower than normal, even if the poop is gone, you should repeat the process because the poop is still stuck somewhere in the pipe. If not, you are risking the harder clogging the toilet since the poop might be gathered with previous dirt in the pipe.

If you do not have a plunger, or you do not want to ask for it, you can try another way.

3. Use Hot Water

This way will need a little bit more patience and your time. Hot water softens the poop and helps its disintegration. This will work only if you repeat the process a few times. Pour the hot water from the bucket into the toilet.

If you do not have a bucket in the toilet, and the shower is long enough to reach the toilet, you can draw it above the toilet and then turn the hot water on. Be careful! You can burn yourself with hot water! The pipes from the shower can be too hot to hold. So, it is safer to use the bucket.


Whichever way you choose, pour the water for a few minutes, until only the hot water remains in the toilet, and then wait for another few minutes to soften the poop. After approximately 5 minutes, you should flush the water normally, and the poop will leave the toilet.

If the poop still remains to try with adding some detergent and wait for another 5 minutes until the detergent makes additional softening. After that, you should pour hot water again, wait for another 5 minutes and that flush again. 

I told you it will last longer than brush or plunger. It can raise the suspicions if you are stuck in the toilet for too long, so if you try this method, better figure out some excuses for staying inside too long.

Slow methods to dissolve poop stuck in toilet

Ok, you tried everything above, and your poop is still present in the toilet. For that matter, you should check slower, yet more aggressive ways to dissolve the poop.

1. Coke and plastic foil

Every household usually has it, and to be honest, use it for another purpose. If you are a fan of Coke, and you have it around, it can be used not just for drinking, but also for dissolving the poop.

It needs 2 liters of the Coke to be poured in the toilet. The Coke needs to be fresh, with the soda.

After pouring the Coke into the toilet, wrap the toilet fast with plastic foil. It needs to cover the whole aperture of the toilet. Wait for an hour, and flush the water afterward. The Coke will soften the poop and the soda will make the pressure together with the plastic foil.

2. Pour Baking Soda 

If you do not have the Coke, but you have some baking soda you can try dissolving the poop this way.

There are two ways of using the baking soda and it depends which additional item you have in your house:

  • vinegar
  • plastic foil

The way with vinegar assumes pouring the soda into the toilet first, after which you will gradually add vinegar. Those two makes a chemical reaction that foam so you should be careful with adding the vinegar. Pour the vinegar until it stops foaming and flushes the water afterward, it should be enough to dissolve the poop.


The way with the plastic foil represents the upgraded way with hot water. You should pour the warm water firstly, and add the baking soda. If you add boiling water, baking soda won’t react. So, add the warm water, pour soda into, and wrap the toilet into the plastic foil. Wait for an hour, and flush the toilet after.

The way with the vinegar is faster, yet in case you do not have vinegar, the second way will serve equally.

3. Use Chemicals to Unclog

If you already have some chemicals in your bathroom, you shouldn’t worry about disintegrating the poop, since the chemicals are strong enough to unclog the toilet that has been clogged with harder dirt than poop. The only flaw of the chemicals is the time that needs to wait for the disintegration of the poop.

The time that is needed for the disintegration of poop depends on the product you have. If you do not have one, I can recommend you some that will work with certainty.

This one works quite fast; it needs only 7 minutes to disintegrate even the toughest clogging in your toilet. For the poop, it will work even faster. For only 5 minutes you fill dissolve the poop problem. Pour the Drano gel, and wait for 5 minutes, after which you should flush, and the poop will disappear.

This one is harmless to your pipes and you can use it into limitless quantity. Yet, 16 ounces will be enough to disintegrate the poop. Just pour it, and wait for 15 minutes, after which you can flush, and the poop will be gone.

Final Word on How to Dissolve Poop Stuck in Toilet

For the disintegration of the poop, usually any invasive treatment, such as snaking, is not needed. You can use usual and non-invasive options such as hot water, chemicals, baking soda, or just a toilet brush. These different approaches can be used depending on the situation and the amount of poop.

If your toilet had previously been clean, there will be no problem for disintegration the poop. Yet, if your toilet hadn’t been clean lately, it could be a major issue since the poop will get along with previous dirt and make a clogging. In such a case, you should try different approaches.