Drano Max Build Up Remover: An In-Depth Review

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You know what - unclogging the blocked pipes is not quite the most exciting thing you can do, but still, it has to be done.

We all want to have it finished as soon as possible, but sometimes it just won't do. Either there is too much grease and dirt inside, or the product is not suitable.

So, WHAT do we do? Use more aggressive chemicals? Absolutely no! When pipes get too blocked and hard to clean, some natural solutions turn to be just the thing you need. Something like Drano max build up remover.

drano max build up remover

What is it? How does this one work? Is it safe to use it? How do I apply it? These are some of the questions, and we have done our best to give you the answers so that you see why is this a good choice for you!

Enzymes have superpowers

When you look for some natural solutions for cleaning, you will often see the word “enzymes” as frequently mentioned one. These amazing little organisms co-exist with bacteria, or to be precise, are produced by them.

Enzymes are not alive, their function is to help bacteria work adequately and more efficiently. Just to make one thing clear, not all the bacteria are disease-related, there are the good ones; they live everywhere. So, what enzymes do is split complex particles into smaller parts and consume them easier.

There are four types of them, and each works with a different kind of soil. Speaking of types, those would be:

  • Cellulases
  • Amylases
  • Proteases
  • Lipases

All the conditions have to be appropriate so that they would activate and do the job. Only then will they work properly and be efficient in solving the issue

So, how do the enzymes actually work? They multiply and clean the dump surfaces.

What actually turns to be their additional secret power is the continual effect hours and days after the initial application. That's indeed amazing, as you have the product which keeps on working.

All You Need to Know about the Drano Max Build Up Remover

Where to use this remover?

This product has a unique formula that consists of bacteria and natural enzymes which prevent clog forming in pipes. It is important to mention that this one is eco-friendly. There’s no phosphate in it. This substance potentially causes hams to lakes and rivers.

You can use this one in both in the bathroom and kitchen, as well as in garbage disposals. Just to make one thing clear - this one does not open the clogs, but prevents their forming.


Moreover, it reduces or eliminates septic system back-up. Using this natural product on a monthly basis will make the pipes run smoothly and help get rid of that annoying build-up.

As we mentioned, this one is safe to use, it’s not hazardous for pipes, septic tanks or garbage disposals. It is not harmful to people either. As a matter of fact, you can leave it in drains overnight, as there is no dangerous vaporization.

How to use Drano Max Build Up Remover?

Like we mentioned, knowing where and how to use an enzyme-based product is essential if you want to see its maximum efficiency. These are the basic steps:

1. Open

Drano max is equipped with a childproof cap, so the first to do is open it carefully.

Push the bottle cap down using your palm and turn it counterclockwise. If any spills occur, clean them up as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t squeeze or splash the bottle. (To lock it after applying the liquid, push the cap on down and screw it on tightly.)

2. Flush

If your drains are slow-running ones, then you should run warm water for about one minute. Do not use hot water! This has the purpose to prepare the surface for the next step, which is…

3. Pour the water

Now you should turn the water off and pour a quarter of the amount of the liquid into the pipes. After this, you should run the water again, because this activates and distributes the liquid along the walls. As for the amount of water, you need 2 cups approximately.

4. Wait

To get the most of them, the best would be to leave the product working overnight, or when you are away from home. It takes around six to eight hours.

In the meantime, do not run the water in drains, as you will interrupt the process and you won’t get the maximum Drano can offer when it comes to clogs.

These are the basic steps which are applicable for all the occasions. However, if the toilet is a slow running one or problems turn to be more severe, what do you do?

It’s quite simple! Just repeat the procedure for three consecutive days (nights) and the problem will be solved. Again, avoid flushing for at least six to eight ours upon pouring Drano into the drains.

The catch with enzymes is that they work slowly, but efficiently. Don’t expect to have the issue fixed within ten minutes, but if you follow the instructions and use the product as it should, it will work.

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Upon usage, in case you notice the water flow is slower or in some cases, blocked, don’t panic! That's because the product loosened build up and caused this temporary problem. This is actually the signal that the thing is working!  So, in case this occurs, what you need to do is plunge and apply the product again.

A small note: do not use other drain openers at the same time, as you may cause multiple problems.

First, neither of the products will work properly. Second, when you mix two different products, the substances that each of them has may be hazardous when combined together, and that leads to severe health issues.

So, be patient and let the Drano do the job.

Why is it important to use enzyme-based products?

Here we described this Drano product, as it is definitely the best of its kind. You will find some others by the same manufacturer, as well as those with some special formulas which fight any type of clog. Moreover, you will find numerous products which use enzyme power and do a great job in unclogging the drains, and preventing the clogs from appearing.

We already mentioned that enzymes are substances which come from a natural source. This means that they are much safer to use than some heavy chemical. Of course, you still need to take certain measures of precautions and use it as instructed, but the potential harm is much smaller.

What you need to know is that using a product which is natural has many benefits.

The goal is to solve the problem without causing any hazards. This means that a product should be organic, non-toxic, biodegradable and made from recycled materials.


That way it is labeled as eco-friendly, which means it won't do any harm to the environment. Using such products means preventing additional pollution, conserving resources and caring about health.

If you do so, you serve as a good example and raise the awareness of the importance of using such products.

Final thoughts: On Drano Max Build Up Remover

When it comes to cleaning, you will also hear many old-wives’ tales on home solutions which may work. As a matter of fact, each one of us has those ingredients and can make that “magic potion” within a few minutes and use it. Yes, it will fix the issue, but the clogs will reappear sooner than you realize.

That’s where enzyme-based products come as the perfect choice, as their purpose is to prevent those build-ups from appearing. When looking for a product to solve this issue, there are few aspects to have in mind.

  • Efficiency
  • Potential hazards
  • Budget

Now that you learned how Drano works, if you follow the instructions and don’t rush things, you will have the problem solved. As for potential hazards, they are minimal to none, as enzymes come from bacteria, which means they are natural and eco-friendly.

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And last, but not the least important- the money! Having in mind that you get the job done, speaking in long-term, this one is more than affordable.

You see, when choosing any of these products, just take these three aspects into consideration and you will get what you want. Of course, we mentioned earlier that different types of enzymes work with different surfaces and clogs, so make sure you use the right product

It takes time, and time is precious. You just need to know the right perspective. By that I mean do not spend hours and hours scrubbing and inhaling the dangerous vapor from heavy chemicals.

But, at the same time, be patient and leave the product work as much as it takes. It’s not just Drano max build up remover, but any similar product. Unblocking clogs is not a pleasant duty, but you cannot just ignore it.

Finding the balance between the aspects we mentioned, along with the adequate product you will have all the drains unclogged.