How Do LED Showerheads Work? (Explained)

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There are many novelty gadgets on the market that are fun to use. This article explores one of the latest emerging trends on the market: the LED showerhead. Offering more than just a multicolored shower experience, the LED showerhead offers a wide range of functionalities that may surprise you.

An LED showerhead completely powers itself. It does not require electricity or batteries, rather, the showerhead itself encases a simple yet effective mechanical system. Harnessing the power of hydroelectricity, this smart yet simple device is incredibly effective.

Additionally LED showerheads can help you to reduce water consumption and save money each month. Though they are more expensive than a regular showerhead, the price difference is minimal when compared to the durability, ease of management, and functionality of the product.

Not only that, but an LED showerhead can have multiple benefits to your health and wellbeing in ways that you may not expect.

So what exactly is contained within the showerhead? How can it function without the use of electricity? And most importantly, are they safe to use? Read on to find out the answers to all of your LED showerhead questions.

Are LED Showerheads Safe?

Initially, you might think that LED showerheads could pose a threat; the combination of water and electricity being a recipe for disaster.

But as the machine generates its own power, there is zero chance of electrocution from these devices. Sure, the system generates its own hydroelectric power, but it only generates enough to power the lightbulbs.

As this is a minuscule amount of electricity, you can rest assured that it will not be enough for you to be electrocuted.

Not only are LED showerheads safe, but they also provide additional health benefits that may surprise you! Depending on your personal needs, and the needs that suit your family, you can select the option that suits you best.

One variety of color-changing showerheads gives you the option to change the color yourself at the touch of a button. This variance of colors can be used as a form of wellbeing therapy known as chromotherapy.

Literally meaning color therapy, chromotherapy utilizes the natural properties of colors to enhance your wellbeing.

Scientifically proven to improve mood through the vibrational frequencies of a variety of colors, chromotherapy can be an added benefit to purchasing an LED showerhead. A blue color creates a tranquil environment to relax you, whilst a yellow light can stimulate and motivate you.

Whilst this may seem fairly straightforward, did you know that the color orange can help prevent depression, whilst magenta increases your blood pressure motivating you to get going?

By purchasing an LED showerhead you can explore how chromotherapy works for you and your family.

Alternatively, you can select a shower head that changes color with the temperature of the water. Many of these have an additional safety feature whereby they will flash red if your water is too hot.

LED showerheads can be great for children. I’m sure most parents will be familiar with the struggle of getting their child to take a regular shower. However, the novelty of the colors can encourage them in this habit by providing a stimulating and engaging environment.

Secondly, by utilizing a color-changing temperature you can teach small children how to stabilize their shower temperature and begin to use it independently.

With no risk of electrocution, built-in safety features such as temperature regulation, and the ability to provide alternative sources of wellbeing therapy, LED showerheads rank as a safe and healthy product that anyone can use.

What Are The Health Benefits Of A Good Shower?

Taking a shower removes dirt and toxins from the body, keeping you protected from the bacteria lingering on your body after a hard day’s work. But showering is more of an experience than just getting clean.

There are a multitude of ways in which a good shower contributes to your overall health as described below.

Hot showers can relieve muscle tension and stress. The sensation of the hot water can massage an aching muscle to relieve tension and minimize achiness and pain.

It can also reduce stress by decreasing the amount of cortisol – a steroid hormone often referred to as the “stress hormone” – within the body.

Combining the two, a hot shower should leave you feeling pain-free, calm, and refreshed.

The hot water helps your body’s circulation by increasing the efficiency of your blood flow, thereby reducing the effort required from your heart.

By stimulating the internal systems you create a natural way to bring calm to your body and ensure a healthy flow of blood to all its vital organs and components.

Through showering, there is also a boost to the immune system thanks to the increase in immune cells. Additionally, the stimulation to your vascular and lymph systems means that you are better protected against potential diseases or infections.

Simply put, showering boosts your defense system, making you less likely to get sick.

A hot shower before bed is excellent for inducing sleep and setting this as a regular habit can help you to maintain healthy sleeping patterns. A decrease in body temperature will increase the likelihood that you will be able to sleep.

And though it may seem counterproductive to take a hot shower, by doing this you raise your body over 38 degrees. Upon leaving the shower your body temperature will decrease, mimicking your natural circadian rhythm and causing you to feel sleepy.

Encompassing so many health benefits, having a shower that is fun, functional, and carries additional benefits may be worth investing in. So what are the different types of showerheads, and which one will best suit the needs of you and your family?

What Are The Different Types of LED Showerheads?

When we think of the lighting element of an LED showerhead, there are three main types: one color, random color sequencing, or temperature controlled colors.

A one-color showerhead might provide a more affordable option for you if you are looking for it to provide a particular functionality.

For example, if you want your shower to be a place of calmness, installing a blue light could work perfectly well, without the need for additional colors. Sticking with one color also means you won’t be overwhelmed by the number of different choices every day.

If you are looking to spruce it up further, a color-changing shower head could be a great option. A resilient option, the random color sequencer will allow you to change the color to suit your mood.

One day you might wish to bask in the tranquility of purple light, another day, indigo might be more beneficial to spark your creativity.

Alternatively, a temperature-controlled shower requires minimal input from you and adds an additional safety feature to your shower. If the water begins to get too hot, the LED showerhead will flash red as a warning.

Be aware that not all temperature-controlled showers have this feature; if it’s something you want check the specifications before you buy.

And always check the range of colors and what they mean before purchase and use. Generally red means hot, yellow or green is warm, and blue is cold.

Along with lighting and temperature features, there are additional elements to consider when purchasing an LED showerhead, which we will explore later in this article.

Is The Generation of Hydro-Electric Power A Potential Danger?

