How Do You Camouflage A Sewer Pipe? (Explained)

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One way to camouflage sewer pipes is by painting them so they can match the surrounding material. Also, you can consider using decorative pipe covers – this method is effective, especially if this is temporary. You can also hide the pipes is by placing decorative plants in front of them.

New PVC Sewer Pipe Line Installed in Trench

How do you make exposed pipes look good?

Exposed pipes are almost everywhere around homes. There’s no denying that they play an important role in both the interior and exterior design of a home. However, exposed pipes can sometimes be annoying and at risk of damage.

Yes, one setback of having exposed pipes in your home is that they are prone to damage quickly. By concealing them with the right materials, you can always protect them from getting damaged quickly.

There are several ways to make exposed pipes around your homes look chic and good. The most common one is by painting them with your preferred color.

You can check below to see other great ideas for making your exposed pipes chic:

Paint the pipes

As you already know, painting the exposed pipes with your preferred colors is one of the few ways to make them look better. Adding vibrant colors to your home’s exposed pipes will certainly make them look chic and good.

Interestingly, you can always perform the painting project yourself during the holiday period or when you have some extra time.

Consider using decorative wood pipe wrapping

Apart from using paints on your exposed pipes, another great idea for making them look good is by using decorative wood pipe wrapping.

One benefit of this method is that decorative wood pipe wraps are available in several styles, designs, and colors. All you need is to opt for the one that you like to get the job done.

For instance, you can always go for wooden pipe tables or simply stick to using wooden pipe covers. You can even use adhesive covers to make the exposed pipes look good.

Consider using decorative plants

Depending on the size of the exposed pipes, you can always opt for decorative plant solutions to keep them chic. Interestingly, there are different styles of decorative plants out there. You can go for fat plants, thin plants, tall plants, or short plants; just go for one that will help you make the pipe areas look chic.

Industrialize the sewer pipes

In case you don’t like any of the methods listed above, another approach is to industrialize the sewer pipes. With this approach, you can always make your sewer drainage pipes look stylish.

That said, the best way to industrialize your PVC sewer pipes is by adding a few coats of matte black to them.

Alternatively, you can consider using metallic paint on them, so you can get a perfect look. Make sure the paints have protective coatings, so you can extend the lifespan of the pipes.

Use ropes around the exposed pipes

Another great idea of making your home’s exposed pipes look good is by wrapping ropes around them. This method is very effective for bathroom pipes.

Furthermore, ropes are always available in different colors, textures, and thicknesses.

All you need is to opt for the type you want to wrap the exposed lines, making them look visually appealing.

How do you camouflage your sewer pipes?

Sewer pipes are the conduits installed primarily to transport waste items from your home’s sewer system for disposal.

In case you find your sewer drainage pipes unattractive, there are several different methods that you can employ to conceal the pipes. Let’s have a look at some of them below:

Paint the pipes

If you believe your home’s sewer pipes are unattractive, one of the few ways to get your attention off it is by camouflaging them using paints. Keep in mind that for this job, you can’t use anyhow paint color.

Since you’re only interested in camouflaging the pipes, the best thing you can do is to observe the immediate environment and go for the colors that match it.

The primary purpose of camouflaging the pipes is to make them blend perfectly with the surrounding environment. This explains why you need to choose the color of the environment for the job.

Faux stone wall background

Use faux rocks or their alternatives

Since you don’t like the look of your exterior sewer pipes, the question is – why not use faux risks to cover them?

With faux rocks, including birdbaths or statues, you can always improve the beauty of your home.

In case you don’t like using faux rocks, there are several other alternatives that you can consider using to conceal the sewer pipes.

One of them is by growing a climbing vine on the trellis. Alternatively, you can also consider turning the sewer pipe area into a flowerbed island.

Use natural ground-cover plants

You can also camouflage your unattractive sewer pipes by using natural, evergreen ground-cover plants.

With this approach, you’ll be able to take your sight off the sewer drainage pipes. Furthermore, this method is recommended for those that have low-lying and shorter vertical or horizontal sewer pipes.

When choosing plants for this job, ensure you opt for those that only have short inches of growth. In addition to this, ensure to choose plants with the potential to provide longer roots.

If you’re having a hard time finding the best plant for this project, you can always speak to a reliable landscaper for ideas.

How can I cover PVC pipe in my yard?

There are several methods that you can use to hide or cover the visible PVC sewer pipes in your yard.

As mentioned above, make sure the paints have protective coatings, so you can extend the lifespan of the pipes, especially since they are located outside.

First, you can consider painting them to match the color of the grass or your landscape. Of course, this depends on where the pipes are located.

Are the PVC pipes located on grass? If yes, all you need is to paint them green so they can match the color of the grass.

If what you have around the pipes is a landscape – and not grass, all you need is to choose the color of the landscape for the pipes.

Another thing that you can consider doing to cover the PVC pipes in your yard is to use box covers. With box covers, all you need is to place them on the pipes.

That’s not all; you can also put a plant on the box to improve the aesthetic look of the pipe areas.

Apart from painting or using box covers, another great idea for covering your PVC sewer pipes is by using rock-shaped containers. The containers are effective for camouflaging your pipes, making them look like something else.