How to Unclog an Overflowing Toilet

A clogged toilet is a really unpleasant problem, and you probably haven’t thought about it up until you got stuck with it being clogged. In order to ensure your toilet’s proper working, you will need to learn some basics of fixing your toilet.

True, there are a lot of situations and different cases that can make overflowing problems, but most commonly, you will be dealing with the sewage drain pipe size (or it simply getting dirty throughout the time) which will clog easily.

Apart from that, excessive use of toilet paper might cause these problems. It’s a fact that the clogging potential with toilet paper is little to none, but after several years of excessive throwing toilet paper into your toilet, you just need to be ready for overflowing.

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How to Unclog a Toilet without a Plunger or Snake

There’s a lot to be said on the subject of a clogged toilet. All of them can be summed up as follows:

-It’s a huge mess.
-It can ruin your day.
-There’s potential for a lot of damage to your bathroom and even beyond.
-You don’t want to deal with it, but you have to.
-This is the sort of a problem no one wants on their hands; you’re not alone in that. Also, it doesn’t have to be a problem that ends up costing you a ton.

Now, before you consider calling a professional, someone most likely to charge you a lot of money, consider some alternatives.

I know I’ve seen a friend struggle with this issue, due to old piping posing a problem. It turns out that there’s a lot more that you can do than simply use a snake or a plunger.

I’ll tell you honestly, it was a very uncomfortable experience, witnessing such an event in my own friend’s home. I’m sure he was glad I was there to help brainstorm.

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