Again, the word “electric” may cause alarm bells to ring when in combination with water. But the amount of power these mini turbines generate is just enough for the lights to function and not enough to create the energy required to shock you.

Hydroelectric power is a sustainable and clean source of energy. Far from being a danger, this little machine in your showerhead could save you power and money, whilst helping to reduce your impact on the environment.

How Do LED Showerheads Work?

LED showerheads do not require the use of electricity or batteries, instead of utilizing their own internal mini mechanical system. They are entirely self-powered units.

Within the showerhead is a tiny turbine, much like a water wheel, that utilizes this natural and safe power source to generate the energy needed to fuel the lights.

Alongside the turbine is a rectifier and the LED lights, all carefully connected by a small number of simple wires. The water spins the turbine (or dynamo) which is connected to the rectifier. This rectifier then converts the movement energy into hydroelectric power.

As this power runs through the LED, it passes through a microchip, illuminating the tiny LED light sources and causing the bulb to glow.

A high-quality showerhead will have the proper watertight seals required for waterproofing, whereas a lower quality one may allow water to seep inside the mechanism and slowly begin to corrode it over time, so it’s worth doing your homework before you purchase one.

What Is An LED?

Standing for a light-emitting diode, an LED is a semiconductor that produces light energy in the form of infrared or visible light, when supplied with an electric current.

Its name “diode” refers to the twin system on which it is powered with one terminal for a positive charge and the other for a negative charge.

LED light bulbs are known to produce light up to 90% more effective than their counterpart, the incandescent bulb.

Another benefit of the LED light bulb is its thermal management. By taking the heat energy it produces and depleting it through its surrounding environment, the LED prevents itself from overheating and burning out.

Does My Shower Affect The Efficiency Of The Product?

LED showerheads are designed to fit and function in any shower, but there are ways in which the quality of your shower could impact the functionality of the product.

One of these is the power of your shower. A stronger pressure will cause the turbine to turn faster, meaning that your lights will glow more brightly. If you have a shower that lacks water pressure you may find that the LED bulbs do not glow as brightly as you would like them to.

How Does The Water Change Colour?

Water is a transmitter of light. Though not as strong as other translucent materials, water can carry light and the LED bulbs will provide enough brightness to light up your entire shower.

In comparison to incandescent bulbs, which transmit light in every direction, an LED bulb will direct its light, helping your showerhead to create that waterfall effect. This isn’t the only advantage an LED bulb holds over an incandescent one as we will explore below.

Bear in mind that not all LED showerheads are created equal. It depends on the quality of the product you purchase as to how far its color will travel.

The cost can indicate how well your device will perform across multiple features, and though the price is not the sole indicator, a high ticket often reflects superior functionality.

Are LED Showerheads Good For The Environment?

Utilizing a natural source to provide their energy, make LED showerheads an environmentally friendly product. Using water as a source of power provides energy that is clean and renewable and most LED showerheads have high water efficiency.

Some showerheads even come equipped to change color if they sense that you are using too much water!

An added benefit to an LED showerhead is that LED light bulbs use much less energy than standard light bulbs. LEDs can use up to 90% less energy in fact! Each small energy saving that an LED showerhead creates, can create an impact on your overall yearly footprint.

Do LED Showers Need Electricity?

As we have explored through this article, LED showers do not require electricity. Electricity is dangerous around the vicinity of water, and whilst batteries can be a good alternative, once water seeps in it can cause them to corrode.

Not only do LED showers create their own source of power, meaning they don’t face the drawbacks of electricity or battery usage, they also provide additional benefits where electricity is concerned. Read below to find out how.

The LED showerhead generates its own light, meaning there is no need to have your bathroom lights turned on.

The light generated by the showerhead itself should be sufficient, and can even help to set the mood for relaxation or dim lighting before sleep. Thus, you can save energy when showering.

Additionally, if there is a power outage you will still be able to shower effectively with the light provided from the mini turbine. Whilst it may not be a priority, this is a useful feature that could come in handy.

What Additional Features Can I Expect From An LED Showerhead?

Products that utilize the latest technology are very likely to encompass more than one form of this. Simply put, there are many additional features and benefits that LED showerheads are likely to combine.

These include steam features, aromatherapy, and the ability to connect through Bluetooth.

From the relaxing scent of lavender to the crisp aroma of mint. An aromatherapy steam shower infuses a selection of scents, before atomizing them to fill your shower with a scent-sational smell!

If you select a device that connects through Bluetooth, you could add music or gentle sounds to stimulate your full senses as you shower. Bluetooth functionality allows you to do multiple things as you shower, such as playing your favorite song or making a phone call.

You have the option to create a multi-sensory experience when you shower and an LED shower head can aid you in making this an easy goal to achieve.

Are There Any Further Benefits Of LED Showerheads?

LED showerheads come with a multitude of benefits. Aside from those I’ve already mentioned, read below to find further benefits to replacing your existing showerhead with this new technology.

Installation of an LED showerhead is easy as there are no additional parts to fit. Fitting your new showerhead only requires you to unscrew the current one and replace it with the new one.

Setting up an LED showerhead requires the same amount of time and effort as a regular showerhead. As the technology is simple and the bulbs last a long time, you won’t have to frequently replace parts either.

Because of the nature of the parts being sustainable, and LED showerheads representing the latest technology, many products will come equipped with great warranties.

Finally, by installing LED showerheads in your home, you could increase the value of your property if you decide to sell it.


More than just a novelty gadget, LED showerheads can increase your yearly savings, reduce your environmental footprint and add value to your house!

Containing a mini water wheel, rectifier and microchip, these incredible devices require no batteries or electricity, instead creating their own source of power to illuminate your shower for a relaxing, color experience.

With no risk of electrocution and the ability to work even during a power outage, these effective little gadgets could prove a worthwhile addition to your bathroom.


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