Outside Sewer Line Cleanout: Practicality, Benefits and Types

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Every year there comes a time when you just have to invest in the maintenance of your sewer pipelines.

When it comes to this point you will find yourself in big trouble with dirty plumbing machines brought to your household, and a great concentration of people and tools in your home can create an even bigger mess.

As a result, you will see that you have already invested way too much money and patience in this simple process, and the worst thing is that you probably didn't solve the core of the problem so the clogging of your pipes will probably occur again next year.

Hopefully, after reading this article you will think about this a little bit and consider installing an outside sewer line cleanout which could solve all your problems regarding this issue.


The Practicality of Outside Sewer Line Cleanout

So, first it is very important to be aware of, and understand, the importance of having outside cleanout. In case you haven't installed it yet, let's say that your household pipeline got clogged.

Your only choice of course, since you do not want to mess up the entire pipeline on your own, is to hire plumbing experts.

The sewer line cleaning machine can be very large so it can be hard for it to fit through the door for start, causing you many more difficulties when it comes to the cleaning process itself.


On the other hand, when you install your outside sewer line cleanouts, the maintenance guys will be able to approach the troubled pipe part from outside of your house.

This way you will make it easier both for yourself and the plumbers as well since they will have a more effective working spot for accessing the sewer line.

The difference that an outside sewer cleanouts makes

Instead of the old-fashioned sewer line directly handled from your house, these are some improvements that the installation of outside cleanouts will make :

Much less damage and dirt in your house – While the plumbers you call are a very professional way of solving pipe difficulties, the machines they will bring into your home and the noise they produce will make you regret you ever calling them.

Much more effective cleaning of the pipeline – Since the plumbing machine maintenance guys will use is only able to use the 3” blades for cleaning your pipes, from outside access point it will be possible to use the 4” blades which fit through the pipe perfectly.

This way you will get 25% more coverage when cleaning so the future clogs will be less likely to occur


No more sewer backs up on your floor – It is known that in case of large pipe clogging, it can come to the backing up of the sewer material in the opposite direction through the pipe, making you a very nasty mess on your floor. From access point outside your home, you will prevent this from happening.

Lower cost of maintenance – From the point you install the outside cleanouts, there will be no more need for removing the whole toilet when dealing with sewer line issues which can save you a lot of money and time.

The water jet can save you from having to replace the whole pipeline – If you have a flat and long outside cleanout point and pipeline, you might be able to use the option of water jet to clean the pipe.

Since this option becomes available only after the installation of outside cleanouts, this way you get a great solution for maintaining and cleaning the pipeline, so this way it can last longer without replacement

Two types of Outside Sewer Line Cleanouts

When you decide on installing an outside cleanout, the first thing you want to be informed about is which type of outside sewer line cleanouts should you use in your pipe system.

There are two basic types of these cleanouts which are particularly recommended for this use:

One way cleanouts – This type of cleanout is very useful because it allows you to take the mess out of your house in most cases.

There is still a possibility that even with this cleanout, in case the troublesome pipe is located underneath your home, you will still have to call in plumbers to clean the clogged pipe from your house.

It is very handy that with this cleanout you will be able to solve most of the pipe cleaning problems from the outside, but for the full efficiency of the outside cleanout, it is better to use the other type instead.


Two-way cleanouts – This type of outside cleanouts is proven to be one of the most convenient pipe cleaning solutions for your home.

This system runs both to your home and away from it, so in the same case of clogging underneath your house we mentioned before, plumbing experts will probably be able to access the clog from outside.

Although there is no way to know if every future clog could be solved from outside using this method, in most cases, two-way cleanouts will solve your clogging plumbing problems.

Unclogging the Slope

Another good reason why you should switch to an outside cleanout pipeline system is the pipe slope issue. This can often happen when you have an underground pipeline, and the slope of your pipe can deviate from the normal one because of bad setup or ground shaking.

In this slope, various materials can accumulate from your sewer line and create a great clogging to your system.

Not having an outside sewer line cleanout can make it nearly impossible to solve this issue since the access point for the cleaning to work has to be outside and above the underground pipe.

Depending on the length of the clog in the pipe, you will need significantly less time to clean it up using a water jet from an outside cleanout point than what it would normally take you to clean it manually from home.

Conclusion: On Outside Sewer Line Cleanouts

Having a two way outside sewer cleanout is simply a smart solution for preservation and maintenance of your sewer line.

Not only are you saving time and money, but enabling the plumbers to solve any pipe problem you can get from an easier access point outside your house.

Shifting to this type of cleanout is a very reliable process with no possible complications and is recommended for everyone who enjoys keeping the interior of their home undamaged and clean.

It also allows you to use different plumbing techniques without professional help and still do it with a high rate of success.

So for all those that are wondering if the installation of outside cleanouts for sewer system is an effective and good solution for your household, this article will give you an obvious answer.