Drano Dual Force Foamer: An In-Depth Review

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We are all aware that fighting clogs in pipes is not on the list of the most interesting household chores, but you cannot just ignore it.

I mean, you can, but that leads to more and more clogs, and that turns into a nasty headache. People think that the best solutions are products packed with numerous heavy chemicals, but they actually aren’t.


Instead of reaching for some hazardous liquids, we should look for some less harmful products. You need to find products which have all these ingredients well balanced.

That means you they should perform well with as minimum additional issues as possible.

When you start researching which are those, you will see that Drano dual force foamer is a frequently mentioned one. What’s the secret of this product? What makes it so outstanding compared to so many others?

Drano Dual Force Foamer Review

Where can I use it?

Come to think of dirty pipes, once you start cleaning them, it may look like that there are hundreds and hundreds of them. But, there are actually two places where they are located, bathroom, and kitchen.

Good news is that this product works in both places. However, it shouldn’t be used in a toilet, but the manufacturer has an alternative for that.

By filling the whole pipe, this formula is designed to reach the clogs that ordinary liquids are not able to. The best of all is that the product is highly effective, but still harmless to the septic system and pipes.

If you are to name the worst place when it comes to clogs, what would that be?

Garbage disposals! Well, guess what? This liquid, to be precise these two in one, is powerful enough to clean them as well, and that’s not all. It leaves them smelling fresh.

The list of ingredients and how do they work

Here are all the ingredients contained in this product, as well as their role:


This one, quite logically, serves are a liquid base.

Proprietary Surfactant Blend

Used as a cleaning agent, this one removes dirt and deposits. How does it do it?

It surrounds the dirt particles and after loosening them. After that, it detaches them from the surface so that you can rinse them away.

Sodium Hypochlorite

This ingredient works as bleach and it’s a basic ingredient in many stain removers and laundry bleaches. Sodium Hypochlorite is excellent in breaking down the drain clogs, which definitely simplifies their elimination.

Sodium Hydroxide

This ingredient has multiple roles. The main one in this product is that it serves as a caustic. That means it helps to dissolve organic matters such as clogs are. In addition to this, it is a builder that is frequently added in degreasers and detergents.

A product which contains this ingredient has better performance than those without it because it affects the molecules making them work better with each other in their mission - fighting dirt and clogs!

Moreover, Sodium Hydroxide works as a pH stabilizer. By improving and optimizing pH value, it makes the product work better. Besides this, an adequate level of pH is also important for a product’s longevity and prevention of corrosion of a container.

Sodium Silicate

Speaking of corrosion, this ingredient works as an inhibitor. It is an inevitable part of many laundry and dishwashing detergents, as well as hard surface cleaners.

Using a product with corrosion inhibitor means that metallic surfaces, such as drains and faucets, in a household will be safe and won’t corrode.

Hydrogen Peroxide

You are probably familiar with this one, as it is frequently used as an antiseptic.

Besides this, people use it to lessen stains and odors. Moreover, it is an alternative to chlorine-based bleaches found in various products used for teeth and hair. 

Hydrogen Peroxide is also part of this product and is used as a foaming agent, or as a stabilizer. What does that mean? Your product will remain as it is, regardless exposed to heat, light, air, and some other conditions.


As you can see, these six ingredients make a powerful combination which indeed does wonders with cleaning the pipes and keeping them fresh. Each of them has its own role.

In order to get the best of a product, you need to follow the instructions and use it properly. Only then you will avoid potential issues and have the product working at its best.

How to use Drano Dual Force Foamer? 

In order to get this foamer working the way it should, here are the three simple steps you should follow:

1. Open

The product is equipped with a childproof cap, which is indeed an excellent feature. Open it carefully by pushing it down with a palm. You need to turn it counterclockwise.

When you finish using the product, push the cap on and screw it tightly. We warmly recommend you don’t squeeze the bottle or splash it. Moreover, if you spill it by accident, make sure you clean it well.

2. Pour and wait

In case your drains are slow-running ones, you will need entire contents. Pour them slowly down the drains and wait. The minimum you should wait is about an hour, but the more you leave it working, the result would be better.

3. Flush

The final step where you get to see the magic at its finest! You need to use hot water, as this is the best way to have the product working as it should.

These are the basic steps which work well in practically any situation. However, if your pipes are more clogged than you thought at first have no worries. All you need to do is repeat the procedure and you will have the issue solved. The key is patience.

Some precaution measurements

As we mentioned, it is of vital importance to follow the instructions when using cleaners. That way you can be sure that they will serve the purpose, and you won’t cause some health issues.

Keep the product at some safe place, away from pets and kids. When applying the product, the best is to use gloves, to avoid contain with skin. Moreover, keep it away from the eyes. The product may cause burns.

For that reason, whenever you use it, make sure you rinse everything thoroughly. This product foams a lot, so pay attention.

It is also important not to mix this one with some other products or with plungers.

This product has a bleach which is a strong oxidizer, and if you mix it with products that contain acids, ammonia and similar, may lead to serious chemical hazards. If that happens, you should leave that room as soon as possible and ventilate it.

Moreover, if the product gets into your eyes, rinse them with plenty of water. If you swallow or taste it by accident, rinse the mouth and drink a glass of water or milk.

Of course, in case of any serious medical condition, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, visit the doctor as soon as possible.

Final thoughts: On Drano Dual Force Foamer

Finding the right solution for clogged pipes may seem like a nightmare a long time ago, but luckily it isn’t anymore. Now that you know that there are excellent products to deal with the issue, this is no longer a chore which causes headaches.

As you could see, this product has a formula which is designed to fight clogs on multiple levels, leaving the fresh smell afterward. The most important is to use it as instructed, so to avoid any health issues. 

Drano dual force foamer is going to be your new best friend for unclogging pipes!