Best Drain Cleaner for Tub Reviews 2019

how to unclog a tub drain naturally

Most people try all sorts of methods to get rid of the overflowing water in the tub, which if you are not careful may overflow to the entire house. You may try using a plunger, a drain snake, or even calling the plumber, but, the best and most effective method of getting rid of clogs in your bathtub would be to use a good quality drain cleaner.

Drain cleaners work because the chemical in them dissolves and liquefies all sorts of scum, regardless of what it could be. Here are some of the best drain cleaners for your tub:

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How to Snake a Tub Drain (Not What You Think)

how to snake a bathtub

Did ever happened to you that you’ve taken a nice relaxing bath and just after you’ve finished, you suddenly became distressed because the water just refused to go away?

Unfortunately, it was the reason I stopped doing long baths. Simply, I had no patience to wait for the water to go away, and if I didn’t, the dirt would collect at the bottom of the bathtub.

I knew it was all about the clogged pipe, but there was no way to unclog it. I have tried with the plunger and with some chemicals, but it didn’t help.

Luckily, my neighbour who was a plumber before retirement came over and gave me some free on how to snake my tub drain, after which I solved the problem with my tub.

Today, I will share my experience with you.

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How to Clear a Clogged Tub Drain Naturally (No Chemicals!)

how to clear a clogged tub drain naturally

I am sure you are all familiar with that feeling when you’re taking a shower and after a few minutes end up having a bath in a half-dirty water, because the drain pipe didn’t do its job. Then you get even more frustrated because you have to clean and try to unclog the pipe.

Now, if people are in a hurry, they tend just to use one of the products meant for cleaning drain pipes, but no matter how safe they may be, they are still based on chemicals, which sometimes can be dangerous to have and use, especially if you have little children.

There are, however, more natural ways to unclog the pipes by using the stuff we all have in our household. In this text, we will present some of those ways to you, so strap in and let’s begin!

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Best Drain Cleaner for Shower 2019: Reviews and Buying Guide

best drain cleaner for shower

Showers definitely do get clogged often, due to the following:

Soap scum, hair, paper towels, and other substances you are probably not even aware of.

Now, dealing with a water-filled shower, with no idea what is causing the clog can be such an icky affair that most people prefer to just call the plumber. I mean you would rather pay someone to do the job for you, rather than getting down and dirty, trying to remove whatever substances are causing the blockage.

Here is the thing, for shower drains, especially in a house full of people, you will be calling a plumber every now and again, and you may probably make him very rich from this process.

In order to avoid all of this mess and spending an obscene amount of money every month on plumbing services, the best thing would be to invest in a good quality drain cleaner.

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How to Unclog a Shower Drain

how to unclog a shower drain

Clogged drains are certainly at the top of the least interesting chores you have to finish! However, pretending that the problem doesn’t exist won’t magically make it disappear, which is why you need to be actionable and creative in thinking.

Calling the plumber certainly is the simplest solution to do, but… Why spend more money, when you can save it by trying to fix the issue yourself?

There are many simple tips which proved to be helpful, so here comes the practical list of ways how to unclog a shower drain.

As you will see, the ingredients and objects used to fix the problems are mainly those found in every household. Even if you have to buy some of them, they are a certainly cheaper option than calling the plumber. Moreover, you can borrow them, which also puts them on the list of budget-friendly options.

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How to Snake a Shower Drain Easily and Effectively

how to snake a shower drain

Why choose snaking over other unclogging methods?

As previously mentioned, the shower drains normally are 1 ½ inches to 2 inches wide, and for that reason, you cannot put anything wider than 1 ½ inches in it. Therefore you cannot reach the dirt by any other method.

If the dirt is ingrained, you cannot unclog it by simpler methods, like plungers or the chemical fluids. Also, the plunger requires more strength than the snaking device.

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Best Liquid Drain Cleaner Reviews 2019

best drain cleaner review

Most people prefer using liquid drain cleaners because they only require you to pour it down the drain and wait for them to work.

They also do a quick job of clearing any obstructions from your drains. What the liquid does is to create a chemical reaction that dissolves the substances causing the clog. Once the elements are eliminated, you simply need to pour water down the sink and the problem is solved.

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How to Snake a Toilet without a Snake

how to snake a toilet without a snake

A clogged toilet can be a difficult problem for anyone, especially when they are expecting guests, and they need to act fast. This actually happened to me for the last Thanksgiving and luckily I knew just the right thing to do. The automatic snake I have is actually made for the pipes only up to 2 inches and it is suggested not to use it on the pipes wider than that.

Since I spent some money on this household item, I am willing to keep it in order so the guarantee can be applied in case it broke by any chance. Thus, when my toilet clogged I had to apply some other methods on my toilet pipe that is 4 inches wide. Not to mention that any plumber would charge me more for the holidays.

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How to Use a Manual Drain Auger

how to use a manual drain auger

Having a blocked drain pipe can be very annoying. All the dirty water just won’t go away and all the cleaning you have to do after your plumber made a mess repairing it. All of this can be very stressing, not to mention it can also be time and money consuming.

Therefore, people tend to do their own cleaning of the clogged pipes. There are several methods you can use to do it by yourself, from homemade string hooks to using a soda.

But when neither of those methods actually give any positive effects, the next best way you can use to clear out your drain pipe is to use a drain auger, otherwise called drain or plumber snake.

In further text, we will explain what drain auger is, what types of augers are available out there and how and when to use them.

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Best Drain Cleaner Review and Buying Guide

best drain cleaner review

Having a clogged drain is extremely common in everyday life, and it can be quite a nuisance.

The first thing you’ll want to do when you see a clogged drain is to try all means possible to unclog it.

This may involve a number of crazy ideas such as using a bent wire hanger, – I know we have all tried this one, where you bend one side of the wire to create a hook, and push it through the drain, or using a solution of baking soda and vinegar which you pour down the drain in order to try and unclog it, or the most common one which is use of a plunger.

When everything fails, calling in a plumber is normally the next option.

Now, all of these are good methods, but they only give you temporary results, and chances are that the drain will clog again in a few days unless you use the right products that will completely eradicate this problem permanently.

A good quality drain cleaner is the best product to use for clogged drains. It will unclog your drain and keep it clog free for a long time.

I have used drain cleaners before and I must say, my life is much better. My kitchen sink used to clog almost every day, and I would use lots of energy trying to unclog it with my plunger to no avail. I finally decided to use a drain cleaner and I have never looked back. This is why I have decided to write this review on the best drain cleaner.

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