Tree Roots in Sewer Line: Preventions and Cures

While trees do add to the beauty of your landscape, their roots can give you quite an expensive headache if they invade your sewer line. Tree roots have a nasty habit of clogging your toilet, cracking your pipes and essentially causing some real trouble to your plumbing system.

This article will give you some insight into how you can prevent this from happening, or if it already has, how to get rid of the tree roots.

basement drain smells like rotten eggs

Basement Drain Smells like Rotten Eggs: Causes and Solutions

We have all come across a bad smell inside our basement. The basement is a place where you can’t find much fresh air since most of the basements are built without windows or patio doors.

That’s why any odor or strange smell is easily noticed inside the basement. Anyhow, it is a common thing to catch a rotten egg smell that comes from your basement.

If that’s the case, you are experiencing a gas leak that comes from your sewer line.

So, let’s see more about this.


How to Eliminate Sewer Odor (Bathroom, Toilet, Sink)

Encountering unpleasant odors anywhere inside your house can mess up your whole day. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to figure out where does the bad smell comes from.

In most cases, people come across strange and unpleasant odors inside their bathrooms, but, it doesn’t have to mean that that’s the only place where bad smells appear. Usually, this unpleasant smell is a sewer odor that came into your house through the plumbing system.

Since sewer odor is unbearable, it is always a good thing to find the cause and eliminate the odor as soon as possible. And, we are here to explain to you how to do that. So, let’s begin.

Why Does My House Smells like Sewer When it Rains?

We’ve all experienced a sewer smell coming from a drainpipe somewhere in our house. However, in some cases, the sewer smell only appears when it rains. And, that indicates a whole new problem.
Anyhow, sewer smell is absolutely unbearable and it definitely needs to be taken care of. Also, there are plenty of reasons and causes of sewer smell inside a house. But, it is easier to determine the cause when you know that this smell appears only when it rains.
So, let’s get down to it. Let’s see what is causing the smell and how can you get rid of it


Unclog Drain with Baking Soda and Salt

Cleaning blocked pipes really is quite a nasty job. But you cannot just leave it be, as it can easily turn into a disaster.

You have tried many chemicals, but still, it seems like something’s missing. You somehow want to avoid calling the plumber, but are not actually sure what to do.

Then you start looking for some DIY solutions and suddenly you find out that you can actually use some ingredients that you never believe could work with this. For example, some people claim you can unclog drain with baking soda and salt.

Perhaps the initial impression may be scepticism, but still, curiosity seems to be stepping in and you decide to investigate a bit on this interesting suggestion. For that reason, I did a brief research and here’s what I discovered!

how to clear a main line blockage

How to Clear a Main Line Blockage

Do you have problems with water going places where it should not be going? Overflowing the kitchen floors or bathroom tiles?

If you do, you probably have trouble with the sewage system. Its consequences can be fatal for your time and especially for your wallet. Plumbing problems can be tricky and if they go further than they are supposed to, you are going to need help from the professionals.

That is something you can prevent. Here, you can read some useful and effective information about cleaning your clogged drains.


How to Unclog a Sewer Line with Chemicals

If we asked every house owner what their worst nightmare is, unclogging a sewer line would be one of the top answers.

It’s quite common that the sewer line gets clogged, so there’s no reason to fear that you won’t be able to handle this situation.

As many have had problems with this, we explored all of the solutions and came with the ultimate one, including the chemicals.

If you were looking for a fastest and safest way to get rid of the bubbles in your sink, appearing water in your shower and all other signs of clogged sewer line, this step-by-step guide is the perfect solution for you.


How to Unclog a Sewer Drain in Basement

Do you remember the time when your home was dry and peaceful? Oh, the good old days.

Back then you did not have to battle with uncontrolled floods. In the days of glory, everything was shining bright and life made sense.

But now, that is your everyday battle. It is repeating day in, day out and I suppose you are very tired. Exhausted. But the end of the problem is not in your sight. What you need is this. These few lines can help you.

So, if you want to win this battle you will read them with no hesitation.