Why Do Showerheads Have Beads? (Explained)

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Showerheads, especially ionic filter showerheads, have mineral bead-like balls. These beads are used to purify and filter your shower water. Plus, they serve to soften the water. Hard water has adverse effects on your hair and skin over time. Most showerheads come already fitted with beads. 

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Although they are aesthetically pleasing, the beads you see on your shower head are not meant for decoration; instead, they serve a higher purpose. When showering, you need clean, freshwater. Clean water is essential to wash your body and also to keep you free from diseases. Did you know that these showerhead beads help clean and purify your bathwater?

Read on to find out more about why showerheads have beads and how long they can last.

Why Do Showerheads Have Beads?

Showerheads are not just hollow pipes with wires. They contain mineral beads that help purify and filter your shower water. Some showerheads come with beads laced with beneficial minerals that help enrich your shower water.

Do you wonder why some showerheads have beads while others don’t? Well, it all comes down to choice and preference.

Even then, when shopping for a showerhead, note that regular showerheads that have no beads don’t filter or purify your water. All they do is warm the water and provide steady jets.

Regular showerheads lack water filtering mechanisms that beaded showerheads have. If you live in an area with hard water, it is best to get beaded showerheads to help soften the water. Hard water may be challenging to use. Apart from skin and hair reactions, you also tend to use a lot of soap when using hard water.

The most common shower heads with beads are the mineral shower and the ionic showerheads. They come fitted with beads, unlike regular showerheads.

How Long Do The Beads Last In A Showerhead?

With everyday use, filtering showerhead beads can last about 6 months. They can also withstand up to 12,000 gallons of water. Nonetheless, this depends on how much water you use and the kind of water in your area.

If you use a lot of water, your beads will not last for long. Additionally, hard water eats into the beads, so expect a shorter lifespan if you live in an area with hard water.

There are several types of showerhead` beads, and they all have varying durability spans. They also come in different colors, such as orange, grey, and white. You can choose one color or have a mix of all of them.

Here are a few examples:

Alkaline Tourmaline Stones

Alkaline Tourmaline is grey in color. It is a semi-precious mineral loaded with immense benefits. Tourmaline balls help you detoxify your body, relieve stress, become mentally active, and even help improve your blood circulation.

Still, on your body, these beads help boost your immune system, mattify your skin by reducing excess sebum production. This helps rejuvenate and restore your skin.

Alkaline tourmaline stones also help increase the oxygen levels in your shower water. They also help soften hard water and sterilize it, killing all harmful bacteria.

What’s more, having these stones in your showerhead helps turn your water’s PH to alkaline and, in the process, lessen water clustering and rust.

Another benefit of the alkaline tourmaline stones is their excellent absorption and moisturizing effect. If you use these stones, you `are assured of an uplifting experience every time you take a shower since these beads eliminate water odor and even boost your metabolism.

Maifan Stones

Did you know that Maifan stones have been used since time immemorial to treat various skin ailments? Imagine having such skin-friendly stones on in your showerhead.

Maifan stone is a valuable mineral rock, usually brown or orange in color. They are famous for their large ion exchange capacity. They also absorb soluble chemical impurities and heavy metals present in your bathwater. While at it, they still provide rich mineral benefits. You can also use them to soften hard water and raise the PH of your shower water.

These stones contain beneficial minerals such as magnesium, selenium, copper, and calcium. They also help reduce bacteria in water by slowing down their rate of reproduction.

If you have Maifan stone beads in your shower head, be sure that hard, toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, and cadmium will be removed from your shower water. As well, your skin will thank you for them since these stones are rich in antioxidants.

Far-infrared ceramic balls

These are also known as antibacterial activation mineralization stones. They are filtering mineral beads, particularly designed for water treatment and purification.

In addition to this, they are excellent in absorbing heavy toxic metals such as lead and chromium. These balls are what you need on your showerhead since they work great as antibacterial agents, water purification, harmful component absorption, and water filtering.

Other benefits associated with infrared bead minerals include; improve tolerance to stress, improving the oxygen-carrying capacity for your blood, strengthening your immunity, and enhancing your skin and hair quality.

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Do You Have To Change Beads In The Showerhead?

Yes, you have to change the beads on your showerhead at least every six months. These beads absorb impurities and all the toxic hard metals from your bathwater.

They also filter and soften water. Naturally, over time, they develop a buildup of all this debris.

Every half-year, it is good to check the state of your showerhead, beads included, and find out if there is a need for a change. Some beads can go up to 8 months.

It is also recommended to replace your showerhead beads as often as possible since they tend to have a build of bacteria and other gunk.

Such bacteria may cause skin irritations, regardless of how much you shower.

That said, sometimes, instead of replacing, you can take out the mineral beads on your showerhead and clean them instead. Cleaning your showerhead, plus beads, is easy, and you can use products from your pantry.

Here is how to clean a showerhead with beads. Before that, remember to unscrew it from the water pipe.

Step 1

Fill up a plastic bag or basin halfway with lukewarm water mixed with white vinegar. Please don’t put a lot of water as it may spill out when you immerse the plastic bag.

Step 2

Immerse your showerhead in this mixture and let it soak for some time to loosen up the buildup. Be careful not to soak for too long as metals such as gold, brass and nickel tend to tarnish if you soak them for too long.

With a toothbrush, scrap off any dirt buildup. Rinse the showerhead and set it aside. Discard the toothbrush after use.

Step 3

Twist the showerhead and put all the mineral beads in a bowl filled with water and white vinegar. Let them sit for a few minutes. Drain the dirty water, rinse, then replace them.

If your showerhead beads are due for a replacement, you can purchase new beads online or from a local store near you. You don’t have to buy the same beads; you can switch them up and get a new type or even mix two or three types.

It is pretty easy to replace your showerhead beads, unscrew your showerhead and empty the used mineral balls into a dustbin. Put in new ones, and that’s it.


Nothing beats taking a long, refreshing shower after a hard day of working and hustling. Well, you can add some oomph to your shower routine by adding some mineral shower beads to your showerheads. You want to shower with clean, filtered, and purified water.

Plus, imagine taking a shower with enriched water full of antioxidants and all other valuable benefits. The next time you shop for showerheads, consider those with mineral beads in them.

Even before that, you can upgrade your shower and install new showerheads that have beads.