How Big Should a Rain Shower Head Be? (Explained)

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A rain shower head should be between 8 to 12 inches. Though having a larger size is always great since the head is designed to allow water to cover the whole body. With that, you will appreciate the calming sensation every time you take a shower.

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What Size Rain Shower Head Is Best?

The best size of a rain shower depends on your bathroom’s size. That is, whether it is medium-sized or small. Moreover, the common sizes of the rain shower heads which are available are eight, ten, twelve, and sixteen inches.

If your bathroom is small, you need to consider a square or round one. And in case it is larger, then you can decide to use a rectangular-shaped shower head. Though the larger sizes require experts to do the installation.

If you need additional water coverage, choose a bigger shower head. However, if your house has an extra-large bathroom. Plus a vast ceiling, then you can install more than thirty inches of the rain shower head.

And with this kind of appliance, you are also likely to have a waterfall alternative. Take note that the rain shower heads are somehow bigger compared to the standard ones. And for this reason, they can provide a further area for water to emulate the rainfall.

You can get some heads with the handheld one. The face of this kind of device is less than eight inches across. Though it’s better than the rain shower heads when you are targeting certain areas while you’re in the washroom.

Does the Size of a Shower Head Affect Water Pressure?

The size of a showerhead normally affects water pressure. If yours is bigger, then there will be a decrease in the pressure. Moreover, if you have a small showerhead then the water pressure you’ll get will be optimum.

You should therefore choose a size that suits you. Don’t forget the primary purpose of your rain shower head which is to give a relaxing and calm feeling. And you can perfectly achieve all these when the water pressure is low.

That said, it is advisable to opt for a big showerhead. However, how huge it’ll be will depend on your bathroom’s size.

How Big Should a Rain Shower Head Be?

A typical rain shower head ranges between 8 and 12 inches. However, when compared to the other showerheads, its face is much larger in diameter. Keep in mind that a rain shower head is designed to completely cover you in a downpour of water that feels like rain.

Therefore, the diameter of the head needs to be within the said size. In the event you are not making any modifications to your current shower stall, you may want to ensure a new head works well. Mostly by not spraying water on the floor whenever you switch it on.

Still, rain shower heads have a probable height issue. Conventionally, they are fixed on the ceiling to enable you to completely grasp the effect of the sprinkled water. Furthermore, redirecting the pipes to facilitate this arrangement is a project that’s so complicated.

And even if you would want to accomplish it, you will have to ensure the ceiling in a shower stall is properly elevated. In case you are the tallest individual who’s using the shower, then you need to have not less than one foot of space. This accounts for at least three inches of showerhead and a few inches tall for the head.

This allows the water to have a distance to fall on. With heads becoming more common, tons of brands are offering the wall-mounted model. This lets you use the existing tubes behind the shower wall and create a shower arm with a straight angle.

And still, it’s for the head to be fully flat over your head. Putting in such an angle implies the new head will be some inches less than the initial one. And hence it is vital to ensure you have sufficient height.

When you increase the placement of a wall-fixed head, it can be quite complicated. Though slightly a disturbance to your shower room than creating a ceiling version.

Does a Rain Shower Head Use More Water?

A rain shower head doesn’t use more water. Even though they are bigger than the standard heads. Nevertheless, you may not want to capitalize on this kind of showerhead. Mainly in case, you reside in a place where the water costs a lot of money.

The reason for this is, you may take too much time while bathing with an amazing hotel-like quality of a shower. Besides, showering is incredibly environmentally friendly since the shower uses less than half of the water within a few minutes. Nowadays, most of the fittings have a switch to enable you to stop water flow when you are soaping up or while shaving.

Furthermore, when a showerhead has a flow restrictor, you can save extra cash on water and electricity consumption in a single year. Hence having a restrictor is a great and reasonable idea. You can therefore lower water flow per minute and this depends on the water pressure.

A lower power bill is because of the geyser not functioning for some time to often warm up the inflow of more water.

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What Is the Average Size of a Rain Shower Head?

The average size of a rain shower head is between 8 to 12 inches. This is in regards to the diameter. Though you may argue that owning a larger head is reasonable since it is more calming.

Selecting the correct size does depend on the width of your bathtub or the size of the bathroom. A tiny room can be well suited by a smaller head. Additionally, size affects the water pressure since the shower heads need the pressure to operate as desired.

Are Rain Shower Heads Worth It?

Rainshower heads are worth it if they allow you to enjoy using your bathroom. Moreover, if there is enough space for their installation in your house, then they will serve you and your family well. These showerheads are broader than the normal ones and their diameter is also larger.

This only implies you should make sure your home’s shower room is sufficiently wide to enhance spraying of the water. In case you are thinking of one over a freestanding bath, then consider other models. Those which prevent water from getting sprinkled all over your shower space.

And thus you may need to contemplate over a smaller head rather than a large showerhead. However, with these kinds of heads, you may not get sufficient pressure just like the standard type. For instance, if you’ve used the heads in the hotels, you will realize they do provide satisfactory pressure.

Though it is not as excellent as the standard heads. The showerheads are also costly, as you can get some at more than a $100. And if you can afford them, then you can invest your cash for the installation and purchase.

On the other hand, the heads have benefits accompanying them. For instance, more flow of water over your body, since they have a broader flow area. With that, you get adequate water to discard the soap suds and even feel clean.

Moreover, some do have jets directing the flow and every model is unique in its way. To get the water flow you desire, you can reach out to a good supplier.


You now know that a rain shower head comes in different sizes, right? Therefore, if you are planning to install one, you need to consider your needs. You should also take note of your bathroom size since it is important.

Once everything is perfect, you will enjoy the soothing feel of your rain shower!